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Find latest updated hungry dragon tips and tricks free guide and strategies for android/ios devices. This is about eggs, coins, fire rush, gems, and money.

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Hungry Dragon Tips

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Welcome to our Hungry Dragon Tips and Tricks. Hungry Dragon is a mobile survival game in which you will have to get the highest possible score by eating as much as you can. And we’re going to leave you with a few tricks and tips that we hope will help you:

Little dragon – hungry dragon tips:

In the beginning, you will be a dragon XS (very small). And while you remain in that size you will have a lot of dangers to take care of, beyond the enemies, plus you will have restricted access in certain areas.

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Do not waste much time investigating the map, it only grows fast.

Look for areas where you eat a lot and easy. The priority is to grow, and for that you need food. You will be able to return to the zones when they regenerate, but they delay in doing it. So travel and give them time. The idea is to find two areas where farmer far enough away so that you can go from one to another.

When you face dragons superior to you, use the boost button.

Minijefes – hungry dragon tricks:

To defeat a mini-boss, approach from behind and use the boost on your head. Then he goes back and repeats the process until he dies. With goblin helicopters and goblin mining machines, something similar happens. But do not stop moving to avoid the helicopter guns. And watch out for the mining machines that kill in one fell swoop.

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Eggs – hungry dragon strategies:

From an egg, you can get more life, speed, and even companions. So look for them and incubate them whenever you can. They will almost always help you, and a lot. As for pets, you can place more the bigger your dragon.

Spend coins – hungry dragon secrets:

Do not spend them on costumes or decorations. Each time you get your dragon to grow it will be better than the previous one, no matter how well dressed it was. When you believe that it will cost you to continue growing, or you can not grow more, buy what you want.

Fire rush – hungry dragon cheats:

When you get the Fire Rush, you will be invincible while it lasts and you will have a permanent boost. You can not burn anything that is bigger than your dragon but takes advantage of the time it takes to burn as much as you can.

Mega-fire rush – hungry dragon hacks:

It is achieved if you hold 8 normal Fire Rush. So you have to last long enough to get it. At that time you can burn anything on the screen, regardless of size. So it’s time to end mines and minibosses.

Win gems and coins – hungry dragon hints:

These are the best free ways to get gems and coins

  • Collect the 5 daily chests that are scattered on the map. Each of them has better rewards than the previous one.
  • Complete the 3 daily missions
  • Participate in bonus events
  • Do not miss the tournaments

Where to find owls in the hungry dragon?

You can find owls from secret areas. It’s not a very tough procedure but easy. Watch the video for more info

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