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These are best and quick Torque Burnout cheats, tips & tricks, hints, strategies, and hacks [how to be a pro at Torque Burnout] for Android/iOS devices. These are all-time best in Torque Burnout tips & tricks.


In the torque burnout game, you can see different varieties of cars, you need to find out your own combos and master them, keep your tires and engine upgrade, try to be on the top and win different prizes and try modifiers which might help you to win the game.

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Get the basics down:

Here we will explain some basic moves of the game which will be useful for the beginners.


In the first gear, it will automatically activate and if you want to use it continuously you just need to hold down the breaks and gas at the same time. In the start, it is a great combo but by using it continuously will your tires will decrease really fast, so be careful to use this combo and try not to hold it for long. It is also one of the best combos in this game.

torque burnout tips and tricks


To drift your car, use the handbrake icon which you will see near to the normal breaks. If you want some action like initiating turns handbrake is really good for that.

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On the left side of your screen, you will find some left and right arrows, use these arrows to control your car. You can do a variety of tricks like donuts, in torque burnout by using these turns. And by using turns you can also get experience to use your own combo after burnout.

torque burnout gold

 Quick 1st gear:

You can put your car on first gear quickly by doing a double tap on gas, especially when you are reversing your car. If you get out of the corner or face collision you will get back into action by using this. For some awesome combos, switch between these three moves.

 Cars should be of different varieties to keep the game spicy for you:

Try not to use the same move twice because if you do the crowd will catch you. If you are using the same move it will decrease your point value every time you use and you also going to lose the crowd appeal which you will see in a meter at the top right of the screen. To avoid this, try to use some fresh and different combos to keep up the excitement. Switching combos will also help to get more points.

 Experiment to find out your own combos:

Well, we cannot get pro at combos without doing experiments. For this, go into test drive mode and check the limitations of your car. Burnout is one of the best combos in the game, reaching out the max speed by going straight and then use the handbrake when you are about to hit the wall, it will help you to do a drift at 180 degree and then if you managed to get clear the wall you will get some bonus points. And by using these basic moves (drift, burnout and handbrake) you will get a lot of points, also helps you to find some of your own combos.

torque burnout faqs

 Keep your engines and tires upgraded:

It is important to upgrade your tires and engine because you have to stick with the car by which you are starting the game. Upgrading your tires and the engine will help to have better performance in the game. Torque and weight of the car depend on the engine and your grip and smoke depend on tires. Upgrading the tires will get you more burnout points and give you more smoke, weight is control by rims and also important for better control on your car. So, keep upgrading for better results.

Go for gold: 

In freestyle mode, before every match, points are shown needed for you to enter bronze, silver and gold. Try to be at the gold level by hitting the top score so, you will get most of the money and if you are doing well then there are possibilities to get some special rewards. This is one of the best torque burnout tips and tricks in this entire article.

torque burnout

Try out modifiers:

Try out some modifiers, it will cost you money to add them but it will be helpful for you such as, if you add cone modifier it will place cones around the arena. Cone modifier will put cones on specific locations which will help you to make turns that you will need to do a variety of stunts. Adding modifiers will not get you any special rewards.


How to Get Better at Torque Burnout?

The answer to this question is very simple, if you want to become the best player and get better in the game then you should read our torque burnout tips & tricks. These tips are 100% helpful for you.

How to Be A Pro at Torque Burnout?

It is very simple just plays the game with passion and consistency. If you play this game regularly, then you have a 99% chance to become the pro as compare to others.

How to Get credit and points In Torque Burnout?

You can get bonus points by doing different stunts and by winning the match. And it is important that you should avoid doing the same stunt twice because it will decrease your point each time.

How to Download Torque Burnout?

Here you can download torque burnout full version for free without spending a single penny. Download now Download.

How to Play Torque Burnout?

You can play this game after following the step by step Torque Burnout tips & tricks. Before the play, you must install the torque burnout updated version. Before download new version, you must install the full version then you will be able to play.

How to Hack Torque Burnout?

If you want to hack this game your game must be original (downloaded from App store or Google play store). Torque burnout cheats are used to get points and for free purchases. To use the cheat codes just open the game, then open the section to enter the codes after that click ok and wait for few seconds and its done. This is the best in the Torque Burnout tips & tricks.

The cheats codes are given below.

For Android:

Points: aec-b004d0a3e18

Purchases: 0d8-84bdda8e57a

For IOS:

Points: fac-6a04c0c4611

Purchases: 37d-21b15a0c0a2

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