Farmville 2 Tips And Tricks – Top Helpful Farmville 2 Hints, Guides, Strategies and Bonuses

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Best Farmville 2 tips and tricks for unlimited everything:

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Best tips and tricks for Farmville 2 to “Advance Faster”:

A few weeks ago Zynga released the new version of its super successful Farmville 2. In this new version of Farmville 2 Country Escape, we will have to manage a farm through the cultivation and trade of food, the care of livestock, fishing and even joining a cooperative farm.

As often happens, the great successes of other platforms end up coming to mobile devices. Farmville 2 began as a real explosion on Facebook, making Zynga earn billions of dollars. After the Facebook stage, they have turned to mobile versions too. This type of games works very well.

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As always we usually do with the most followed games, we will offer a series of Farmville 2 Tips And Tricks so that your games are getting better and better than your friends. Obviously, this can be achieved with money, but patience and sacrifice is prettier and cheaper, right?

Tips and tricks for Farmville 2:

farmville 2 tips and tricks

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Do not use the Keys to finish the tasks:

As always in this type of games (Farmville 2), there are some resources that will help us move forward more quickly but which will be difficult to achieve. For that reason, our advice is that you do not waste those Keys in finishing your improvements or tasks, leave the longer ones for when you are going to stop playing.

Get more money selling your seeds in the market:

Selling your seeds or finished products is the best way to get money and experience. That is why, as soon as you are able, sell your products at the sales point to improve quickly, although yes, do not sell those products that you need to complete your missions. If you need a product to finish a mission, save it and finish it, so you’ll get more experience.

Make sure you play Prodigious Roulette every day:

farmville 2 tips and tricks new

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Every day you play Farmville 2 Country Escape, you have an opportunity to spin the roulette and get gifts. You will have to reach level 7 to be able to use it, but from then on, you will be able to play every day. In this way, you can earn the free prized keys.

Use the Keys to improve the farm above all:

Earlier we told you to keep the Keys, but you have to keep them just for this moment. You have to climb the farm as much as you can to harvest more, sell more and increase the size of your farm. This will be the key to your departure, so do it as soon as you can.

Visit the farms of your friends:

The game rewards you if you visit the farms of your friends. Every day you can pay a visit and fertilize your farms to get rewards. These rewards, like in roulette, can be Keys or, more usual, free money.

If you are going to spend real money, buy Keys:

There are people who do not like to spend money on games, but if you do not care, do not waste it, buy Keys, not coins. Because coins are a simple resource to get much of the game, but not keys, so, as you will need to improve the farm and finish earlier, invest your money in them. These Farmville 2 tips And tricks will help you to get unlimited free rewards.

Connect to Facebook to get 25 Free Keys:

As I said before, it’s a social game. So, if you connect your game to your Facebook profile, Zynga will reward you with 25 free Keys, which is not bad at all. Of course, your friends may have so much news about your farm or those heavy invitations that they do not like you very much and it is totally normal.

Ask your Facebook friends to fertilize your farm:

If you have decided to relate your game to your Facebook profile and overwhelm your friends with requests, you can also ask them to help you finish some crops or products much more quickly. This should be reciprocal, so if they help you, visit their farms to return the favor.

Take advantage of Grandma every 15 minutes:

Visiting Grandma can be a great advantage for you. Visiting it you can get some very good rewards because rare objects often appear with which you will get a lot of experience. Of course, do not use keys for that, you can go to it every 15 minutes and it will only cost you 50 coins.

Deceive the game by changing the time:

Many games are susceptible to deception if you change the time of the device. For example, imagine that your mill takes 8 hours to complete, so go to the Clock settings and advance it for 8 hours. In this way, your mill will be automatically terminated.

You can do this whenever you want, but as we said before, the nice thing is to play hard, not with traps or real money. So be patient, wait for the hours that are necessary, and you will feel better with yourself. These farmville 2 tips and tricks will help you to improve your games.

Top Farmville 2 tips And tricks to level up as soon as possible:

farmville 2 tips and tricks

  1. You have to fertilize everything. It doubles the yield of your crops and improves the yield possibilities of trees for the same amount of water and time. It takes a lot of fertilizer to do this, so you need a good supply of animals producing large amounts of fertilizer, in addition to common goods.
  2. Check your input folder (Inbox) and empty the messages. You will help your friends by doing this and you will advance in the game.
  3. Spend your resources before checking your inbox. Then you can easily replace them by consulting the inbox and its messages.
  4. Keep always less than 30 units of water in your reservation. More is useless.
  5. Remember to use your daily gifts.
  6. You elaborate to make the handmade butter using the goat’s milk. You get 10 coins only and 2 XP but it prevents you from wasting your resources.
  7. Get as many active friends as you can. You can only have a certain number of direct neighbors, but you can receive gifts or help from an unlimited number of them.
  8. Planting around 33% of your plots with a crop of more than 12 hours will release a large amount of water from your well for the use of trees, etc.
  9. He always asks to be able to manufacture more every day. Not only do they give you 5 more energy, but it helps you get more energy.
  10. After sending your gifts, be sure to clean your inbox on a regular basis (every 5-10 minutes).
  11. Do not sell anything.
  12. Check the offers tab in the game before buying it in cash.
  13. When your farm is very large and you want to save the time, then give your farmer correct orders in a row, so that he makes them one after the other.
  14. When you feed animals, you can click on the feed factory and take more feed before it finishes, and then feed the remaining animals.
  15. The pawns provide only 4 support plots, but they will give you 5 potency if they are used in the kitchen.
  16. You can feed your neighbor’s animals even if they are not hungry.
  17. Let your neighbors finish helping you before storing a newly arrived animal before storing the animal.
  18. Take it easy and enjoy Farmville 2 tips and tricks.

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