[Update] World of Tanks Blitz Strategy, Guide, Hints & Secrets [Cheats & Hacks]

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Discover the world of tanks blitz strategy about how to win & where to shoot:

Get the world of tanks blitz map secrets and cheats for android and ios. These world of tanks blitz guide will help you to improve your wotb game.

World of Tanks Blitz Strategy

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World of tanks blitz tips & tricks:

Welcome to our tips and tricks of World of Tanks: Blitz. Where we will help you with the types of tanks, countries, strategies, and secrets to make you better in your battles.

World of tanks blitz tips update:

In this compilation of tips and tricks, we will review from which tank to choose everything that can suppose an advantage in the battlefield. Latest world of tanks blitz tips and cheats

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World of tanks blitz cheats – Movil vs PC:

The world of tanks blitz pc is cross-platform in which players from iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac play at the same time. You can do it from configuration> Others> Same control mode.

World of tanks blitz tricks – Hangar

It is the place in the world of tanks blitz Apk from which you can buy, improve and learn about new tanks.

Updated world of tanks blitz hints – Tank types:

Depending on the type of tank [in the world of tanks blitz Android] you have, your role in combat will be one or the other.

  • Heavy tanks: They are the best armed and their mobility is not particularly bad, but they usually occupy a place in the rear, or at least never in the front line.

And on the other hand, you have the tiers.

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World of tanks secrets – Ground:

You can take advantage of non-destructible buildings to recharge after them.


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