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Latest mini golf king tips & secrets to winning easily [infinite holes]:

Get new mini golf king tips and tricks unlimited everything. Mini Golf King is a three-dimensional mini golf game in which players can compete over the Internet against opponents from around the world.


mini golf king tips

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Control system:

The mini golf king guide control system is instinctive and as well adapted to the tactile devices: by easily sliding the finger on the screen and we can adjust the power and direction as we like.

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Important element:

Keep in mind the most important element that when we play the mini golf king Apk game that the final score is very important. It will not do any good to get the ball into the hole before our opponent if along the way we have not managed to get any gem.

Different holes:

In the latest and updated mini golf king, we will find more than thirty different holes, which we can unlock little by little, as we win games against other players.

Mini Golf King is an entertaining and original mini golf game, which also has a beautiful graphics section.

Mini golf king tips and cheats:

In the App Store, we can find a large number of games and applications, all of the following quality standards, standards that in most cases we can not find in the Play Store, where it seems that it rewards more the number of applications than the quality of the same.

If you have entered the bug of mini golf, in the App Store we can find various games that allow us to make our first steps in this fun game. But if what we want is to have a good time and enjoy a quality game, the best mini golf game of the App Store is called Mini Golf King.

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Mini Golf King is a multiplayer game with which we can play with any other player in the world, which increases the fun and time we can devote to this fun game, so if you download it, it is available for free with in-game purchases. -the app, sure will not end up forgotten on your device, as long as you like the theme.

The graphics level of this game is quite high, as you can see in the images, offering a level of detail of all the objects very high, as well as the movements of the ball every time we hit it, something not very easy to achieve but that the guys at Mini Golf King have managed to implement in a fantastic way.

What does Mini Golf King consist of?

Mini Golf King offers us 9 different courses to play mini golf, each of them is composed of different tracks, adding a total of 35. All the courses offer us completely different themes, so we will never have the feeling of be playing on the same tracks, something very common in this type of games.

As we go winning games, we get new chests , chests that offer different colors of golf clubs (driver, for sand …), tees, gloves and balls, so we will be able to fully customize the color of our equipment with which we can play, since it is the only thing that changes between them.

If we do not want to wait to win the different chests to customize our equipment, we can go through the box and make use of the different purchases offered by the application, although it is not necessary if we have some patience to be able to advance in the game, although We will do it in a much slower way, as is logical.

In order to play, we must deposit a number of coins in each game, as if it were a bet. If we win, we will get the money we had put together with that of our opponent  In some phases, we have to bet gold bullion to participate. As we earn gold coins and bullion, we can go through the store to improve the color of our equipment.

Mini golf king gameplay:

mini golf king tips and gameplay

Unlike other similar games, for Mini Golf King it offers us very simple gameplay since we only have to select the intensity of the blow and the direction where we want the ball to go. To get the highest score possible, not only do you have to put the ball in the least number of strokes, but we also have to collect the largest number of gems along the way, trying to avoid the obstacles that we encountered along the way but taking advantage of The advantages that it also offers us such as accelerating ramps or jumping platforms.

Climb hills, jump on pyramids, explore labyrinths, fly higher jumping obstacles thanks to the jump platforms, take advantage of accelerators, balance on dangerous bridges … To try to win our rival we must take advantage of all the tools that the game puts at our disposal, but always taking care not to hit the ball of our rival, as it will make us lose the gems that we could get in that game.

Invite your friends through WhatsApp:

mini golf king fb

As usual in this type of games, if we connect through our Facebook account, we will not only get an extra box but also allow us to invite our friends through the social network. But if we do not want to give Facebook more information than necessary, we can choose to invite our friends to play a game through WhatsApp.


Download mini golf king Apk:

As I mentioned above, Mini Golf King is available for download for free, through the link that I leave at the end of this article. Inside we find in-app purchases to be able to advance more quickly in the game if ours is not patience. Mini Golf King is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch as long as they are managed by iOs 8.0 or higher. Another requirement of this game is a permanent internet connection because we always play against other users online.

Download for Android

Mini golf king requirements:

mini golf king req tips

To enjoy the mini golf king game, our smartphone must be managed by Android 4.0.3  a very old version of Android, which will allow us to enjoy this Mini Golf King Apk on almost any device. What will not make us so funny, is that you need an Internet connection? Yes!!!

But as is usual in this type of games that require an Internet connection, the consumption that makes it is minimal, so that although we have a fee with few GB. It will not be any problem in terms of data consumption. If you are looking for a game to spend your spare time and you have tired of the happy games where you have to make lines with candy, gems, cats or anything else, Mini Gold King is the game you are looking for.

We hope these mini golf king tips and tricks will help you to play easily.

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