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Rise of Civilizations is an addictive game for Android and iOS of mobile strategy where you will have to raise your empire, and if you see that you get stuck and need help then do not miss our rise of civilization tips and strategies for the game.

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The rise of civilizations tips and tricks:

Rise Of Civilizations tips hints

Welcome to our Rise Of Civilizations tips and tricks guide. Here you will find everything you need to know about the game to move faster and know what you have to focus on.

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Rise of civilizations tricks – Protect resources:

You will need the resources to improve, train troops, investigate, and a lot of things. You can produce them, or loot them, but obviously, they can also plunder you. So these are all ways to protect them:

  • Increase the capacity of your warehouse, so you can ensure more resources against looting
  • Increase the level of power in the city by training troops, improving facilities, etc.
  • Investigate military technologies in the academy
  • Increase the level of the wall
  • Increase the level of support

Rise of civilizations hints –Activate bonuses:

In the academy, you can research military or economic technologies. By completing an investigation of either type, you will get permanent bonuses. In addition, these technologies can be improved and thus increase the effect of the bonuses. Activate bonuses is one of the best tips in the rise of civilization tips and hints.

Rise of civilizations cheats – Buildings:

In case you do not know what each building is for:

  • City Hall: You need to go up the level of the town hall to unlock new buildings.
  • Sawmill: Serves to produce wood
  • Farm: Serves to produce food
  • Quarry: Serves to produce stone
  • Gold mine: It is used to produce gold coins
  • Trading post: Serves to exchange resources with members of your alliance
  • Academy: Allows you to conduct research
  • Warehouse: Protect your resources from looters
  • Hospital: It serves to heal wounded troops
  • Tavern: There you can recruit commanders, and also open chests
  • Scout camp: To explore locations or also spy on them
  • Barracks: To train the infantry units
  • Stable: To train the cavalry units
  • Siege workshop: To train the siege units
  • Archers: To train the archer units

Rise of civilizations tips – Commander:

In any attack you launch, you can have the commander accompany your troops. And we recommend doing it, since you will get power, critical, and also defense bonuses. To do this you will have to unlock their talents and also their skills. In addition, you will improve these bonuses if you increase your stars or your level.

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– Top commanders of the rise of civilizations:

Top commanders of the rise of civilizations

We show you which are the best commanders of the rise of civilizations or whose the most suitable for each situation (defense, attack, and support). Do we hope you enjoy our rise of civilization tips?

Initial Election:

If you want to choose a civilization according to the commander, without any doubt: Rome. Scipio the African has everything you need to start rapidism:

  • + 5% infantry defense
  • + 5% troop speed
  • + 10% food collection

For later you have another 27 commanders to choose from. So you can go modifying the advantages. Although we recommend that you go to see the best civilizations. Since if you later want to change civilization it will cost you 10,000 gems.

How are they achieved?

Mainly opening chests and collecting sculptures.

What to analyze?

There are 3 points that you should keep in mind before deciding on a commander:

  • Specialty: It is the main advantage granted to your troops or your city. Later we explain each one
  • Skills: Each commander has 4 skills, although he may use as many abilities as stars have.
  • Rarity: The greater the rarity the better your statistics and bonuses will be

Although you think you can have commanders specialized in troops and others in the city.


These are the commanders and their oddities:

  • Legendary: Julius Caesar, El Cid, Richard I, Cao Cao, Frederick I, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Yi Seong-Gye, Cleopatra VII, Charles Martel, and also Hannibal Barca
  • Epics: Eulji Mundeok, Lohar, Joan of Arc, Hermann, Pelagius, Sun Tzu, Scipio Africanus, Kusunoki Masashige, and also Boudica
  • Elite: Lancelot, Tomoe Gozen, Gaius Marius, and also Constance
  • Advanced: Markswoman, Dragon Lancer, City Keeper, and also Centurion
  • Archer: Bonuses for rank units or archers
  • Defender: Defensive bonuses for the troops and for the city
  • Disabling: It can reduce the offensive capacity of your rival
  • Collector: Obviously will collect resources faster
  • Infantry: Bonuses for infantry units
  • Jungler: Bonuses to fight against the barbarians
  • Leader: Has powerful advantages, but mainly can lead more troops
  • Nuker: Your active activity is the most powerful
  • Support: Can heal nearby units during battle
  • Cavalry: Bonuses for cavalry units
  • Siege: Bonus to storm cities
The Best: Rise of civilization tips

As you have already deduced, there are very good commanders depending on what you need. So we show you the best for each role:

  • Attack: Cao Cao for PvE and Hannibal Barca for PvP
  • Defense: Sun Tzu and Yi Seong Gye
  • Support: Joan of Arc to heal and Cleopatra to collect

Although perhaps when the commanders are stronger is as a team. We show you some of the best combinations of the game:

  • Cao Cao (Harm) + Tomoe Gozen (Healing)
  • Joan of Arc (Healing) + El Cid (Disability and Damage)
  • Boudica + Joan of Arc: The best against the Barbarians
  • Hannibal Barca + Cleopatra: The best for PvP

Rise Of Civilizations secrets – Civilization:

So important or more than choosing a commander is choosing a civilization. And the problem is that if you want to change it later, it will cost you 10,000 gems. So we recommend you go through the tutorial of the best civilizations.

