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These are best and quick Racing Fever tips, tricks, hints, strategies, and hacks [how to be a pro at Racing Fever] for Android/iOS devices. These are all-time best in Racing Fever tips.


Arcade racing game lovers will find this game is very addictive for them. In this game you will experience:

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You can pick up your dream car and take part in the ultimate challenges. You can race in six different rooms and you will become Amateur to the king by winning the games against other multiplayers. You can also play with your friends and also challenge other online players globally.


You can experience high seed driving by overtaking other cars and against traffic. The more you face hurdles the more you get coins. Then you will become addictive to this game.

racing fever tips and tricks


You will see the high-quality 3D experience and a realistic environment with amazing supercars.

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You can make your car better, faster prettier and stronger by upgrading your car to limits and customize with rims and paint.


You will find four different realistic and highly detailed environment. So, take your dream car and ride in the desert, city, village and snowy areas. There are thirty-six different languages available to you.


you can choose buttons, gyro, joystick and a steering wheel so, you can control your car in your own way.


Different camera angles are available for you. You can use top and back camera to race through traffic and also use the hood camera to dive into action.

racing fever tips and tricks


To win big prizes, play time limited quests. You will get a daily bonus and do not forget to play in the mini-game.


  • 3D graphics (High, Medium and Low Graphics options)
  • Smooth and realistic driving
  • 4 different environments (Village, Desert, City, Winter)
  • Modes (One Way, Two Way, Time Attack and Free Ride)
  • Upgradeable and Customizable


Follow quests:

Follow the quests in order to get money fast and to win items that will help you to make your car better. Quests are simple tasks like racing most of the time that you can see in the main menu. So do follow these quests to make your car strong and win more items.

Buy a new car instead of upgrading the current one:

Well, it is advisable to buy a new strong car rather than upgrading the current car, because upgrading become expensive with every purchase. Most of the payers want to stick with the current car and upgrading it as much as they can but to win the game against strong rivals, you should buy a new and strong car. By doing this you can win the game as well as save a lot of money too but some strong cars do not come in cheap either.

racing fever tips and tricks

Go for the near miss:

It will be quite challenging to deal with the hurdles in this game but the harder the mode is the more coins you will get in return. So, try to go for the near miss such as overtake cars with little distance in high-speed racing mode, the shorter the distance is the more coins you will get.

Get a brand-new car by collecting and sharing keys:

You do not need to buy a new car always in Racing Fever game. You just need to collect keys and then you will win a brand-new car by using these keys. For this, you need to be social to have at least three friends who will give you keys. So, you will get a new car by exchanging keys and you also send keys to your friends.

racing fever tips and tricks

Add friends as much as you can in order to get keys from them. The car you get from keys may not be powerful than other cars but it is always good to have something free and you will save a lot of money so, you can buy a strong and powerful car later that will help you to win and get you on the top of the leaderboard.


How To Get Better At Racing Fever?

The answer to this question is very simple, if you want to become the best player and get better in the game then you should read our Racing Fever tips and tricks. These tips are 100% helpful for you.

How To Be A Pro At Racing Fever?

It is very simple just plays the game with passion and consistency. If you play this game regularly, then you have a 99% chance to become the pro as compare to others.

How To Get coins In Racing Fever?

If you want more coins then try to win the race against your rivals. The harder the game is the more coins you will get. Play mini game and in limited time quests to win bonus coins.

How To Download Racing Fever?

Here you can download Racing Fever version 1.6.6 with downloading size 75 MB for free without spending a single penny. You need android 4.1 and up version to download Racing Fever game. Download now Download

How To Play Racing Fever?

You can play this game after following the step by step Racing Fever tips and tricks. Before the play, you must install the Racing Fever updated version.

How To Hack Racing Fever game?

There is a mod available on the internet for Racing Fever game to get unlimited coins. You can download it from internet but your android version must be 4.1 or up to install the mod version of this game.

What Is The Hardest Level In Racing Fever?

If you don’t know the basic of the game and you are new in this game then every level will be hard for you. If you want to convert it into an easy level then follow our Racing Fever tips and tricks.

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