[Update] World Chef Mod APK, Hacks, Tips and Tricks: Strategies To Be The King of Restaurants [Get Free Diamonds]

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Discover World Chef Mod APK, Hacks, Tips and Tricks: Strategies To Be The King of Restaurants [Get Free Diamonds]:

Find world chef tips and hacks unlimited everything for android and ios platforms. These world chef guide will help you to become the best restaurateur.

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World Chef is a fun game by the hand of Social Point in which we will run our own restaurant and we can decorate it to our liking. All from the tranquility of our own mobile or tablet and without the pressure of the real world. If you want to learn how to properly manage your restaurant, prepare the best dishes and have the best chefs do not miss our world chef tips guide with the best tricks, strategies and all the keys to success.

World Chef Mod APK, Hacks, Tips and Tricks: Strategies To Be The King of Restaurants [Get Free Diamonds]

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How to play World Chef:

The gameplay of World Chef is simple at the beginning. When we open our restaurant we will receive customers who will have to serve the dishes they ask for. We will use our chef to prepare them, and if the customer is satisfied then we can earn money by pressing on his table, after which we can serve another customer. Over time we can unlock new areas, new stores, cultivate vineyards and find the best chefs to create the most exquisite dishes.

The game works by levels, and as we reach them we will get new capabilities as new chefs that will increase our variety of dishes. To advance level we will have to prepare all the orders that we have to satisfy the clients and thus gain experience and money.

There are some differences with the real world: the food we have is not dated and customers will not leave even if you do not attend them immediately.

The game also has an important social element, since we can exchange recipes with other players in the game and access the market to buy and sell ingredients, and if we connect with our friends on Facebook we can visit his restaurant and take note of what he has done to then improve our own restaurant. Before explaining more, I hope these world chef tips and cheats are very helpful for you.

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Tips and tricks for World Chef:

-Managing ingredients and inventory:

World Chef is a cooking game, so if we want to succeed we will have to have enough ingredients, this is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of the game. We recommend having at least three units of each ingredient so that we never miss anything.

This is necessary because sometimes we will have customers who will ask us for complicated dishes and in these cases, it is key that we have enough ingredients to be able to complete them because we can not throw the customers out, which complicates everything.

-Buy and sell in the market:

A market is an important place in World Chef, and we can access it from level 7. Sometimes we will have to go to him to get the most infrequent products, but always be aware of the prices so as not to pay more than necessary.

World Chef Tips

One way to make money is to buy objects in large quantities at low prices and then sell them separately more expensive. If we need money or have a full inventory, we can always create complicated dishes and sell them in the market since they will provide us with many benefits and will lighten our inventory, simply sell the remaining food.

As we cook dishes we will obtain objects that can be used to improve our inventory of ingredients and dishes, so improve them whenever you can so that you can store the more the better.

– Organize your restaurant well: world chef tips and cheats

It is not easy to create a good restaurant, both in real life and the World Chef, and in all cases, it is important that we manage with head and that we take it easy because it will take us time to reach the top. At first, everything will be very easy because the dishes are very simple, but everything will be complicated later.

Learn to manage your time well, so while you are playing make quick dishes that you can complete while you play, and leave the complex dishes that require a long time before leaving the game.

If we really want to improve our restaurant we will have to create very complex dishes which will be the ones that give us more money. For this we must ensure that we always have enough ingredients and that we improve the capacity of our kitchen, starting first with the grill.

How to get more diamonds and what to do with these diamonds:

Diamonds are the main currency we have in World Chef, and its main use is to increase our cooking capacity. To acquire them the best is to get the achievements of the game and do the missions, which will give us free diamonds without having to spend real money.

Still, have not downloaded World Chef? So here are the links to download the game on Android from Google Play and for iOS on iTunes. If you know more tricks for World Chef help us and do not forget to leave them in the comments, and if you liked the tricks then share them on your social networks.

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