– Best civilizations of the rise of civilizations:

We explain to you which are the best civilizations in the rise of civilizations tips [guide]. So you know which one to choose, and the strengths and weaknesses of each.

There is no better civilization in the game. But each one has certain bonuses when playing that you should know. Especially because if you later regret it and want to change, it has a cost of 10,000 gems. So we explain in the rise of civilization tips:


Rome is a civilization that stands out for its speed mainly, and whose unique unit is the Legion infantry unit, which also stands out for having a defensive bonus. Your bonus statistics are:

  • + 5% troop displacement speed
  • + 10% food collection speed
  • + 5% defense for infantry troops.

Germany is a civilization that stands out for its speed of creation of troops, and whose unique unit is the cavalry unit Teutonic Knight, which also stands out for having an attack bonus. Your bonus statistics are:

  • + 5% Cavalry attack
  • + 10% recovery speed of action point
  • + 5% troop training speed
Great Britain:

Germany is a civilization that could be defined as a support civilization, and whose unique unit is the bow archer unit, which also stands out for having an attack bonus. Your bonus statistics are:

  • + 5% Archer attack
  • + 10% storage capacity of allied troops
  • + 5% speed of wood harvesting

France is a civilization that stands out for collecting resources very fast, and whose unique unit is the range unit Ax Launcher, which also stands out for having an attack bonus. Your bonus statistics are:

  • + 2% Troop Health
  • + 10% cure rate in hospitals
  • + 5% stone collection speed

Spain is a civilization that stands out for collecting gold faster, and whose unique unit is the Conquistador cavalry unit, which also stands out for having an attack bonus. Your bonus statistics are:

  • + 5% Cavalry Defense
  • + 10% troop load capacity
  • + 10% gold harvest speed

China is a civilization that combines the speed of production and construction with the defensive bonus for all troops, and whose unique unit is the unit of rank Chu Ko Nu, which also stands out for having an attack bonus. Your bonus statistics are:

  • + 2% Defense of troops
  • + 10% resource production speed
  • + 2% construction speed

Japan is a civilization that stands out for the offensive capacity of its troops, and whose unique unit is the unit of rank Chu Ko Nu, which also stands out for having an attack bonus. Your bonus statistics are:

  • + 2% attack of troops
  • + 30% spy or scout speed
  • + 5% capacity of troops

Korea is a civilization that, like Great Britain, is supportive, and whose unique unit is the Chu Ko Nu rank unit, which also stands out for having an attack bonus. Your bonus statistics are:

  • + 5% archer defense
  • + 2% research speed
  • + 10% hospital capacity capacity

Possibly China is the easiest civilization to play from start to finish. Although there are civilizations such as Spain (for gold) or Germany / Japan (for its offensive capacity), or Rome (for its speed) that can overcome the Chinese in the late game. And as for the worst, unless you want to help others, Britain and Korea are the weakest.

The rise of civilizations strategy- Explore or spy:

As with most PvP city construction games, it is essential to explore or spy on your enemy before attacking them. To start because you can get an idea of its power, but also because you can know the composition of your troops. This way you can readjust your attack or even reconsider it if necessary.

The rise of civilizations guides & secrets – Increase power:

All these actions will help you increase your power:

  • Improve buildings
  • Train troops
  • Collect resources
  • Research
  • Level up

But keep in mind that although making troops will make your power rise quickly when they die you will lose that power. Something similar also happens with resources. So the best ways to increase power permanently are:

  • Buildings
  • Research

Free Rewards:

There are several ways to get free rewards, so we show them all

  • Mail: Check when you see that you have an email because many times you will get gifts
  • VIP Chest: is in the upper left corner, and you have a free daily chest
  • Tavern: In the tavern, you can claim free silver chests
  • Missions: Of course, when you complete them you will get rewards
  • Link Facebook or Google: By doing so you will get free gems
  • Alliance: By joining an alliance you will also get free gems
  • Store: In the daily special offer of the store you also have free coffers
  • Daily goals: By completing them all you will get a free legendary chest

Rise of civilizations tips – Alliance buildings:

In addition to the obvious advantages of belonging to an alliance, there are a couple of buildings that will help you:

  • Alliance Center: From this building, other members can help you, and you can also help them. Also, you will earn credits for it.
  • Trading post: Allows you to exchange resources with other members of your alliance.

