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These are best and quick Dr Driving, tricks and hints or strategies, and hacks [how to be the best driver in Dr Driving Game] for Android/iOS devices. These are all-time best Dr Driving tips and tricks.


On 28 April 2019, the latest update will come. In which stability of the game will improve.

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And one latest news that Dr Driving 2 is Released.

Dr Driving drives you crazy!

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In Dr Driving 2 you will win one thousand gold as winning price if you finished the race before your rivals in the multiplayer game.

Dr Driving is now the second top free game on Play Store.

When you sign in you will get 10000 free coins in the start.

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Dr Driving is a free game which you will find on google play Store and Apple Store. The starting levels are easy as compare to upcoming levels.

In full Dr Driving tips and hack, you will see all cars open and no crash.

If you want to be pro at this game fast, you need to play the game again and again, and with the passage of time, you will become a pro.

Here are some Dr Driving tips and tricks for you follow to earn coins and points:


In drifting, you need to show how much professional you are in this game. On edges and turn, press brakes with speed. Your car will start drifting, and you will earn points.

dr driving tips and tricks


In this, you just have selected fuel to drive the car and complete the mission. So, drive carefully to complete the mission in the given fuel.


In this, you will be checked how much smooth game you will play. How much perfectly you turn the car from edges. According to your percentage and smoothness game will give you coins and gold.


In Parking mode, you need to learn how to park a car because it is the most difficult part of the game. You have to park the vehicle by seeing in the rear mirror or on a different side of the camera.

dr driving tips and tricks


In this mode, you will drive the car in traffic without brake. By doing this, you will learn how to drive a vehicle in an emergency.


This mode of the game is amazing. If you want to earn coins and gold easily play this mode because this mode is easy to play and it is easy to turn on edges.


In this mode, you have to reach the final point before the time ends. Thus, the rate is everything. So, hit the maximum speed and tell everyone that no one beat you in this game.


  • The free version of this game available on play store.
  • Fantastic music on the main menu add more spice in the game.
  • It is so much simple game which helps you to learn traffic rules.
  • You also hear the voice of the side vehicle and horn.
  • From this game, you learn how to handle a car.

dr driving tips and tricks

There is some function you watch at the front also in rear mirror give indicators when you change the lane or want a turn. Speed break and you will enjoy the game.


How to Get Better at Dr Driving?

The answer of this question is so much more straightforward, if you want to become the best player in Dr Driving and get better in the game and want to get more gold and cash then you should read our Dr Driving tips and Trick. These tips are 100% helpful for you. And you have provided you with a better result.

How to Be A Pro At Dr Driving?

It’s such simple plays the game with passion, consistency and an open mind. If you play this game daily, then you have a 99% chance that you become the pro as compare to others. Because when you work hard in result, you learn the game well.

How to Get cash and gold In Dr Driving?    

You can get unlimited cash and gold easily by following our Dr Driving tips and tricks. You can get some money and gold by completing the task and races in the game. You also can get coins by completing the daily tasks and given offers in the game. So, play this game on a daily basis so. Y0u will get the maximum rewards.

How to Download Dr Driving?

You can download this game directly from the play store. You can download this game at free of cost without spending money. The version of this game is 1.55 with downloading size of 11 MB. If you want to download and install the game, you need 4.0.3 or up Android version in your device. This game was the second free game available on play store.

How to Play Dr Driving?

You can easily play this game after reading this Dr Driving Tips and Tricks. Before playing the game, you fully satisfied that you have the latest version of this game. If you have an old version, it’s better to uninstall that and install the newest version again because you will see some new features. But if you want you also update that old version and get the most recent version of the Dr Driving.

It’s easy to do.

How to Hack Dr Driving IOS?

There is no hack version available of Dr Driving on the internet for IOS. It is against ethics to hack a game. But there are many so many spammers on the internet which provided you fake and spam file of Dr Driving which may harm your data and device.

What Is the Hardest Level and mode In Dr Driving?

The hardest mode in Dr driving is fuel mode. Because in this, you have limited time to clear the stage and reached a given location on time. If you want to play this mode in an easy way, follow our Dr Driving tips and tricks.

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