Game of Thrones Conquest Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints & Unlimited Gold Strategies

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Get game of thrones conquest tips and guide infinite free gold:

This game of thrones conquest guide will help you to get gold and easily level up. The game of thrones conquest advanced tips will work on Android and iOS platforms. So just read our game of thrones conquest android tips and get gold.

Game of thrones conquest Apk tips:

In this got conquest guide, we will give you a few game of thrones conquest tips and tricks, so you can conquer the sunset without problems.

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Game of thrones conquest help and cheats:

The game of thrones conquest is a base building game. If you want got series then you love it.

Game of thrones conquest how to play: Missions

When you are starting got, do not get complicated and follow the main line of missions. We will be there to guide you in your first steps and will indicate all the tasks that you must perform so that your base or castle has everything you need.

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Along the way, after completing the missions you will get rewards, and when you have more or less all the tasks completed your castle will be well balanced and your pockets to overflowing.

Game of Thrones Conquest Tips

This rule applies to any base construction game, and although it is very common to skip it, it is not recommended. If you do not want to run short of any resource, find out what you need with the tutorial and let yourself be guided by us.

But it is also that, in GOT Conquest, rebellions come into play, so there is no better way to not neglect any recourse.

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Game of thrones conquest tips and strategies – Builders:

Although the normal thing is that everyone begins to play thinking about the armies, leave them in the background. You will see that your troops and the power they grant you come and go.

What will really guarantee that your power does not stop increasing, are your constructions and investigations. So the priority is to have the builders always busy. Read Also: Toy Blast Tips

You have a quick access to facilitate this task in the game of thrones conquest video game, so do not stop building and improving buildings. When you want to make troops you can do it much faster and they will be stronger if the amount and level of your buildings are high. We hope you love our got conquest tips on modapktips.

Whenever you have a bonus to accelerate, use it for your constructions. And if you can choose, always use the additional constructor bonus.

Game of thrones conquest strategy guide – Troops:

Even if you like one type of troop more than another, you should know that all units are weak against some and strong against others. So you have to aspire to a balanced distribution of troops or in any case adjust the proportions depending on your enemy. In general, it works like this: Read Also: Cooking Madness Tips and Tricks

  • Infantry: Strong against the archers and weak against the cavalry
  • Lancers: Strong before the cavalry and weak before the archers
  • Cavalry: Strong before the infantry and weak before the spearmen
  • Archers: Strong against the lancers and weak against the infantry

So, in general, you need to have everything in similar proportions. And in case you face an opponent with more of a troop type, increase the number of troops that better counteract it.


It can be deduced from the above. Apart from that, you will avoid unpleasant surprises, like losing all your army for crashing against troops of a level or in a quantity against which you have nothing to do, you will know what type of troops to put to better counter your enemy. Read Also: Brave Frontier Tips

Game of thrones conquest smithy tips – Alliance:

The game already warns you in the tutorial of the importance of partnerships in the game of thrones conquest cheats. Although in case you do not have it clear, the alliances are basic in any game of construction of bases.

Apart from that, you will get many resources both to join and simply to belong, you need an alliance and that is good.

When the game advances in your server, there will be some alliances that will begin to break out. And if you do not want to end up leaving the game, you should be in one of them.

We are not going to encourage you to leave your alliance thrown again and again. But if you are demanding with your alliance. Read Also: [Update] CSR Racing 2 Tips and Tricks [Unlimited Keys]

With the passage of time 2 or 3 alliances will dispute the map, if you are not in one of them you will suffer permanent attacks and it will be impossible for you to grow. So if you like the game of thrones conquest mod Apk game, do not let it get spoiled and be part of one of the alliances that will fight all the way through the map.


Of course, you can buy them. But if you want to get them for free the best way is to raid humanoid creatures from level 6 onwards. More or less they drop bullion 30% of the time. Read Also: Jurassic World The Game Tips & Tricks

So that way you can get all you need. Humanoid creatures are anything that walks on two legs and carries a weapon. Although eye, they are much more difficult than a bear or a boar of the same level.

Get Game of Thrones Conquest Gold:

Game of Thrones Conquest Gold

We explain the best methods to get gold in Game of Thrones Conquest, so you never miss coins, or at least you can have a few more.

Get gold in Game of Thrones Conquest – Best methods:

Gold is the premium currency of GOT Conquest, and of course, it does not abound at all. Although if you get good amounts will give you advantages, since you can speed up waiting times and buy all kinds of objects. So we’ve prepared a tutorial so you can get a little more without paying for it. Read Also: Respawnables Tips

Log in daily:

This system may change in the future. But at the moment you have to know that in addition to the daily reward that you will receive every day to connect, you can get gold. Read Also: Guild of Heroes Tips & Tricks, Strategies

For this, you have to log in the game for seven consecutive days.

The bad thing is that if you stop connecting one day you start again from scratch. So you know, at least seven in a row. On the other hand, every day you will receive rewards, which although they are not gold, are not bad at all. And you just have to connect, you do not even need to play. So there you have some easy gold.


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