Best Ludo Star Tips, Tricks, Hints, Secrets, Hacks & Cheats [Unlimited Gems]

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Find the latest ludo star tips and strategies to get unlimited six:

These ludo star apk tips and tricks [Android/iOS] will help you to get more gems and gold coins and you can win every game easily.

Features: ludo star tips

The main feature of this game is the ability to play with people around the world and in real time, in games of two or four players; also having a chat, levels, profile, among other features that make the application a fairly complete game.

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However, as in the vast majority of free games, there are purchases “within the application” that will allow you to get gems and coins in the game. Download Ludo Star Mod Apk

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Therefore, below we will present some interesting options to be able to acquire these objects of real value without needing the money that you currently have.

How to win the game and get coins?

ludo star tips

One of the most effective tricks to get coins and at the same time also win almost any game is to take advantage of an existing error at the time of starting the game. This is quite easy and simple to do, without the need of any external program or application. Read Also: Caesars Slots Tips

  • The first thing you should do is start a game against another opponent (do not choose more users).
  • Once you are inside the room you must wait for the other to roll the dice.
  • On your turn, you should not touch anything, but wait until the waiting time (forgive the redundancy) ends. At that moment, a box called “auto” will appear, which you must uncheck.
  • When you uncheck said the “auto” will be a short time of waiting that will end and will return to show the window, which you must uncheck again.

The method to earn coins in ludo star is to stay away and not start the game. This will cause the opponent to tire of waiting and leave the game. A moment in which you will have to throw the dice and automatically win the game, taking the prize of coins.

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Discover how to obtain gems in ludo star:

To win gems in this game there are several alternative methods that can be very helpful. Some are through the options offered by the game itself; while others are tricks designed by the same ludo Star players.

Awards: Ludo star tips

Within the application, you will find below your balance in gems a button that allows you to obtain prizes according to the combination of numbers obtained when you roll the dice. In turn, these dice are obtained from friends who send them to you.

  • The idea is that you send dice to your friends or acquaintances that you have added so that they can also send you. In this way, you will have more chance of winning prizes. Read Also: Golf Clash Tips
  • The trick in this section would be to have several Facebook accounts from which to send data. You can use those of your family or friends, but creating a new one is not too complicated in ludo star tips and tricks.

The prizes can be 10, 20, 40, 100 and 1000 gems. The latter being something quite difficult (you should get a trio of six). However, they are still free gems and very easy to obtain.

Completing the league:

In the ludo star it is also possible to acquire gems through the existing leagues, where depending on the position you are in and the league in question, you will get a different prize. Read Also: Jetpack Joyride Tips

Within the initial screen of the game, in the low part, you will find a section of “League” which has a certain period of time. At the end of that period, depending on the position in which you are depending on the coins that you have managed to obtain (you can use the trick of coins) you will earn a good amount of gems.

Due to the difficulty of the major leagues, the goal, in this case, is to stay in the Bronze League. In case they raise you in the league, you can wait until they lower you to repeat the process again. However, if you want to keep playing you can apply the coin trick a lot of times to get gems in ludo star tips. Read Also: Real Racing 3 Tips

Ludo Star Tips:

Are you a fan of Ludo Star Game? Do you want to win gold and free gems for the game of ludo star? Are you planning to collect gold and gems from Ludo Star but do you find it difficult? If so, then you’re in the right place.

Ludo Star is one of the most popular games for Android & IOS in recent days. These ludo star tips and secrets will teach you about how to win the Ludo Star table game and get the exact number.


Ludo Star Tricks – What to do to win in ludo star tips:

As you well know the objective of the game is to get your four chips to the central point, so before they must travel the board fully meeting others.

A good trick to win is not only to focus on a chip but have them all on the board, you will easily get one near the aisle and one of the best tricks of ludo star is to leave it there to have an extra movement in case it does not you want to move the rest of the chips.

 Ludo Star tips: The Guide

  • How to increase your winning rate
  • How to get a six when you want
  • How to move your chips to the stops
  • How to get free coins
  • How to get gems

If you have never played the ludo star Apk and you have encouraged to do it online, today we bring you some ludo star tips and tricks. Although it may seem, not everything is luck and you must know which dice to move and have a strategy.

Ludo Star Cheats:

  1. When you get two 6 in a row, you probably get a third, so if you play the last die goes home if you take another 6, the second 6 then moves another chip, the one closest to home. So, if you get a third 6 it does not hurt so much that you send it home.
  2. Do not abuse the bridges. It can seem fun to bridge and see how all the other players’ chips pile up and kill each other. Sometimes it’s a good strategy, but be careful, because it can happen to you too and what is worse, your bridge chips are being delayed to reach what is called “podium” and win.
  3. Do not kill to kill. In 90% of cases, it is profitable to kill another and count 20, but not succumb to kill for killing, killer instinct. Sometimes your same card that you have advanced 20 can be put in danger and kill you too with what you will not have advanced anything.
  4. Playing in a team is a roll. A roll because if sometimes it is difficult to control your 4 chips, imagine having to take care of the 4 of your partner so that he wins as soon as possible and they kill him as little as possible. The most fun is playing alone and against everyone.
  5. A game of 4 can last a half hour to three quarters. With 5 or 6 players it can last 5 hours, which makes you feel insufferable after the third hour and you do not know which boxes you have. It’s better to play, at most, 4.
  6. And do not give in to despair if the 4 chips, or 3 or 5, which you play, send them home because they have been killed. This game is fun because things change like night and morning, and if you were the last one, it could even be that you arrive first, if you do not give in and give up.
  7. In short, there are not many more tricks because it does not have a great strategy to use. As I said before, it is a game of chance and luck with the dice and a little bit of expertise on our part.

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