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These are best and legit last day on earth advanced tips and cheats for beginner and pro players. The game Last Day on Earth: Survival belongs to one of the most attracted the attention of millions of people. As in other similar projects, the challenge here is to survive. Thanks to this last day on earth survival tips and tricks on modapktips, you can learn a lot of new things and achieve your cherished goal in a short period of time.

last day on earth survival tips

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Last day on earth survival tips and secrets:

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Gather resources the first couple of days:

As soon as you plunge into the game universe, a wide list of possibilities opens before you. For collecting near your home there are many diverse resources. When collecting or destroying a zombie, the player gains a certain amount of experience. Increase your own level, add a certain amount of crafting points, learn a variety of recipes and create different things. Thanks to the pick and ax, you can perform some tasks. Chop trees, get chalk, get experience and become one of the best in the universe of the game.

Thanks to these tools, you can collect all the resources provided by developers. Get some experience, reach a certain level and move as fast as possible. The more effort the player makes, the more opportunities open to him.

Create the foundation for your home:

Build a house is not as easy as it might seem from the outside. Initially, the floor is poured, after which the walls are added. After a complete cleansing of the land will be possible to proceed with the construction of buildings Thanks to pine logs, you can build something unrealistically cool and unique. There is plenty of room to start, and over time it will be possible to expand more. The game provides many opportunities that must necessarily attract not only your attention but also the attention of close friends or just acquaintances.

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To unblock the beds, bonfire or small boxes, you need to use crafting glasses. As far as we know, even in a small box, you can store about 12 items. More cannot be placed there. They should be placed inside the house so that other gamers could not steal your belongings. Thanks to the campfire, you can cook very tasty food, and in the garden, you can grow carrots. Replenish stocks of food and be prepared for difficult life moments that may come at any time.

If the player needs to get more storage space, then you can use the car, which is located next to the storage. The idea of the developers is very good and you should definitely pay attention to all this.

Get ready to explore:

With an increase in their own level, any player must open the Basic Back pack plan. Thanks to him, there is a unique opportunity – to store about 8 additional items. Using the location indicator you can see the density. Where the density is greater, you can find a huge amount of useful resources and necessary materials. In addition, there is a chance to stumble upon dangerous enemies, the battle with which can be delayed for a certain period of time. Where density is green – everything is very simple. Try to always remain in the green areas until you get some powerful weapons and a huge amount of serious armor.

Watch for points of interest:

There are times when the army throws some boxes of provisions on the ground. On the world map, such places can get a lot. Players must show their own speed because after a while the glasses may disappear and it will again be extremely difficult to find them. If you have a chance, go to the right place and study them. Try to find the prey and achieve a good result.

Watch out for some military bases. They are fixed points of interest. To fully study them, any player must search for a security card. Thanks to her, you can achieve greater results. Find such cards from dead players and zombies.

Master the combat skills:

Any player must be prepared for numerous hazards. Get ready as best you can and achieve a positive result. To move neater and slower, you need to squat. Thus, it will be extremely difficult to find you. Sneak up to enemies, harm them and destroy them. Kill rivals instantly.

The safest strategy is the destruction of opponents with melee weapons. Watch your mini-map, it can always show useful things. Be extremely careful if you find a red flash in some of the places. She will meet you. Approaching the red point you need to be afraid because you have to fight with a dangerous opponent.

Initially, back off and see who will have to fight. They have certain equipment and they can be equipped in different ways. If the players are poorly equipped, then it will be easy to kill them. But if they have power armor, you will have to exert maximum efforts. Look at their weapons and be prepared for dangerous battles.

Last Day on Earth is an incredibly interesting game, made in the style of a quality strategy. The multiplayer mode here is interested in millions of individuals. As you already know, the walking dead have captured our entire world. Players will have to fight them! Survive will be extremely difficult. Try to repel the attacks of gamers and create different weapons for the simple destruction of numerous opponents.

We hope these last day on earth survival tips and strategies help you a lot.

Last Day on Earth Survival Tips:

General Tips:

  • To change the name of the character in the equipment menu, you need to click on the blue icon above the indicators of hunger and thirst.
  • At the very beginning of the game, having made a backpack, go to the Alpha bunker. There is a card at the entrance to the corpse lying at the beginning of the location, and in the bunker itself, you can easily take useful equipment.
  • Save energy by returning from a sally. It is most convenient to play in the mode: run to the farm (extermination of opponents), have fun and pack a backpack, walk home — nothing happens on the way, which means you can turn off the game by doing other things.

last day on earth survival tips and tricks

  • Do not let a character stand idle – he may simply die of hunger and thirst, which will not happen if the game is closed. In the inactive state, nothing happens.
  • Do not try to dodge the construction of housing and crafting (creating objects) in general – without this, the game can not survive.

