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Discover asphalt 9: Legends tips and tricks to always cross the finish line first. This is the best asphalt 9 guide and secret.

Asphalt 9 tips [updated]:

Asphalt 9 is based on the races, the competition, the rivalry between us and the other riders, on the first place contended to continue in the career. Read also: Best Traffic Racer Tips

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But the more you go forward, the more the cars of the opponents are powerful, and we find ourselves starting last with the opponents that detach us from the start. But basically, almost all the races can be won if the car you drive is not more than 250 points lower than the others. They only need tricks:

Asphalt 9 tricks – career mode:

  1. If you choose between a ramp for screwing or a nitro refill x2, choose the ramp only if you have the empty nitro bar, otherwise, do not hesitate and launch yourself on the refill. The aim is to get a nitro wave, with which to burn the opponents. Read also: Real Racing 3 Tips
  2. Never take ramps if you are traveling at low speed. It slows you so much.
  3. If you face a ramp by screwing during a 360, you will not make twists but 360 in the air, a little crooked too.
  4. In Touch drive mode, it is better not to opt for the “change route” option. Too often it turns out to be an unnecessary and colossal waste of time.
  5. You start to drift only when you are very close to the curve, otherwise, you will slow down excessively.
  6. If during a skid you are inexorably heading towards a soft wall, activate the nitro to end the skid and avoid a dangerous impact. You can also get asphalt 8 tips
  7. Do not perform 360 when you are near a wall. There is the risk of finding yourself in needlessly countermove.
  8. In general, the 360 should be done only to eliminate opponents and policemen, or to recharge the nitro while in flight. Using it in a straight line to recharge the nitro is strongly inadvisable.
  9. At the start, avoid using immediately the nitro that is already supplied: it will be a surplus to overcome the opponents that certainly waste it. Read also: Hill climb racing 2 tips
  10. Just after the start, look for a 360 to eliminate as many opponents as possible.
  11. Seek contact with an opponent only if you are running a 360 or you are in the middle of a nitro wave. The blue or yellow nitro eliminate very rarely the opponents.
  12. When the objective is to execute a certain number of nitro waves, recharge the bar as much as possible, run the first one and brake immediately afterward. You will stop the nitro wave and you will be able to execute another one immediately afterward. In 15 seconds you can also do 4.
  13. When the goal is to travel 1500-2000 meters in skidding, or 1000 meters in a circuit that you know to be short or poorly tortuous, first tackle the race by darting as much as possible, keeping the brake pressed even in the straight if necessary. You will probably lose, but you can participate a second time in the same race, with the goal of the drifting already completed, with the sole purpose of winning the race.
  14. You do not need to perform 360 in flight to eliminate opponents in front of you. In the air, it is easy to destroy opponents, even involuntarily.
  15. During the chase, as soon as you find yourself a policeman attacked, take a 360 away. In any case, do not try to reset the number of policemen who are on you: under 2 does not go down.
  16. Whether it’s a sedan, an SUV or a SWAT van, every police car can be eliminated with a 360 or a nitro wave.
  17. The pursuits and timed races can also be won with 350 points less than those recommended.
  18. During timed races, absolute priority should be given to collecting extra time recharges, unless this involves taking the slowest route. Read also: CSR racing 2 tips
  19. Do not restart the race after an accident: you are back on track practically immediately, with many opportunities to cut the finish line first.
  20. Trust the Touch drive throughout your career, the “PRO” is too rough.

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Asphalt 9 tips and guide: multiplayer mode:

  1. Take part with the most powerful car you have of the maximum category allowed by your league.
  2. Do not use the Touch drive mode. Your rivals are real people, they realize it and start taking advantage of it. If you end up in a traffic jam, you can not avoid it, and you lose decades.
  3. Opponents are much harder to eliminate than career ones. So do not make random at 360 hoping to throw out those around you, because it will not work.
  4. Depending on the car you drive, if you make a violent contact in the air you will be expelled yourself or your opponent. The fast Evora, for example, is almost always a victim, while the big Challenger can afford to land above the other cars. Read also: Need for speed no limits tips
  5. Do not play too many multiplayer games. The difficulty increases not gradually, and you would soon find yourself relegated from your league.

