Brave Frontier Tips: Brave Frontier The Last Summoner Guide, Tricks, Hacks, Cheats[Unlock Roles]

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Get brave frontier the last summoner hints, strategies, and free tips:

Discover top brave frontier tips and cheats unlimited everything for android and ios platforms. Find best brave frontier the last summoner tips to earn karma points and information about how to win without spending real money.

Frontier the last summoner guide and tricks:

Welcome to our Brave Frontier The Last Summoner guide and tips, we hope it will help you progress faster by Gumi’s RPG!

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You may learn:

  • 1 Brave frontier the last summoner tips and tricks
  • 1.1 Merge, level up, sacrifice
  • 1.2 Memories, evolve, crystal
  • 1.3 Weapons
  • 1.4 Roles, skills and duplicated units
  • 1.5 Unlock roles
  • 1.6 How to get characters?
  • 1.7 Brave frontier tips the last summoner -Do not waste resources
  • 1.8 Brave frontier hints the last summoner -Healer
  • 1.9 Cheats brave frontier the last summoner -Leader
  • 1.10 Brave frontier hacks the last summoner -Damage bonus
  • 1.11 Brave frontier strategies the last summoner -Farmer

Brave Frontier Tips

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Brave frontier the last summoner tips and tricks:

Merge, level up, sacrifice:

The first thing you will have to do is play Karma mode and earn Karma points. When you do, look in your mail, you will receive a metal, fusion objects and level up as a rookie reward.

Level up: Go to the units tab and select one to level up, you have 3 ways to do it:

  • Experience: Get experience in history and repeating screens
  • Metal: Using metal objects
  • Sacrifice: Sacrifices inferior units to level up superiors

Merge: In the same tab you can merge, and you will need metal objects and Karma. Karma is obtained at the karma stop. You’ll lose the units you use, so start using the low-rank ones.

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Note: These brave frontier tips will help you to get unlimited everything.

Memories, evolve, crystal:

After achieving the maximum level of one unit, you can evolve it, but first, you must complete the memories. Go to the profile of the unit that is at the highest level and play the memories by pressing the button to play.

Brave Frontier Tips

To evolve you will need karma and crystals. The crystals are obtained in the crystal stop.


They are obtained in the weapon stop or by playing the story mode. The quality of the weapon will determine the damage you will do to your enemies, so get the best and equip them. You can see the characteristics of each weapon in your profile.

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Roles, skills and duplicated units:

There are 5 Roles:

  • Leader
  • Guardian
  • Summoner
  • Oracle
  • Breaker

The role you get after invoking is random, and the abilities depend on the role. So if you want to get more skills you must unlock more roles.

Unlock roles:

You can unlock new roles using exactly the same units. And once you unlock all the roles you can get the Ascension Skill Sphere.

How to get characters?

You can invoke free characters once a day. Although you can also buy units using Karma in the invocation menu. And finally, you can get with orbs or playing the story in its various difficulties.

Brave frontier tips the last summoner -Do not waste resources:

Focus on the units of at least 3 stars, do not waste resources on the lower ones. You will have to improve a lot of units and that requires resources, so save them for those that are worth it.

Brave frontier hints the last summoner -Healer:

It is totally necessary, so have a unit in your team that has healing abilities.

Cheats brave frontier the last summoner -Leader:

Leadership ability influences all units of your team. For example, Alya gives more attack and life, but for dark units. And it’s not always going to be the most interesting to empower the dark units.

Brave frontier hacks the last summoner -Damage bonus:

In the first place these are the strengths and weaknesses of the elementals:

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  • Fire: Strong before earth but weak with water
  • Water: Strong before the fire but weak before a thunder
  • Thunder: Strong before water but weak before an earth
  • Earth: Strong before thunder but weak before the fire

Brave frontier strategies the last summoner -Farmer:

As in almost any RPG, the key is to repeat screens that you have already passed. Play at the hardest level you can and you will get experience, weapons, and equipment. I hope you like these brave frontier tips.

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