Building tips:

  • If possible, place two fires, two smelters and two beds – this will allow you to cook food twice, process stones/scrap metal and grow carrots.
  • Be sure to make a radio and often meet with the merchant, sometimes almost for nothing (boards, stones, metal) you can buy useful weapons from him.
  • Improve the floor for specific workbenches and furniture – for some, it will need a floor of the second and third level, and some buildings need bare ground at all (the floor is improved in construction mode by clicking on the desired square and the up arrow, the icon with a cross – to remove ).
  • Walls are improved and demolished by analogy with the floor. Strengthen them only if you plan to meet hordes of zombies.
  • The zombie horde, advancing on the base every day, destroys only the walls, without touching anything else. However, if you leave the game 10-15 minutes before they appear, and return 10 minutes later, only one wall will be demolished. To meet the zombie horde is only with a large supply of bandages and weapons, although it makes little sense to mess with them. Benefit – only experience and modest loot (prey from the body of the slain).
  • Shielding the area of their home with sticks, they should be arranged in at least two rows, since they do not delay zombies, but only hurt them.
  • Put as many boxes in the house as you need to store all objects unknown to you, including smartphones, flashlights, flash drives, watches and so on. Many items can be used only to achieve high levels.
  • The best way not to get entangled in a lot of boxes is to place them next to the production and store the appropriate items there (food closer to the fire, iron to the smelters, and the ropes and skin not far from the dryer).

Battles tips:

  • An ax with a pickaxe is not only tools but also a weapon – in difficult times, they can be picked up and nailed by the enemy much faster than with fists. Although they can be armed in peacetime, thereby freeing the slot in the inventory for something more useful.
  • Before going into battle, check the status of equipment. If its resource is close to its end, it will be very prudent to take along a replacement. Of course, in green locations, you can hope for luck and undress someone along the way, but in orange or red, such hope can cost you the entire supply of first-aid kits or life.
  • Always keep food, bandages or a first-aid kit in readiness – all this can be placed in the equipment slot under the backpack, then in the research mode above the attack button, a special button for quick use of the selected item will appear.
  • Footwear is often more useful than other clothes, as it significantly increases the speed of movement, allowing you to carry away the legs from runners and other vermin.
  • The button “sit down” (in the lower right) allows you to become less visible for zombies and forest animals. In this mode, the speed of movement decreases, but you can sneak up from behind and do triple damage with one blow (the damage depends on the weapon in your hand).
  • Lure zombies out of the crowd one by one. It is only necessary to sneak up on the group slowly, until one of them, or even two, rushes in your direction – run back, wait for them and throw them down.
  • In the locations of the red level, when entering, you should wait – after some time, toxic zombies will come running to you. It is better to wait and kill them immediately at the entrance than later they will run into battle with other ghouls.
  • After death, you can take things from your own corpse only if you died in your home location. Accordingly, in other zones be always ready to lose everything irretrievably.

Resource Collection:

  • After clearing the card, the routine collection of resources can be given to the automatic mode (button at the bottom left). And in order not to type everything in a row, you can use the “split” button to fill in all the free slots of the inventory with the necessary materials. Automatics will only increase their number, not improvising with the range.
  • Do not abuse the throwing – when filling a backpack something can be hidden in the corpse of a dead zombie or wolf, taking as the cells of the inventory are released. For example, after unloading, you can chop up even more trees, and then go back and change the ax that has become unnecessary to the logs hidden in the body of the dead man and take home at least 20 pieces more.
  • It is not necessary to recycle all resources as soon as possible. It may turn out that for the necessary crafting there is not enough something simple and in ridiculous quantities – it will be a shame to go for such a collection.
  • Meat and carrots are best cooked on the fire, but berries must be used wisely: raw, they restore health better, and in the form of broth on the fire, they satisfy hunger and thirst.
  • It is better not to throw away empty bottles and cans, the first ones can be filled with water using a water tank on the base, and the second ones are necessary to create a spike hammer, stretch marks and some other objects.
  • It is not necessary to constantly carry water with you. You can always get drunk before leaving for battle, immediately leave the empty bottle filled in the Water Sink and release the slot in the inventory. In the extreme case, if the thirst finds in the campaign, you can hold out on the berries. Similarly, with food, you can always get over raw meat.
  • Check your mail every day (the icon of the coins to the left of the craft) – the developers send you the Beans in Sauce and Water. And in the case when you often die, there may be a weapon.

Last day on earth survival tips: it is important to know:

  • At the time of writing, the online mode in the game has not yet been launched. All players trying to kill you when they see you are bots. You cannot meet other players.
  • Three neighbors are all the same, but with different nicknames. One of them can live well.
  • Parcels from the sky and broken planes mainly appear when energy decreases to 50 and below.
  • There is no code for the computer inside the bunker in the game yet, it will appear in the future with one of the updates.
  • A motorcycle (chopper), an all-terrain vehicle, a truck, and a clan tower cannot be made yet – there are no details for them in the game yet.
  • Also, do not collect a lot of machines and weapons – the components necessary for them are located across the river, which cannot be reached without transport.
  • It’s also impossible to repair things, so save your powerful weapons to really dangerous locations.

