We will start by reviewing about how to get the best weapons of Sniper Arena, because as you imagine before a free to gameplay, it is important to know the best way to find the best weapons, and when we say the best we refer to the fastest and free.

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Sniper arena hacks: How to get the best Sniper Arena weapons

When you have done your first tournaments you will start to obtain Black Upgrade Kits, boxes that cost 20 thousand gems and that hide one of these three rifles, three of the best Sniper Arena weapons: Trivia II Ultima, T-5000 and DDRS50. They also include pieces that allow you to change the rifles you have, so you can see that they are very important in sniper arena tips and tricks. Read Also: [Update] Best Marvel Strike Force Tips, Tricks

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To get the best Sniper Arena weapons you will also need the best improvements. One of them is the Smart Rifle 2.0, which is obtained by opening Black Upgrade Kits or by having the TPAR300 rifle, which already has it as a base.

This improvement has its own window in the menu, where you can customize your preferences.

Among the best of Smart Rifle 2.0, you can choose the automatic fire, the different focal points, the type of sight and other interface options that are highly recommended. Read Also: Jetpack Joyride Tips

It is something that must have the best weapons in Sniper Arena tips and strategies, and if you want to know our favorites we review them below.

The two best weapons in sniper arena guide – DDRS50:

One of the best weapons in sniper arena secrets is the DDRS50 Winter Sport Mk rifle. 1 Mod. 0. This is achieved through a Mystery Box or during a Winter Sport event, rifles of this type have their own customizations and to have them, you need to have the basic model and they offer you two advantages: be invisible to BOTS and receive bonuses in Fireteam mode. Read Also: World of Tanks Blitz Strategy

Another advantage offered by Winter Sport rifles is that you get 100% more money when you upgrade. The DDRS50 Winter Sport Mk rifle. 1 Mod. 0 is the second best of the game.

But if we go for the best of the best weapons of Sniper Arena, it is undoubtedly the Golden TPAR 300 LE Mk.9 Mod.3.

It is also known as the Elite TPAR and is available in the Black Phantom III Mk mode. or occasionally from a Mystery Box, but we already told you that the drop percentage is extremely rare, so be patient. These are the best Sniper Arena weapons you can have.  Read Also: Super Mario Party Tips, Tricks [Mod Apk] Guide, Hints

Best sniper arena weapons – Farmer gems and open boxes:

To have the best Sniper Arena weapons you will have to open boxes and farm resources that allow you to buy them until you get the Elite TPAR or the Winter Sport rifles.

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