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Find jetpack joyride tips and strategies to boost your score [high] easily:

Get 100% working jetpack joyride cheats for android and iPhone/iPod. This jetpack joyride guide on modapktips will help you to get more money and gadgets.

Jetpack joyride secrets:

Here you can get some jetpack joyride tips to go further and better manage our money. Jetpack Joyride is a lateral scrolling game where we will have to cross a lab doing as many coins and chips as possible while trying to go further than the previous time, avoiding all kinds of obstacles. Read Also: Need For Speed No Limits Tips

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So let’s go over some details that will ensure we have more coins in our pocket and exceed our distance record. Let’s go there.

Top 10 tips in jetpack joyride mod apk:

jetpack joyride tips

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1. Do not waste coins: Jetpack joyride tips

It may seem like obvious advice, but wasting our money is easier than it seems. When we die we offer an extra life for 1500 coins, which is usually much more than what is collected in a normal game. Read Also: Asphalt 8 Tips

Use only the extra life if you are close to breaking your record in jetpack joyride factsIf you always use it, you will run out of coins. This is one of the best jetpack joyride tips.

2. Combine well the gadgets: Jetpack joyride hints

We have a great variety at our disposal, think about what your weak points are and what your goals are to have the most efficient combo. Do you want a lot of mobility? Then the Gravity Belt and the Air Barrys are the best options.

Does it cost you to dodge the missiles? For the Missile Inhibitor and the Ap-Arta Missiles is your combo. Do you love coins? Well, get the coins Magnet and Gemology to ensure a good pinch when the game ends.

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3. Buy wholesale: Jetpack joyride cheats

If you are one of those who will end up buying advantages, extra lives and final explosions, better do it with the five packs they offer and you will save some money that you can invest in a contraption or a propeller or suit that you like.

4. Always pull the lever: Jetpack joyride strategy

If you have taken chips during the game, do not give it to liquidation to convert them into coins. It’s not that difficult to touch something interesting and of course, the price of the prizes is greater than what you get for a few chips, because we can win up to 1000 coins, double the coins in the next game or nuclear explosions, which are not even they sell inside the game. Read Also: Farmville 2 Tips And Tricks

5. Always look on the right side of the screen: 

This is where the elements of the game appear, both coins and obstacles. Stay tuned if you see an admiration to dodge a missile in time or be prepared to jump if an electrocution suddenly appears.

jetpack joyride tips

6. Catch all the chips you can, but do not die for any:

The chips are a valuable resource that gives us great benefits at the end, but dying for it means not being able to collect future chips or lose a huge amount of coins, or a vehicle. Who knows.

7. Whenever you see a vehicle, take it: 

The vehicles are like a second skin, if we collide with something inside one, it is destroyed and we follow our path. So they are a lifesaver that is worth having if something happens. Read Also: Jurassic World Tips

Take the opportunity to collect those chips with which you would risk if you did not take a vehicle.

8. Buy magnets for vehicles: 

This small improvement will make us a coin magnet whenever we go in one and in the long run it will be very helpful to collect as many coins as possible and get all the objects of the game. This is also 1 of the perfect jetpack joyride tips. Read Also: [Update] CSR Racing 2 Tips

9. Always complete the missions:

If you always try to collect coins and forget the missions, you are losing a succulent reward. As you complete missions, the reward is increasing, so it is worthwhile to focus our attention on them while we are in a game.

10. Do not buy coins: Jetpack joyride tips

Seriously, it’s not useful, they spend and destroy the mechanics of the game that is playing to get them. If you want a boost from micropayments, think about the Currency Replicator, which will make any currency you get double the value and, in the long run, it will be better. Read Also: Latest Sniper 3D Tips And Tricks Hack

Jetpack joyride guide: Jetpack joyride tips

The importance of coins:

There are two types of coins in the game and it is convenient to know what each of them is for, both are important.

  • The special coins are coins of green tones that move quickly through the laboratory and you will have to catch them. These at, the end of the game, you can exchange them in a slot machine for different prizes or change them for a sum of money. Read Also: Real Racing 3 Tips
  • Normal coins are golden and there are many along the way, it is important to take them because with these you can buy different propellers, utilities, gadgets … That will help you when playing.The scores of the game will be linked to an online ranking, which makes this game a little more interesting.

