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Are you find the best king of Avalon tips & tricks?

Here you can get the latest 100% legit king of Avalon tips and cheats to grow fast easily. These tricks will help you to gain power faster in the king of Avalon Apk.

What is the king of Avalon?

king of Avalon tips and tricks King Of Avalon is the most addictive Android strategy game on the market, and like almost all other games like that, King of Avalon, also known as KOA, is a free game with integrated purchases, that is, installing and playing is free but if we wish we can buy packs and gold to accelerate the development of our city and increase power much faster.

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King of Avalon Strategies:

How to get coins in King of Avalon?

When you have a constant flow of coins, you can have more security when advancing in the game. You can buy clothes and defense systems to take advantage of the lives in the game. All the coin purchases you will make with real money, or you will have to wait to get them while you advance in the game. Gold coins are fundamental to improving skills, and not only allow you to improve the training of soldiers but also allows your empire to grow faster in this game.

How to attacking cities with more power?

king of Avalon strategies There is no doubt that there is a city with more power than the entire empire, you just have to be patient until you find that city. When attacking a superior city and with more powers, you will get more points when compared to attacking the empire. You must deduce a specific way to attack that city, get the best possible strategy, this is where you must demonstrate your skills and your patience.

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How to improve the stables?

Something you should keep in mind is that if you have more horses than the others, you will be at a great advantage over your opponents. This means that you must build more stables whenever possible, but you should not use all your gold in the construction of these since later you will need gold to perform other tasks.

What are Blind spots in King of Avalon?

Once you build your defense system, there may be an error in it that you have not seen. These errors can be in an area where your defense system cannot reach. This is known as a blind spot and does not have a radius of action in these dead spots, however, these points must be carefully covered to avoid damaging enemy buildings.

Accumulate resources such as wood and food in the king of Avalon:

Accumulate resources such as wood and food One of the most efficient king of Avalon tips is to accumulate food and wood when winning the game. If you can store wood and food for the moment you start a battle, you will have more chances to succeed.

How to grow fast king of Avalon?

Here are some king of Avalon tips to help you grow fast (at no cost), so you get to compete with the most strong in a short time and without particular difficulties. You play King of Avalon on PC through BlueStacks, then, gives you a not insignificant advantage, as you can keep the game open while doing any other activity, and this will save you time and speed up your growth process.

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King of Avalon tips – Resources:

king of Avalon tips and cheats As you may have noticed if your stronghold has reached level 9-10, the resource demands for upgrading your buildings and training more powerful troops have started to be quite exhilarating, and it is not always easy to satisfy them. For this reason, in order to develop a good growth model, you need to pay close attention to these resources, both in terms of gathering and storage (you will already understand that I am talking about the warehouse), and in this king of Avalon guide, you will understand step by step what to do.

Note: You always have the possibility to request resources from your alliance, and this is certainly helpful; nevertheless, you will not be able to rely on your guild forever, so it’s good that you manage to proceed shipped alone from the start.

How to gather resources easily in King of Avalon:

king of Avalon tips As far as the collection of resources is concerned, as you have already read in previous guides, there are essentially two methods to carry it forward: the first is to strengthen the buildings in the field used for the production of such resources, such as sawmills and farms, while the second is to go and collect them around the map. Your structures, already at this level, are not able to satisfy your needs, so it is good that you focus on the second method and start raiding resources in the game world. Considering that, once you send your troops to a collection point they will not need you to complete the process, it will not be necessary for you to spend a lot of time in game, in fact: remember how many hours your army needs to finish the game gathering and try to re-enter the game later to use the materials received and contextually send your army to collect more. Another possibility is to get resource packs by killing monsters on the map: although often what you receive will be in the order of a few thousand (or even hundreds), in this case, the raw materials will be stored in the inventory as objects, usable for need, and as such can not in any way be targeted by enemy attacks, even with the full warehouse. For this reason, if you have accumulated enough materials, following the simple previous scheme, start taking into consideration this possibility. As far as collection buildings are concerned, continue to upgrade them when possible (second to other facilities), but consider that it will be practically impossible, as your army grows, to have a positive balance in food: your troops consume wheat to keep alive and although they will not die if your inventory ends, you will easily find your balance at 0 each time you enter the game. Strengthening the structures of the camp certainly helps, in order not to have an excessive loss, but it will never be enough to eliminate this loss.

What to do to boost the harvest in King of Avalon?

