[Qucik] Lineage 2 Revolution Leveling Tips, Tricks, Secrets, Strategies & Cheats

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Find the updated lineage 2 revolution leveling tips and hints.

These lineage 2 revolution leveling tips and guide will help you to give competitors a hard time and easily improve the stats of your gear.

Lineage 2 revolution tips and tricks:

Lineage 2 Revolution Leveling Tips

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Below we will give you some tips and advice to level up in lineage 2 revolution very fast. Following this lineage 2 revolution tips and guide the first day in the MMORPG can reach level 30 without problems.

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How to level up in lineage 2 revolution?

We will give you some tips and tricks that will help you improve and level up much faster. Come on, in 4 or 5 hours they may have passed level 30.

Log in daily in lineage 2 revolution:

The daily login or connect every day is rewarded in Lineage 2 Revolution. Although we must look at it a bit since there are two types of rewards:

– Daily Rewards:

They will depend on how long we stay connected. Currently, there are 4 prizes, the first is achieved at 5 minutes, but if we want the 4 we will have to stay for 1 hour.

– Monthly Rewards:

They work in a similar way, although the base is made in days. That is, the more days we connect within the month, the better rewards we will receive. Read also: Lineage 2 Revolution Tips

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What is autopilot adjust in Lineage 2 Revolution?

If we want to put the autopilot and farm in this way, we have to look at the configuration. Let’s review the HP, the MP Potion, the regeneration, the radius, etc. We can earn a lot of money, resources, and experience, but if we do not adjust the configuration we can be wasting potions at the same time.

Participate in events in lineage 2 revolution:

Besides the fact that it will make the game much more entertaining, being aware of the events will reward us greatly. An event will provide us with much more money, experience, and even gems. So adjusting our game schedules to events would be highly recommended for the Level 2 Lineage Revolution.\

Add friends in lineage 2 revolution:

First of all, by adding friends we will be winning social points that we can later change for game objects. But playing with friends who are more or less as active as we are, is the best way to move forward in the game. Since what we can get accompanied is much higher than what we will get alone. Of course, the game offers some social interaction, so we can also find people with whom to grow within it.

Get legendary items in Lineage 2 Revolution:

It may seem that this has nothing to do with Level 2 Lineage Revolution. But when they get them, they’ll see the difference. In this regard, we simply recommend saving gems to acquire the 10 + 1 pack. It may cost us a bit to arrive, but it is the chest that contains the best equipment of the game, so the wait and the effort will be worth it.

Use Nox in Lineage 2 Revolution:

And after all the information we have given you and we hope that it will serve you, this is the definitive trick. If you really want to grow and progress fast, we will go up in level in Lineage 2 Revolution, they need Nox.

Nox is an Android emulator capable of playing several games at once, as long as the PC allows it. We could play with all the characters that our computer allowed us at the same time. But our recommendation is that if you use Nox, create three accounts, one for DPS, another for Tank and another for Support.

This will result in triple income and triple experience without being out of control and allowing us to develop the potential of each class to the fullest. Read complete guide of L2R

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