[Updated] Asphalt 8 Secrets, Mod APK, Hacks, Tips And Tricks – 100% Legit Guide

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Asphalt 8 Secrets, Mod APK, Hacks, Tips And Tricks – 100% Legit Guide:

Available latest Asphalt 8 tips & tricks for better performance in asphalt 8 mod apk. These asphalt 8 tips and tricks will help you to get more free cars easily and you can win more races.

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100% Legit Asphalt 8 Mod Apk Tips, Secrets, Guide, Hacks:

Asphalt 8: Airborne continues to add followers and there are many users who are trying to be the first in each of its different challenges. Today we bring you all the asphalt 8 tips and tricks so that the asphalt does not resist you.

We will review the basic concepts of the turbo, we will help you to take the curves with the maximum efficiency, we will emphasize the importance of the shortcuts and we will give with all the tricks of Asphalt 8: Airborne that will allow you to finish first in each race.

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Asphalt 8 mod Apk tips and tricks:

Asphalt 8 is one of the best racing games worldwide you can find in the Google Play Store on Android. This is a game that has great features, as well as an incredible graphics quality. Although the game itself is very entertaining, fun and easy to play. It is very easy to get money and new cars.

Well, Here I bring you some Tips and Tricks for this great wonderful Game.

If you have the Asphalt 8 game then don’t use any Asphalt 8 hack and cheats mod, because it does not allow you to save data in the cloud, play online or connect with google plus or Facebook.

Well, I advise you to stay with the Asphalt 8 original Apk, and if you need money, then you will have to do online events, play easy races for money.

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asphalt 8 tips and tricks

You can make money by our latest Asphalt 8 tips and tricks

Getting money without paying:

In races, we will get money, but we will also get bonuses for overtaking, hitting small objects, narrowly avoiding shocks and getting all the stars on the map.

The nitro is the key:

Other similar games, like the saga Burnout, the nitro or turbo is our biggest weapon to win the races. Using it wisely and getting it on a continuous basis is the way to success. To do this, skidding in the curves is the easiest way to get it.

Master skids:

The best way to earn nitro and take the curves is to skid. To do this, we just have to press the break button slightly and press it again to stop skidding. While skidding, we will have to control the direction and orientation of the car. When we are skidding on a curve we will gain nitro.

Destroy your enemies:

The last thing to do in this game is to show compassion. With activated nitro, we can knock out our rivals. Which will give us more nitro, higher score and less hindrance on the road.

asphalt 8 tips and tricks

… but do not destroy you:

As in Burnout, all races will have traffic that will be one of our greatest dangers. Choking us will make us lose a few seconds more than valuable, avoid this at all costs.

Use shortcuts and jumps:

Knowing the circuits and their shortcuts is one of the best ways to achieve victories. In more than one time, it is the difference between victory and defeat. So, even if it costs us a couple of tries, it is always good to try that the first races are more to know the circuit than to win. Also, using the ramps to make big jumps is a great way to get nitro.

Get all the stars:

Each race will have three stars, each one being a goal to complete. Getting them all is a good way to make money without having to spend real money.

Tips and tricks for Asphalt 8:

Here you can find best updated Asphalt 8 tips and tricks.

If you want to be the best driver in this game Asphalt 8 and always win, then you must follow the following tips, which will guarantee you to get all the cars and always win in multi-player mode.

Explore all the Maps:

This is something fundamental since in this way you can know the routes that are longer, shorter or the best to be victorious in the race. For example, the Nitro option is very important in this game, but as you know, it is best to use it on streets that are straight and without curves. It is the reason that you must choose the best path and know the maps within the game.

Know when you should use the Nitro:

latest asphalt 8 tips and tricks

It is very likely that you use the Nitro right at the start of the race to get a little advantage over the other riders. But this is not recommended, as you will get more advantage using the Nitro on the streets where they are more useful as the longer and straighter. So you will not lose advantage when using the brake to drive on curvy streets.

Get stars asphalt 8:

Unlocking stars in this asphalt 8 game can be a bit difficult, but it is the only way to get new cars. When you win a star, you unlock a bonus of money. So if you want to have many stars to get a large collection of cars, you need to complete all the races and get a lot of [unlimited] money.

Being in the air as long as possible:

When you constantly make turns in the air with your car, you can get a higher score. When you experience this feature you will notice that the car does not last long in the air. So you must use the Nitro before performing a pirouette in the air. So the car will last longer with the help of the impulse and you will score a lot and higher.

Take advantage of the curves:

The curves can be complicated in any racing game, but this title is a very good option to get high scores. When you encounter a curve, you must use the brake to stay out of your way and fill the Nitro to the maximum.

These are the most valuable asphalt 8 tips and tricks, if you follow each of them you will surely be the fastest at the wheel and no one will ever beat you.

Dominate the maps:

An important part of the races is to know their maps and, above all, the alternative paths that exist in each one of them. There are alternative routes to hidden shortcuts and passages. To get an advantage in the races, learn the circuits, where the shortcuts and alternative routes favor your car the most.

Try not to crash:

The crashes will make you lose very valuable seconds in the races. Try not to crash in asphalt 8 tips and tricks to avoid traffic going in the opposite direction.

Catch the credit bonus:

Use the credits bonus that the asphalt 8 game gives you, to get many credits making good races.

How to win in Asphalt 8: Airborne:

Starting with the nitro, it is very important that you skid around the corners to recharge it, being the other way to dispose of it next to the bottles.

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[…] [Updated] Asphalt 8 Tips And Tricks – 100% Legit Asphalt 8 Mod Apk Tips, Secrets, Guide, Hacks […]


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[…] [Updated] Asphalt 8 Tips And Tricks – 100% Legit Asphalt 8 Mod Apk Tips, Secrets, Guide, Hacks […]


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