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Available free eternium mage and minions hints, strategies + cheats [Apk mod] legit guide for pure building characters to improve yourself against strong enemies. Eeternium mage and minions tips for Android and iOS.

Eternium Tips and Tricks Unlimited Eternium Guide, Strategies Cheats and Hacks:

The Eternium is an offline RPG for Android/ios. Just choose your character and start an adventure facing a diversity of enemies that await us in the depths of the dungeons modapktips.

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We provide a guide with full of Eternium tugs: mage and minions. So you can play easily by following these tips.

With our Eternium cheat guide, you need not worry about anything. Mage and Minions is an RPG action game. Its developed by Making Fun, Inc. It is completely available on Android and the App Store of iOs.

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Character Selection:

eternium tips character selection

We can select 3 different characters, as well as a name that we like..

Warrior: eternium warrior tips

His specialty is attacking at close range, but forceful.


Its main characteristic is the use of two weapons at the same time. They are agile and fast. It is a good option to choose with a good level rise and selection of weapons.

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A very selective class for the simple act of drawing attention, remote attacks are its main feature.

Level rise:

eternium tips level arise

The levels are divided by different paths, to overcome a level it is necessary to explore the appropriate corner and kill the boss who leads them. Each one is accompanied by a chest with useful objects.

When we raise the level we will raise the aspects of the attack, defense, and vitality. So thanks to the enemies because obtaining experience by eliminating is a go for you modapktips.

Tips: Find the Email message for the Gem Code

The message for the gem code is sent only once. If the message is not received or is lost, or you do not spend too much time to recover the credit, you will lose.
You can create a new account to get another code or move on without it, the game gives you many opportunities to get a code.

Tips: Get More Money

You can get more money that is left by monsters and chests. Do the missions that are presented at the start of the session.

Tips: Get more Gems

You can complete and reconcile the levels and achieve Achievements. It is given as a reward for the completion of the Session and Daily missions. You can enter a Friend Code to the E-Mail address that contains the gems.  Invite a friend after you enter your Friend Code to get even better prizes. You can get even more by evaluating the game through the pop-up window that comes out by clicking on the pop-up with the offers or events modapktips.

Eternium tricks – can you play offline?

Yes, the game can be played without internet but there are some features such as skill upgrades or crafting that will force you to connect to the Internet from time to time in order to synchronize the game and get the latest updates.

You also need the Internet to play with a friend. By synchronizing a friend’s ID they will give you 50 free gems. You can go directly, where people collect IDS of people to be able to associate it and get your reward.

Eternium tips and tricks – how to get more gems and gold:

You can get enough gold through the Dungeon or Arena missions. You can also find different chests. Repeat the last parts of the missions to get better rewards. In addition, you can save by selling white and green equipment or even thanks to the rewards for logging on a daily basis. You can play easily by following our eternium tips and tricks,

eternium tips and trick

The gems are achieved by completing and repeating different levels and missions. Get achievements to get gems as a reward. Also, if you enter enough days in a row in the game they will also give you incredible gems. Enter a friend’s code to receive free gems, invite other friends, value the genre in a positive way and complete the daily quests to get gems. So get unlimited free gems by eternium tips.

Latest eternium tips + tricks – the best way to spend gems:

Skill boxes are not unlocked automatically as you progress through the game, but you have to use the gems to unlock them. We recommend that you unlock the 2nd Utility Ability slot first, then the 2nd Attack skill slot. For the second passive skill slot, just keep playing until you have the necessary gems. Unlock it before the third partner’s slot.

 eternium tips

Buy legendary items from the store is optional. If a high-level article with perfect primary and secondary statistics appears then it is a good idea to buy it. Keep in mind that this is only recommended for experienced players. Never use gems to open chests or to quickly reload skills.

Eternium guide mage – what items are best for crafting?

Up to around level 25 to 50 or higher, only sell the items that you do not need. You can survive the normal mode with only the items and the normal equipment dropped by monsters or chests in the game. Always remember to save and craftear blue items and above that level and sell everything white and green. Focus on using 3 of the same quality and then proceed to look for those of superior qualities.

eternium tips

You can craftear any item that you like, but we recommend that you focus on crafting weapons to have a boost of damage against monsters. Target the legendary weapons. Try to build an item of the same level or close to the level of your character always.

Eternium starter guide – eternium crafting tips:

If you want to obtain the main statistic for your items, first you have to follow the following conditions: all the items that craftees must have the same statistic. For example, if you want to have a boost that reduces the cooldown of your abilities, you need three objects that have the cooldown reduction as one of their states.

If you do it right, “cooldown reduction” will appear in the attribute box and not a die. If you follow this advice, you may also want to keep some green items with your favorite statistics for craft creation.

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