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Find cooking madness tips and cheats, unlimited free hints:

Discover the latest cooking madness tips and unlock game levels. In this game, you can cook delicious meals and become the master chef. So these cooking madness tricks will really helpful.

Cooking madness best tips and tricks:

Welcome to our tips and tricks Cooking Madness, one of the kitchen games and restaurants for Android and iOS mobile that is sticking most.

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You may learn:

  • 1 Cooking madness tips and tricks
  • 1.1 Cooking Madness Tricks – Levels
  • 1.2 Cooking Madness Tips – Objectives
  • 1.3 Cooking Madness Tricks – Boosts
  • 1.4 Cooking Madness Cheats – Coins
  • 1.5 Tricks for Cooking Madness – Daily tasks
  • 1.6 Energy

Cooking madness tips and tricks:

cooking madness tips

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These are all best tips and tricks for Cooking Madness game.


Each level and each of the 3 stars that you can achieve per level require you to complete certain objectives.

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You can use Boosts at the beginning and during the level. And even after failing on one level you will be given the opportunity to use one, or buy it for 67 diamonds. Although we recommend you that never buy Boosts like that. Buy them before playing a level and you will save a few diamonds.

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You will be able to play each level 3 times, and each time you overcome it you will be able to obtain:

  • 1 star: 1 diamond
  • 2 stars: 3 diamonds
  • 3 stars: 5 diamonds

Key: Some levels have a key that may be in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd of stars. And you must get all the keys to be able to advance to new areas of the game.

Keep in mind that pressing on a food item can erase it. And there are levels that do not allow you to erase any food.

Randomly you can repeat completed levels of 3 stars to earn 5 diamonds and coins, you will see these levels highlighted in pink. So just follow that cooking madness tips and unlock all levels.

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The objectives vary according to the level, and can be:

  • Coins: Gold coin symbol
  • I like you: Symbol of the hand with the thumb up
  • Dishes: Dish symbol with the spoon
  • Time limit: Alarm clock symbol
  • Can not throw food: Green trash can symbol
  • Can not burn food: Red flame symbol on an orange background
  • Happy customers: Angry pink doll symbol on an orange background


The Boosts or enhancers are objects that will help you to overcome levels, or to complete your objectives. It can be obtained through daily bonuses or also by buying them with diamonds in the store. But of course never buy them after failing a level, it is much more expensive:

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  • Double benefit: It is the symbol of the 2 bags of money, doubles your profits and you can buy 3 per 100 diamonds
  • Super Chef: It is the symbol of the pan and the hamburger, it will prevent you from burning your food and you can buy 3 per 100 diamonds
  • Big magic pudding: It is the symbol of pudding and cherry, restores the patience of all customers and you can buy 3 for 75 diamonds
  • More time: It is the symbol of the alarm clock, it adds 30 seconds and you can buy 3 for 200 diamonds
  • More Customers: It is the symbol of two people on an orange background, it adds 3 clients and you can buy 3 for 200 diamonds
  • Instant cuisine: It is the symbol of the glove and the arrow, your dishes will cook instantly and you can buy 3 per 100 diamonds. You like these cooking madness tips or not?? Give feedback in the comment area.


For each level, you will get coins. We recommend you use them to improve your cooking tools and food.

We recommend that you use the Double Profit boost (double your winnings) at levels where you win more than 1,000 coins. Read also: Need for speed no limits tips + strategies

You can get bonus coins for combos. The combos consist of preparing several dishes first and then serving them all at once.

Daily tasks:

Each day you can complete 2 or 3 tasks to get rewards. They are random and you can change them by viewing an advertisement. It usually helps to play levels that you have already played if you want to complete tasks, look for levels that are highlighted to be able to repeat them.

Here we show you several examples of daily tasks of cooking madness tips:

  • Complete 5 levels (any): for 150 coins
  • Get 3 times 3 stars: for 150 coins
  • Complete 30 orders: for 150 coins
  • Win 2,000 coins: for 100 coins
  • Earn 400 coins in tips: for 100 coins
  • Send energy to 10 friends: for 300 coins
  • Invite 5 friends to the game: for 300 coins
  • Spend 2,000 coins on improving the kitchen: for 200 coins
  • Also Spend 2,000 coins on improving food: for 200 coins
  • Get 60 likes: for 150 coins
  • Serve 100 dishes: for 150 coins
  • Use 3 Boosts: for 300 coins


The energy regenerates every so often after exhausting it. So the first recommendation is to be patient and for nothing in the world to spend diamonds or coins in it.

The best way to ensure energy is through friends. You have to get active friends who send you energy. If your friends do not play, it’s as easy as finding a facebook group in the game and inviting active people. You do not have to speak your language, just send you energy, so there’s no shortage of options. Please give feedback for these latest cooking madness tips.

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