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These elvenar secrets and strategies will help you to build the perfect city easily. You also can speed up your chapter by these quick elvenar tricks.

Elvenar fighting tips and tricks:

By these elvenar tips and tricks, you can follow at any stage of the game to maximize your performance when your city grows and you can build your city.

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Best elvenar tips and tricks:

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Attack or negotiate?

Elvenar Tips and Tricks

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The exploration of the map is an important part of the game, through which you will be able to acquire many rewards in the form of relics, fragments of runes, and expansions of territory, among others. You can start exploring through the map by clicking on provinces you have not discovered.

After sending your explorers to discover the province, you can access it and view its points of interest. By clicking on each of these points, you can choose to negotiate with or attack the premises to receive the rewards that each one offers.

Depending on your approach, you could lean towards the war path, or through peaceful negotiation. Although some methods are better at times, the decision revolves around personal tastes. Some points of interest require absurd amounts of resources to obtain their benefits, so it would be better, for some, to attack them.

However, if you are like us, and you focus on the exchange of goods to survive, you probably do not have much military strength, and you depend mostly on trade. In this case, you will probably seek to negotiate all your encounters in other provinces.

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However, if you want to optimize your efforts, you should have a balance between military force and production of goods. In this way, you can negotiate with those who impose just conditions, and attack those who pretend to take advantage of you.

Do not build; expand:

Elvenar Tips and Tricks -Do not build

The space you have to work in your city is very limited, especially at the beginning. In previous guides, we have talked about the proportion of buildings you should try to build from the beginning. However, it is very likely that you will run out of space on multiple occasions before you can even fulfill our recommendations. In cases where you need more production or profits, but you do not have space to build more residences or factories, a good alternative is to expand your existing buildings to improve their production capacities.

In the case of residences, expanding them will increase the amount of gold they generate per hour, as well as the number of inhabitants they can occupy. On the other hand, by improving as many your workshops as your factories, you will increase the amount of materials and goods they produce per hour, respectively.

In addition, in the first levels, expand your facilities does not require additional space, so you will get more production, without having to invest more of your valuable space.

However, this is only valid during the first 5 or 6 levels of each building, since many of these grow in size when reaching these levels. It is good to plan for the future, and reserve enough space for the moment in which, eventually, you manage to expand your buildings.

However, remember that you can modify the layout of your city at any time by clicking on the edit button, so do not worry too much if you have already started building in large numbers.

Optimize your time:

There are several ways in which you can increase your production in Elvenar. Culture bonuses, relics; all these are ways in which you can increase the production of your buildings. In the same way, there are several ways by which you can optimize the time you spend in the world of Elvenar and these elvenar tips and tricks are very helpful for you.

If you are one of those who play frequently, and for several hours at a time, try to keep your workers occupied in short projects. The shorter the projects, the more benefits they produce. For example, in our city, a 5-minute workshop project gives us 7 materials, while the 1-hour project gives us 50 materials. If we multiply the first by 12, we obtain that 84 materials are produced per hour, which would generate an additional amount of 34 tools per hour, compared to the 1-hour project.

Elvenar Tips

34 tools, in reality, is not much, so, at first glance, it may not seem worth the effort. However, remember that this additional amount corresponds to only one workshop.

If you have followed our directions, you should have about 8 to 9 workshops. If you do 5-minute projects with all your workshops for an entire hour, you will get 272 to 306 additional materials per hour, and this amount will only increase as you expand your buildings and gain access to better production methods.


The only bad thing about this is that, to be efficient, you must always be diligent with your productions, because if you delay assigning new projects as soon as the previous ones end, you will lose production at that time.

Follow the missions:

From very early in the game, you will see yourself on a world that, perhaps, you do not understand at all. Fortunately, your advisers are always available to direct your efforts towards the efficient expansion of your city.

For this reason, you should always try to fulfill the missions assigned to you whenever you have the opportunity. This is, in part, because each of these missions gives you valuable resources that you can use to continue expanding your city.

These are just some tips to improve your performance in Elvenar. You can apply them at any stage of the game to optimize your efforts, and always work for the sake of expanding your city efficiently.

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Tips to Build Your City in Elvenar:

Build Your City in Elvenar

Elvenar is a great game that compensates for what is lacking in tutorials with a spectacular depth of game. The result is a game that, at first glance, seems to be simple, without much substance. However, as you progress, you will realize that what you have been doing for the past few days is simply tearing the surface in terms of content.