Last day on earth tips and secrets on crafting, bunkers and resources:

last day on earth survival tips and cheats

Spear, ax, pickaxe. These are the three tools you’ll need at the beginning. So, as soon as you get into the game at your home location, check the nearest broken car for loot.

Then you need to collect 9 pine logs, 6 limestones and create all 3 items. We recommend at first to craft an ax and a pickaxe, so in this location, the enemies are not too dangerous, and now you don’t need a spear.

Although technically these tools are not 100% necessary to collect raw materials or protect them, they save valuable time and effort.

How to strengthen your position in LDOE?

The next step is to make roughing less coarse. You will need an everyday backpack, a bed, a funnel to collect rainwater and a small house (big enough for one or two small boxes, as well as subsequent items).

The backpack facilitates the collection and transportation of items, doubling the total inventory space. Garden beds and water collector will not let you die of hunger and thirst.

Finally, be sure to build a door on your base, and install C4 explosive nearby. This will help in the event of an invasion or light zombie attacks.

Hunt for upgrades:

When you finally leave your home, explore three places on the world map – Alpha bunker downed plane and army supplies. While the army supplies are mostly medium value things, a downed plane and a bunker (available after you take A card from a nearby corpse) will almost always give you a military vest and pistol.

Despite the temptation to kill nearby enemies for 2-5 hits, try to save your ammunition before the main horde.

Subtleties and secrets of the game:

To successfully pass the levels and survive in a dangerous world, the player will need all his resourcefulness and enterprise. In addition, luck also plays a big role in the game. But how to make the gameplay and luck more manageable? These secrets will make the passage more comfortable:

  1. To keep an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), you will need a 3-by-3 gender of the third rank.
  2. To put a two-wheeled vehicle, you will need a floor of wood of the second rank-size of 2-by-2.
  3. After you have a radio, a merchant will begin to appear on the map, where you can exchange resources for weapons. Take on barter various resources. For 20 metal bars, you will receive a shotgun, for 20 wood, a trader will give you a machete, and for 20 good leather – a bat with nails.
  4. You should not get rid of electrical components, as you need them to craft the same radio and other electronic devices.
  5. When you put spikes to protect against zombies, you do not need to install them close to the wall, otherwise, your hero will also receive damage.
  6. The radio tower is needed to communicate with other survivors: you can join the chat and clan, or hire workers.
  7. Using the button in the lower right corner of the screen, you can activate invisibility and quietly go to the dead from the back. If you hit a zombie in stealth mode, it will take triple damage.
  8. If you can not find a map of underground locations, try to farm the dead from a complex zone.
  9. Going in search of useful things or equipment, it is better to go to the location of the average level of complexity than the high – you risk dying during a simple hike for resources.
  10. On the INBOX tab, you can get food and drink three times for free.
  11. If you die several times in one place, a machete will appear there.
  12. To make your boots last longer, immediately after clearing the location, hide them back in the bag. But do it only if you are sure that there is no one else left.
  13. To kill a toxic zombie and at the same time do not get damage, run to him behind his back and attack until he stops to vomit and start fighting in hand-to-hand combat.
  14. Create spears when you already have level 20-30: until that time actively collect wood and stones. You will need them, believe me.

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Health and special characteristics of opponents:

Each enemy mob has a certain amount of health, as well as a unique behavior. Knowing your enemies, you can live much longer:

  • Deer – 25 OZ, very fast, does not attack.
  • Normal Zombie – 40 OZ, slow, deals 6 damage with a normal blow.
  • Wolf – 40 OZ, fast, deals 4 damage with a normal blow.
  • Dark lone wolf – 60 OZ, fast, deals 8 damage with a normal blow.
  • Fast zombie – 80 OZ, deals 6 damage with a normal strike.
  • Fat man – 240 OZ, average speed. Toxic Rapid Zombie – 80 OZ.
  • Deals with a regular strike 10 damage and a special strike 15.
  • Toxic fat man – 300 OZ, average speed. Deals standard 10 damage and a special blow – 30.

Bugs, errors, problem solving:

What to do if Last Day on Earth hangs during loading:

  1. Restart the smartphone.
  2. Delete the game (data cannot be erased, so as not to lose the preservation), reload the client and install it again.
  3. If the tips did not help, then the problem is in the phone itself.

All the above last day on earth survival tips and secrets simplify the gameplay and make it more understandable for the player. Now the player from the very beginning moves in the right direction. Knowing all the subtleties and characteristics of the local world and the behavior of opponents, it becomes significantly easier to survive. But it is interesting to play like this or not, it is already let everyone decide for himself.

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[…] Last Day On Earth Survival Tips […]


[…] Last Day On Earth Survival Tips […]


[…] Last Day On Earth Survival Tips […]


[…] Last Day On Earth Survival Tips […]


[…] Last Day On Earth Survival Tips […]


[…] Last Day On Earth Survival Tips […]


[…] Last Day On Earth Survival Tips […]


[…] Last Day On Earth Survival Tips […]

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