Research and objects:

There are countless upgrades that you can use to increase the number of resources that can be obtained from the collection or your production: research, your dragon’s skills (of which you’ll have already read something), objects and equipment of your hero. In particular, in the “Economics” branch of the University there are many useful types of research for this purpose, try to put aside your other research to focus on this tree of research, at least until you are satisfied with the results. These king of Avalon tips will help you to boost the harvest easily. As for your dragon, there are numerous skills, unlockable by increasing the level of the creature, which will boost the gathering of materials; It is always good to assign these skills to your dragon, but remember: they will have effect only if he too will be part of the march sent to collect. If you often use your dragon to make PVP attacks or leave it to defend your kingdom, then do not focus on these skills, as they will simply be ineffective. Your lord, then, has both the opportunity to wear weapons and armor, which, depending on their characteristics, can give an acceleration to your production / your harvest (but also in this case, if you are attacked very often or if you are an aggressive player, try to equip your hero with effective weapons and armor in the attack or defense), but also have the opportunity to have talents: by clicking on “Talent Points” in the screen related to him, you will have the possibility to spend your points to get additional bonuses. Always try to remember to use these points, because the game will rarely warn you. Last, but not least, possibility is given by the objects: as a reward for the defeat of monsters, as a win in the various free lotteries you have learned to learn from the beginner’s guide, or as a reward for a mission, sooner or later you will start to receive objects, like the one in the picture, that increase both your production and your collection of resources. It is good to use these objects (quite rare) sparingly: if a boost has a duration of 8h it is not advisable to waste it in the evening, before going to sleep, as it will run out even without our presence in the game. These objects are very useful in times of “famine”, or how much, perhaps without realizing it, you will end the resources of a certain type, and you will need it in large quantities to continue.

How to save resources in the king of Avalon?

The warehouse:

Your troops, fundamental to everything you’ve read so far (no troops cannot collect anything), can be easily destroyed by a sudden attack, and it will take time to cure them or to train new ones. It is therefore essential to keep a good supply of resources safe in your warehouse, always strengthening it at the same time to all the other buildings. Regarding the packages of materials, in the form of objects, do not waste them: use them only for actions that will benefit from the full amount of resources obtained: for example, if you need 200k of wood for a certain research, and you have 150k, use an object that gives you more than 50 / 60k of such material is useless and risky.

How to avoid the most common mistakes in King of Avalon?

Resources are not created, they are conquered:

If you have already read the previous king of Avalon tips and tricks. You will certainly know what I am talking about: a very common mistake in the game is, once you have noticed that the troops consume food, fill the field of the kingdom of farms. so as to remedy this problem. Nothing could be more wrong: in the first place you will never be able to avoid a negative production of this resource, because the more your troops will be of a high level, the more every single unit will need food to be kept, secondly so you will remove space to other basic structures, such as tents and hospitals. In short, too many farms are not a good idea, rather always try to send part of your troops around the map to gather the resources you need.

King of Avalon: How to accumulate objects without using them? 

The King of Avalon Apk is chock full of the most disparate objects, from accelerators to stock of resources, from harvest bonuses to temporary builders, and these items are specially designed to help you in the game. It is easy to fall into the trap of serial accumulation of items, but in this game, it makes little sense: the objects should be used, albeit with criteria, and not accumulated in the inventory for a possible future. It is obvious that, since bonuses are quite rare to find, we must use sparingly in their use, but this does not mean that we should never take advantage of it. A fairly “common” item to get after a few hours of play is a bonus that allows you to hire an extra manufacturer for 24 hours, very useful in these early stages to move faster. So do not think too much about the future consequences and use the objects you want, just paying attention to the waste. These king of Avalon tips and cheats are helpful for you? please give feedback in comments

Focus too much on a single aspect of the game: 

King of Avalon is management, a simulator of how you can manage your town in a hypothetical fantasy kingdom, and therefore is full of completely different aspects and details. It is clear that every player can take his experience in these lands to imagine as best he believes, but it is essential not to neglect these facets. For example, if you are not very interested in PVP, it will still be necessary, at least occasionally, to attack someone, both to gain resources and, above all, to raise their dragon level and thus unlock new skills (we have already talked about in previous guides). The same goes for the more aggressive players, for whom a period of “quiet before the storm” is desirable: To give your imprint to the game you can instead use the talent points (see the guide on how to grow fast in King of Avalon if you do not know what they are), which can be spent roughly as you want (though, as you will have read by reading the aforementioned guide, it is more appropriate to start from the “Economics” branch, related to resources).

Think of being able to do everything yourself:

If it is true that the King of Avalon tips is completely usable and playable alone, it is also true that often having allies in-game will be more than convenient. Joining an alliance not only guarantees that the more experienced players can advise the weaker ones, but also grants a series of clearly tangible benefits, which you can appreciate right from the start, like the aid system, which will decrease, albeit a little. The time required by the game to build or research anything, but also as the ability to request resources from the allies, to participate in joint attacks, to organize an act of group revenge against a player who destroyed your troops. In short, finding a good group in a game is not a bad idea at all, on the contrary, it is often necessary for a complete and fulfilling experience.

Final Verdict:

These were the most common mistakes that players make on King of Avalon, but this does not mean that you are free to enjoy your adventure as you see fit, given the complexity of the game and the breadth of choices that can be used. In short, it’s up to you to create your adventure, but following these tips, you can do it to the fullest, without losing yourself in trivial oversights.

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