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Guns of glory secrets and tips for beginners:

It is a multiplayer strategy game. The project is famous for the variety of in-game chips and is aimed at those who sit at their smartphone for a long time. The player will have to create and protect the base, develop facilities, obtain useful resources for the modernization of buildings, soldiers and characters skills.

In general, there is clearly something to do, but for beginners, the mechanic may seem too confusing. In this article we will talk about the very essence of the title, help you understand its concept and reveal some secrets, see which will make it easier to understand what is happening.

Rob, rap, kill – or what the creators want from us:

A complex interface with an abundance of possibilities frantically scares the gamer, but Guns of Glory has quite ordinary goals. You just need to master the land already available, and begin to put it in order, becoming a kind of businessman, for whom his business not only brings profit, but also requires intervention in combat battles with competitors – everyone wants to snatch a sweet piece of your territory.

The script is simple and straightforward:

  • On the basis of the killed land plot, we are building a base – in the future it may turn into an unshakable empire.
  • We are building basic necessities: barracks for the production and training of soldiers, mines for the extraction of gold, ore, etc. The autonomous mechanism bringing resources is important, and without it anywhere.
  • You can attack as fast as you start to get something. Players are not asleep and want to get the accumulated good for the development of their own kingdoms.
  • Were strengthened and equipped the army? You can go into battle yourself and live by unprotected fortresses.
  • Explore new territories, modernize fortifications and infrastructure of the city as a whole, become stronger and become reckoned with you!

The main thing to remember one thing: to lose the battle does not mean to suffer a collapse in the war, but the loss of resources obtained will seriously undermine the vital activity of the state. Advanced users often like to destroy newbies.

Most important stocks come from?

  • Farm: it produces products for soldiers and animals (pigs, chickens, rabbits, etc.)
  • Iron mine: iron is mined here, which is necessary not only for buildings, but also as material when creating weapons and equipment for soldiers.
  • Silver mine: here the workers mine silver, acting as a secondary means of payment. Spent on the production and operation of buildings.
  • Forestry: brings wood, which also plays a big role in the game.

Where to keep the acquired honest labor?

A special room has been set aside for the storage of all useful resources and objects – it reliably protects your goods from robbers, but its capacity is limited. In the process of development of facilities, its area can be increased.

The observation tower:

Warriors shift duty on observation towers, and during the time they warn you about enemy attacks, or spy attempts to gather the necessary information about your kingdom. When a threat occurs, a notification comes in and it is worth responding to it immediately.

Guns of glory tips and gift codes:

It is very important to defend your borders correctly and in time, but you need to be able to attack. Before challenging another player, study in detail his state: the position and number of troops, the level of buildings, etc. If you are unsure of your own strength or if the enemy surpasses you in numbers, the attack is better to postpone until better times.

You can find out the secret information about the enemy with the help of a scout who needs to be sent on a mission. The unit will try to find out useful information and transfer it to the base – if successful, it will be in the mailbox.

How to earn gold in guns of glory?

Gold reserves are the most valuable resource in Guns of Glory, and it is earned only for participation in certain game events. It is not necessary to spend coins to speed up the execution of tasks (for example, building construction), it is better to purchase items on them.

You can also get some gold once by joining an alliance.

How to get gift codes in guns of glory?

Free bonuses are distributed exclusively by the project developers, and only in the official groups of social networks. Also, sometimes the company arranges interesting contests and holds events.

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