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Last shelter survival tips, hints, and strategies for [resources, best heroes, troops and vehicles]:

Welcome to the best and legit last shelter survival guide and cheats for Android and iOS platforms, where we will review all the sections and mechanics of the game, and we will discover all its secrets.

How to play last shelter survival?

Your main objective is to manage all the activities and make the city grow by building facilities that allow you to progress. But you will always be in danger, creatures from the outside and other players can attack you. So you will also have to worry about defending your city and its resources. For better play, read our latest and updated last shelter survival tips and tricks.

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The base camp is the building on which all the others depend since it’s level conditions the rest of the buildings and allows to unblock new facilities.

In general, to progress faster we recommend focusing on the main missions, hunting zombies on the map to raise the level of the hero, train troops, cure them after combat and activate power-ups in the institute.

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Base class:

It will take a while to get to be able to activate it, but there are three classes:

  • We recommend Farmer: + production of resources but – defense and speed of march
  • Sacker: + Speed and load in your marches but – production of resources.
  • Merchant: + money production but – resources

Construction vehicles:

They are one of the biggest limitations of the game in last shelter survival tips since you only have one. And you can only build or upgrade facilities with a construction vehicle. But you can get a second construction vehicle by building the garage, for which you will have to raise the base level first.

You can get a third construction vehicle at level 7, and a fourth at level 13.

Last shelter survival resources:

You will need resources for everything, to build, improve, explore, fight and investigate. So in case you’re not clear:

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  • Food: Farms, for fertile land
  • Water: Water filters, by natural water resources
  • Fuel: Oil well, by oil deposits
  • Electricity: Power plants or windmills
  • Wood: Sawmill, by forest
  • Iron: Refinery, by iron deposits

We tell you this because you will have to build the facilities near the natural resource.

Last shelter survival population:

If you want to increase the population you can do two things by following last shelter survival tips and cheats:

  1. Build or improve the houses to accommodate more population.
  2. Transport water and food to the ration truck to attract more survivors

Last shelter survival tricks – Troops and vehicles:

When you want to attack zombies or enemy bases you will have to send troops:

  • Train troops in the fighting camp or shooting range
  • To unblock more level troops you must raise the level of the fighting camp or on the firing range
  • Train vehicles in the vehicle factory
  • In the command center, you can promote or improve troop units
  • Investigate combat-related technologies to promote troop units

Last shelter survival hero tips – Heroes:

The heroes are somewhat complex since they have several functions, you can send them with your troops, assign them to the production of resources or take advantage of their abilities, so we divide this section into several sections. You can get heroes easily with the help of last shelter survival tips and hints.

Last shelter survival best heroes:

Explore the best heroes list below:

How to get heroes? – Tickets

The first one is free, but you can recruit more in the heroes’ lounge paying with tickets, and there are three types:

  • Super: To recruit superheroes
  • Advanced: To recruit advanced heroes
  • Normal: To recruit normal heroes

You will get free tickets every day, and if you get a duplicate hero, the game will turn it into medals


Medals can be used to improve skills, research and develop. Hero medals are obtained by duplicate heroes. While the medals of courage and wisdom through missions, events, and hunting zombies

By the way, you can change hero medals for wisdom medals at the academy

Upload hero level:

There are two types of hero, those of combat and those of development or production.

  • Heroes of combat: Put them as the leader in the barracks and send them to attack zombies so that they win Exp.
  • Development heroes: Place them in a parking lot and activate their special ability. For example, you can place Nora on the farm and use her production ability to gain experience. Of course, it will cost you capacity points.

Hero skills:

To improve the unique abilities of the heroes you need wisdom medals, which are farmed by missions, events and hunting zombies. And there are 3 types of skills:

  • Development: Those mentioned in the previous point, you must park the heroes
  • Leadership: activated by placing the hero in the formation
  • Combat: They are automatically used for fighting

Last shelter survival tips – Combat:

There are several sections to mention, so we also section the combat:

Troops management:

  • From barracks training, choose the hero and the number and type of troops to fight
  • When you have the bunk building you can increase troop training
  • Garrison: That’s where you assign defensive troops to defend the city
  • Institute: From there you can improve the load capacity of the troops, expand the number of heroes per attack, or improve the effectiveness of your troops.


Access the map (bottom right) and you’ll see zombies, rival bases and resources. You only have to click on the icon of what you want to attack. Although in the case of enemy bases, we recommend that you explore or spy before.

Last shelter survival secrets – Premium buildings:

More or less we have talked about all the buildings of the game, but we would miss the comment on premium buildings: read last shelter survival tips for premium buildings

Supply of weapons:

It is a premium option (paid) that is activated by reaching base level 6, and offers you two exclusive buildings

  • Solar power plant: Gives more energy than windmills
  • Construction center: + 10% construction speed, accelerators, a teleportation token and diamonds


You can get a second garage, but it is for a fee and we do not recommend it either. As we told you at the beginning of the guide you can get 4 construction vehicles arriving at level 13.

