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These are best and quick drag racing tips, tricks, hints, strategies, and hacks [how to be a pro at drag racing] for Android/iOS devices. These are all-time best in drag racing tips.


Well, this game is the classic nitro-fueled game for drift lovers. More than fifty real licensed cars are available for you which you can upgrade, tune customize and race. Make your name immortalize in the Hall of Flame. Challenge other players 1 on 1 or play in pros league.

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We are here again with another classic racing game in which you can race and drift more than 50 real life licensed cars. In this game, you can play with multi-users so if you really want to beat others and wins the race read our drag racing tips and tricks.

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Perfect start:

A good start is important because your success depends on how good your start is, like in most of the racing games. You need to focus on the middle of the light of your screen, make yourself ready for the green signal and then make a flying start.

drag racing tips and tricks mod apk

 Quick races:

If you want to upgrade your machine, you need extra cash for this purpose. Upgrading your machine will become expensive after every purchase so if you want your car to become more powerful to keep winning races. You can also play quick races to get more coins. In this way, you will be able to continue your upgrading process.

 Upgrading and tune your car:

Upgrading your car is important and tune your car is also important. In the start, you do not need to focus on this but when you reach at higher levels (get level 5 or 6 cars) you need to focus on adjusting your cars, tune them and check out the limitations of your car in quick races before you compete the real opponent.

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drag racing tips and tricks

 Level up to a new car:

In the start, you will definitely buy a cheaper car but when you reach on higher levels you will need something better and strong to win the matches. So, save the cash to buy new and better cars, do not waste cash on upgrading the cheaper cars because you would not stick with them for long.

 The fastest way to level up:

Kitting out cars is the fastest way to level up rather than buying new cars. You do not need to focus on jumping levels. Your races will automatically get you more money and points when you are in the higher levels. Basically, you just have to play in the Pro league to get extra points and money. You can also play in a quick race (drivers battle or face to face) if it is difficult for you to win in Pro league. Even though you get money through offline races also.

drag racing tips and tricks


 50+ cars:

If you are dreaming to see 1000 HP or 1000+ HP cars and push them to their limits, this is the best game for you. You can pick up a brand-new BMW M4, classic 69 Mustang or skyline GT-R as your ultimate driving machine and show your drifting skills in matches.

 Unlimited depth:

In this game, you will experience an unlimited depth. Maintaining the balance between power and grip, tune your car and add some nitrous oxide will boost up your way to victory and add more fun for you.

Competitive multiplayer:

It may be fun to play on your own but the real challenge is to compete with online players. Play face to face with your friends and other online players. You can also join teams and exchange tunes and discuss strategies.

drag racing tips and tricks


How To Get Better At Drag racing?

The answer to this question is very simple, if you want to become the best player and get better in the game then you should read our Drag Racing tips and tricks. These tips are 100% helpful for you.

How To Be A Pro At Drag Racing?

Its very simple just plays the game with passion and consistency. If you play this game regularly and follow the tips and tricks, then you have a 99% chance to become the pro as compare to others.

How To Get money and points in Drag Racing?

To get money and points you just need to win the races. Paly in the pro league to get more money and points. Quick race matches also give you money and you can get money by playing offline but the amount of money will be less as compared to play online.

How To Download Drag Racing game?

Here you can download drag racing current version 1.7.81 for free without spending a single penny. The download size of this game is 39 MB and it requires Android 4.1 or up. Download now

How To Play Drag Racing?

You can play this game after following the step by step Drag Racing tips and tricks. Download the game, install it and play it on a daily basis to be pro in the game.

How To Hack Drag Racing game?

You do not need to install any mod or hack tool to hack this game. Here we have some drag racing cheats for you. You just need to enter these cheat codes into the game and you will be able to get any purchase for free in the game. For this you do not need to root your device, this hack works well and fast and makes endless resources for you.

The universal cheat to get unlimited purchases is PurCh_dd977d600c. When you enter this code, you can purchase anything for free. There is another code for unlimited resources which is UnCh_d7778b72ea. These cheat codes are totally safe to use.

What Is The Hardest mode in Drag Racing?

If you don’t know the basic of the game and you are new in this game then after 5th level, every level will be hard for you. If you want to convert it into an easy level then follow our drag racing tips and tricks.

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