Rise of Civilizations Tips and Tricks: Ultimate

Like a game of conquest, Rise of Civilizations differs a bit from the standard formula. Although the game shares many mechanics similar to others, the gameplay is a little different due to its format that looks more like the classic strategy games like Age of Empire or Age of Mythology. In fact, the combat in this game is not carried out instantaneously as in Guns of Glory or King of Avalon, but you can observe how the units fight on the map, just like in the classic games that we just mentioned.

Just as Rise of Civilizations differs in this respect, it also has other characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of other mobile conquest games. For this reason, we decided to write an article with the rise of civilization tips and tricks to survive and progress in the war world of this game.

Join an alliance:

This is one of the aspects in which the Rise of Civilizations is more similar to other mobile conquest games. To advance without the help of a group of players that support you at all times is very complicated. Without other players to watch out for your safety, you will always be exposed to enemy attacks, especially if you have resources that they can steal.

Even if you make the best effort to spend all your resources before you stop playing, you are also exposed to attacks by other players who simply want to destroy any player that is in their territory.

When joining an active alliance, the other players will think twice before attacking you, since you will not get problems only with you, but with all the other players of your alliance. Also, if they still decide to attack you, your alliance can send you all the reinforcements you need to mount a good defense, especially if you have comrades who live in other parts of the world, and are awake while you sleep at night so that you are protected 24 / 7.

Try, as far as possible, to find an active alliance, which are all located in a large “hive”. That is, all the members of the alliance are gathered in one place. In this way, everyone can quickly support resources and units to attack and defend.

Improve your buildings intelligently:

As you already know, the level of all your structures is linked to that of your town hall. In other words, no building can exceed the level of the town hall. For this reason, many players choose to improve nothing else the city council, leaving aside the rest of the structures of the city.

In Rise of Civilizations, however, this is not a good strategy because of how the production of resources in this game works. In a few words, if you decide to focus on the town hall, you will exhaust all your resources, and you will not be able to improve your production structures to recover your investment.

The best way to progress in this game, in terms of building improvement, is through the improvement of your production buildings to their maximum levels first, followed by the town hall. In this way, you will be able to maintain the times of balanced improvements so that you can make as many projects as you play and, at the end of your session, let the town hall improve, which is the building that takes the most time to improve. When you connect the next day, your city council will be improved, and you can repeat the process to progress steadily.

There will come a point in the rise of civilization tips where, inevitably, the construction times for any project will be very long to carry out several projects in a single day. In these cases, we recommend that you focus on obtaining the requirements to continue improving your municipality, and leaving it improving at night.

This is because, at this stage of the game, your production of resources will come through the exchange with your alliance, as well as attacking other nearby cities. Consequently, the passive production of resources will be set aside.

Train troops constantly:

Its the one of the best rise of civilization tips. It is difficult to put into words the importance of this advice, but let’s try it anyway.

It is crucial that you are always training troops in this game. So do not have enough resources to continue training soldiers, it is important that you look for ways to finance your training since your units are an essential part of your city.

These units will not only be used to attack other cities, as well as defend yours, but they are also important to produce resources since you can send them to map collection points to collect materials and take them back to your city. The more soldiers you have, the more resources you can charge per trip.

Anyway, it never hurts to have a good amount of soldiers in case you find some neighboring cities whose owners have stopped playing so that you can send your troops to loot them to obtain free resources.

Attack barbarians from early in the rise of civilization:

Rise Of Civilizations tips and tricks

Just take a look at the world map to see the barbarians who are constantly lurking in the area. These enemy units appear constantly, and randomly on the map and, defeating them, give you a variety of useful objects such as reinforcements, as well as materials to make various improvements to your city. Also, as long as you maintain your power level above the recommended level, these units are very easy to defeat.

Once you finish with the barbarians who are near your city, you can dispatch troops to collect resources at the nearest collection points without risk incurring losses by ambushes. This is the best way to obtain environmental resources constantly and without having to risk your troops in attacks to other cities.

These rise of civilization tips and tricks will help you to become a pro player easily.

How to play Rise of Civilizations?

Rise Of Civilizations tips tricks

The first thing to keep in mind in the game is that it is very important to completing the daily missions. You can unlock the chests with great rewards, and on the other hand the campaign missions assure you that you progress in the game at the recommended pace, and you will gradually learn all the mechanics of the game thanks to them, therefore advances in all types of quests to get the game mastered and a lot of rewards in return.

It is also very important that you join an alliance as soon as possible since you will progress faster in the game and can help you with your buildings and other elements of the game, so look for an alliance with many active members who are very close in the map.

Try to train your troops as much as you can, so log in frequently to pick up your trained troops and start training new troops, so that I have as many troops as possible so you can send more than one General safely to the most difficult battles.

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