Asphalt 9 secrets: the importance of nitro

Asphalt 9 Tips

The nitro button is at the top of the screen, as is its indicator. It is filled in exactly the same way as in previous games of the series: either by picking up the cylinders scattered around the track or by performing tricks.

The ideal way to completely fill the nitro scale is to make a 360-degree turn. To do this, during the jump, make two touches to the corner of the screen. Do not be discouraged if you do not succeed, because after a little practice this trick you will perform perfectly.

Nitro can be used in three modes, each of them betrays the acceleration of the car more than the previous one. For maximum acceleration, use the triple press of a button, but keep in mind that in this case, nitro is consumed three times faster than usual. Read also: Asphalt 8 Mod Apk Tips

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We also recommend having at least half a filled scale with nitro closer to the finish. The fact of the matter is that its shortage can affect how you will come. Even if you go first, it will never be superfluous to break away from your rivals even further. After all, the main thing – it is a victory, is not it?

Knockdown rivals: Asphalt 9 cheats:

Asphalt 9 Tips tricks

Shooting down opponents is not only fun but also useful. Firstly, the player who shot down his opponent will get more points at the end of the race, and secondly, the opponent will find it harder to catch up with you.

In order to knock down another player, you need to turn on the nitro and, next to him, press the drift button twice. In this case, nitro must be active. Also, an effective method for knocking down wheelbarrows is a 360-degree turn, but this requires training.

Touch Drive control system: asphalt 9 strategies

Touch Drive is one of the most interesting features in the game. Especially it will be useful for beginners who play for the first time in something like that.

Thanks to the Touch Drive function, the player does not need to bother to control his car, he will turn himself, and we only need to press the nitro and drift buttons in time.

On the one hand, this is very convenient, but on the other hand, everything else will be removed soon, and the main task of the player will remain only in time to transfer money to the guys from Gameloft.

In short, this very Touch Drive is made for the lazy. However, most users like it, so we will not condemn. Moreover, laziness is the engine of progress.

Free unlocking cars: asphalt 9 hints:

The way to unlock wheelbarrows is another new feature in Asphalt 9: Legends, which did not exist before. You no longer need to make a huge amount of races to save money and buy a new car, or to improve it. Now it is enough to collect all the necessary cards.

Asphalt 9 Tips Cheats

 Asphalt 9 Tips Unlock cars

Blueprints – that’s what these cards are called. Each of the improvements or the purchase of a new car costs a certain amount of them. This has both its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s tell how to get Blueprints cards much faster and do it without infusion of real funds. In other words – to improve and get cars for free.

The first way to get cards is the career mode . If you need a lot of cards, it is best to focus your attention on it. In the mode there are all kinds of tasks and goals for which, in fact, these same cards are issued.

Daily events , or “days”, as the players call them – this is the second way to get the desired cards. There are not so many cards, but taking into account that every day will do. True, they will only be available from a certain level.

The third method of obtaining cards involves cooperation with other players . Having entered the club a player can not only find friends in the game, but also receive additional points to his reputation in each race. The more points – the faster the cards will open. The only thing you need to know: the club must also have a certain level, otherwise there will be no points.

The fourth way is free Blueprints cards in the store. They appear every four hours and, unfortunately, are valid for the same period of time. Do not have time to use – goodbye.

Saving gasoline and energy: Asphalt tips

Energy storage system is separate for each car. On any of the wheelbarrows, you can make only six races after which you must either wait, or watch commercials, or pay real money. The latter is unlikely that anyone will want to do, so only the first two options will be relevant.

The more gasoline you need to recover, the more you will have to watch commercials. But do not forget that after any upgrade, the energy is fully restored and you can make six more races.

Free game currency:

Asphalt 9: Legends is a classic racing arcade game, which you can play without straining only by sharing your blood with the developers. This is not news for those players who have already played in any of this series.

However, not everything is so sad, because you can get game currency absolutely free. For each race, you will be credited with money, and in order to receive more, participate in races of the career mode by setting several goals. Also, do not forget about the daily events, they will also give a certain amount of currency.

That’s all?

Yes, that’s all and our advice ends. However, if you have something to supplement this article or have something to say about what was written – go to the comments. We will be happy for any feedback left.

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