If you are a beginner:

  • You must save many coins and equip with the best. This way you will improve your gaming experience.
  • The propellers and the utilities are the most useful things to be able to endure. The utilities will allow you a final explosion to increase a little the meters traveled, also a quick revival that gives you another chance to keep escaping … Read Also: [Update] Best Marvel Strike Force Tips, Tricks
  • The gadgets, which you can buy in your stash, can get you out of a bind in a complicated situation.

You have to look carefully:

In the obstacles that arise, my advice is to always go downtown to get down and up without problems in case there is one that stands in our way, as the speed increases significantly as the game progresses and each time We have less reaction time.

Jetpack joyride tricks:

jetpack joyride tips latest

List of unlockable achievements in the iOS version (iPhone / iPad):

  1. A Man, my Son – Complete all the missions and start again.
  2. Alpha Charlie Echo – Fly beyond 2 KMS.
  3. Angry Wings – Achieve the winning bird twice in a game.
  4. Big Spender – Spend more than 50,000 coins.
  5. Blinged Out – Buy a golden upgrade for your vehicle.
  6. Bullseye – Get an exact score of 200 m.
  7. Crazy Freaking Skills – Get the best score of more than 800m in CFT.
  8. Fuzzy Locks – That fills you 99 times.
  9. Happy Snap – Capture and save a photo in action.
  10. Road Trip – Accumulate a total of 10 kms in the pig.
  11. Tee Hee Two  Collect exactly 69 coins.
  12. Veteran – Complete 40 missions.

Levels of Jetpack Joyride Ps vita:

1. Beginner

Reward: 200

2. Apprentice 

Reward: 400

3. Rookie

Reward: 600

4. Novato

Reward: 800

5. Amateur

Reward: 1,000

6. Graduate 

Reward: 1,200

7. With 

Reward level: 1,400

8. Experienced 

Reward: 1,600

9 Professional

Reward: 1,800

10. Successful

Reward: 2,000

List of Unlockable Mission Badges of Jetpack Joyride Psvita:

  • 001 Lonely Badge of Singularity
  • 002 Double Badge of Rainbows
  • 003 Sleepy Badge of Naps
  • 004 Quadruple Badge of Bypass
  • 005 Funky Badge of Jazz
  • 006 Delicious Badge of Custard
  • 007 Not so Lucky Badge
  • 008 Prestigious Badge of Bacon
  • 009 Sparkly Badge of Learning
  • 010 New Badge of Double Digits
  • 011 Annual Badge of Celebration
  • 012 Dogs Badge of Walks
  • 013 Super Lucky Badge
  • 014 Adventurous Badge of Travel
  • 015 Shiny Badge of Honor
  • 016 Shiny Badge of Completion
  • 017 Shiny Badge of Achievement
  • 018 Momentous Badge of Age
  • 019 Shiny Badge of Excellence
  • 020 Shiny Badge of Courage
  • 021 Tipsy Badge of Celebration
  • 022 Shiny Badge of Persistence
  • 023 Shiny Badge of Resilience
  • 024 Shiny Badge of Skill
  • 025 Shiny Badge of Accomplishment
  • 026 Shiny Badge of Dexterity
  • 027 Shiny Badge of Technique
  • 028 Shiny Badge of Prowess
  • 029 Shiny Badge of Finesse
  • 030 Shiny Badge of Aptitude
  • 031 Shiny Badge of Talent
  • 032 Shiny Badge of Sparkles
  • 033 Shiny Badge of Greatness
  • 034 Golden Frothing Badge
  • 035 Shiny Badge of Deliciousness
  • 036 Shiny Badge of Curiosity
  • 037 Shiny Badge of Inspiration
  • 038 Shiny Badge of Love
  • 039 Shiny Badge of Creativity
  • 040 Crisis Badge of Midlife
  • 041 Shiny Badge of Brilliance
  • 042 Badge of Meaning
  • 043 Shiny Badge of Delight
  • 044 Shiny Badge of Superiority
  • 045 Great Badge of Honor
  • 046 Great Badge of Completion
  • 047 Great Badge of Achievement
  • 048 Great Badge of Excellence
  • 049 Great Badge of Courage
  • 050 Great Badge of Persistence
  • 051 Great Badge of Resilience
  • 052 Great Badge of Skill
  • 053 Great Badge of Accomplishment
  • 054 Great Badge of Dexterity
  • 055 Ominous Badge of Assassination
  • 056 Great Badge of Technique
  • 057 Great Badge of Prowess


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