Last shelter survival cheats – Alliance:

First, you will receive 100 diamonds just to join. But in addition, the members will help you when you need it, you can receive small rewards by participating in the activities, you will also receive daily rewards and rewards for donating. The alliance is one of the important element in the last shelter survival tips.

Last shelter survival best 7 tips:

Last Shelter Survival Tips

1- Place each hero in his place: To maximize the production of resources and the power of your army. You have all the information for the heroes section.

2- Use fast technology with resources and heroe: This technology will allow you to obtain resources instantly. It is unlocked by the institute. And if by using it you have a hero placed, you will gain much more experience.

3- Use the speaker to get money: It can be used every 3 and a half minutes. It will attract all the zombies around you and you will earn money for it.

4- Never stop investigating: You will increase the production, the rewards, the strength of your army …

5- 200 free diamonds: By linking the account and joining an alliance

6 – Of the buildings to improve are as much the resources as those of training of troops.

7- Revive dead units in the clone facilities, every Wednesday

Last Shelter Tricks: Survival – Guide and tips for the beginner:

In the Last Shelter Survival game, you play as a city leader whose responsibility is to keep the location safe from zombies and other players. Attackers can come from anywhere! Are you ready to defend yourself? The Last Shelter Survival is a real-time MMO strategy game for mobile devices in which you build and grow your city and produce or generate a wide range of resources for survivors. Today, in this post, we have covered everything you need to know about the game:

Last Shelter Survival Tips and Tricks

Construction vehicle:

This is one of the barriers in the Last Shelter Survival tips because you have limited construction vehicles. A construction vehicle or builder is necessary to start the construction or upgrade process. Without it, workers can not be displaced.

Basically, you have to increase the base level and build the garage to get one more. On the base screen, at the top left, touch the helmet icon of the security construction. There you can check the requirements to get a builder or vehicle in the Last Shelter Survival tips.

Resource tips:

Food, water, fuel, wood, iron, and electricity are the main resources in the Last Shelter Survival game. These resources are necessary to build, improve, march and investigate. Read the tips, cheat below to learn how to increase resource production.

  • Food: farms (near fertile land)
  • Water: water filter (near a water source)
  • Fuel: oil well (near an oil tank)
  • Electricity: air turbine, power plant
  • Wood: Sawmill (near the felling site)
  • Iron: refinery (near an iron deposit)

You can not build these production facilities anywhere (freely) at the base. You have to build these facilities near the source of the resource. For example, the refinery can only be built near the iron deposit, the sawmill can only be built close to the felling site.

Population and heroes:

In the last shelter survival tips, certain facilities cannot be built if the population of the base is low. This is what you have to do to control the population:

  1. Build or improve the house to increase the maximum population ceiling
  2. Transport water and food to the ration truck to attract the survivors / to increase the population

Heroes help you in various ways; You can send them on the march with the army/troops, place them in development resources. You will get the first free hero at the beginning of the game. Afterwards, you can recruit heroes in the hall of heroes. The Hall of Heroes? After reaching a certain level, you can build this installation. To recruit heroes, recruitment tickets are needed; There are three types of recruiting tickets:

  • Super: recruit the best heroes
  • Advanced: recruit advanced heroes
  • Normal: recruit normal heroes

How to update or increase the level of heroes in last shelter survival?

There are two types of heroes in the Last Shelter Survival game; for combat and for development/production/military. The best way to increase the level of heroes (a type of combat); Name them as the leader in the installation of the barracks.

Last Shelter Survival Tips and Guide

Send the army to attack the zombies. If you win, the hero will win EXP. After winning enough, the hero’s level will rise. In the lower right, touch the hero option: this will take you to the hero menu where you can see the complete list of heroes that appear in the Last Shelter Survival game. Click on a hero icon to check your skill and level. At the top left, touch the level option to check how much EXP is required to level up.

The best way to increase the level of heroes is to leave them still and activate their special ability. 1. Go to the station management function and press the Station button.

Use fast technology wisely and with heroes in last shelter survival:

At the Institute’s facilities, you can research the technology of rapid production. Using this technology in last shelter survival tips, you can instantly get resources from production facilities such as farm, water filter, oil well, and more. All you have to do is touch the resource generator (ie farm) -> choose quick -> start. Before pressing the quick button, check the percentage of success. If the success rate is less than 50%, you may lose that installation.

If the quick function fails, repair the installation to put it back into operation. In addition, we recommend that you station the heroes in these facilities (depending on your ability) to increase your level. For example, if there is a hero that has the ability related to the water filter, then place it there. The hero will get EXP when you use fast technology. And if you unlock their new abilities, the production rate will automatically increase (if parked). Update the installation to increase the success rate.

We hope you like last shelter survival tips and tricks on modapktips

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