Let’s start with the beginning:

Just take a look at your town, you will realize that the space you have to build is very limited. This is normal, and you can expand your terrain as you explore the map. As we mentioned in our map guide, you can acquire new expansions of territory by various means. One of these is by means of map exploration, which rewards you with expansions by completing a number of provinces.

Build Your City in Elvenar Tips

Another way to expand your territory is through the investigations you can perform in the respective menu. By clicking on the “research” button on the main screen, you will be able to visualize all the technologies in which you can invest your knowledge points. Several of these technologies consist of extensions of territories that you can use to increase the space available in your city.


Before starting to build structures everywhere, it is important to decide what design you want to implement in your city. Do you want to create an optimal city that makes the most of each box you have available? Do you want a pleasant city in sight, but one that is not optimized to produce? Do you want a combination of both? These are all questions you must ask yourself before deciding what type of design to adopt for your city.

Regardless of the type, there are some general rules that you can follow to ensure the prosperous development of your city from the beginning. There are a few variations between the races of the game, so the basic rules of each will vary slightly. Luckily, the user of the Elvenar forum, Mykan, wrote an excellent guide on how to build your city. In this, we can find excellent advice, such as:

  • Workshops: As a general rule, you will seek to build 6 to 9 workshops. If you are a more casual player, who checks your city every 9 hours, for example, Mykan recommends that you go for about 8 workshops.
  • Armories: You will need about 2 to 3 workshops. The number of these will vary according to your needs. However, 2 is a good number of armories, which you must build in anticipation of the era of the Orcs, since these are necessary even if you are a pacifist.
  • Residences: The inhabitants are extremely important both to generate tax revenues, as well as to work in your workshops and factories. Start by building about 10 residences, and work to increase this number to 20. However, do not hesitate to build above this number if you need it
  • Factories: There are certain variations between breeds when it comes to production buildings. However, the proportion remains similar for both. Mykan states that, ideally, you will seek to dedicate about 40 boxes for factories of each type, be it ordinary products, manufactured products, or magical products. This information is obtained considering only the factories of extended goods, and leaving aside other products. In this sense, we obtain the following:
    • Ordinary Goods: 40 boxes, equivalent to about 4 to 6 factories.
    • Manufactured Goods: 40 squares, equivalent to about 2 to 3 factories
    • Magical Goods: 40 squares, equivalent to 2 to 3 factories.

The elves could require 1 to 2 more factories for the first level products, until they unlock access to the next level. The factories of humans are larger than that of elves, so they produce more. On the other hand, the magical production buildings of the elves are larger than those of humans at the beginning, so they produce more at that stage.

As a general rule, you will seek to occupy about 20 squares with production buildings in the first era, and you will seek to raise this number to approximately 40 squares by the end of the third era.

Caring for your purchasing power

It is also important that you closely monitor your flow of money. If you see that you are not earning a bit of money after completing the construction of the day, it may be time to expand some buildings. In the same way, you could choose to build some temporary buildings, such as residences, while you manage to expand the others.

If you can not decide which buildings to improve, you could choose to focus on the cultural buildings. Although these are not expanded, they can be replaced by higher-class cultural buildings, which will increase your profits.

Another way in which you can increase your profits is by erasing some buildings temporarily to reduce the impact that your activities incur on your finances.

Minimizing the Trails

Although they can add to the aesthetic factor of your city, the trails are not optimal because they use boxes without providing any benefit. However, these elements are vital as they serve to link your buildings to the capitol of your city. Without this union, you could not even finish building the building, much less put it to produce.

To minimize the paths of your city, consider first that cultural buildings do not require these to provide their benefits. Also, remember the other buildings just require the path to touch them in one of their boxes to join them to the capitol.

When possible, do the research that increases the amount of culture that each path gives you. However, even with this improvement, cultural buildings are always going to give more culture than the trails, so it is a good idea to place a 1 × 1 cultural building at the end of each of these sections.

Once you have your initial city built and ready to produce, remember that, when making improvements, it is better to expand than to build additional buildings. In this way, you will be able to optimize your profits, and you will conserve space for future missions. We hope you love these elvenar tips and tricks.

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