Geometry Dash Tips [Lite Version] Cheats & Secrets

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Geometry Dash Tips & Tricks [Get Diamonds]:

These are best and quick geometry dash tips, tricks, hints, strategies, and hacks [how to be a pro at geometry dash] for Android/iOS devices. These are all-time best in geometry dash building tips 2.2 Apk.

Geometry dash tips:

Geometry Dash Apk in its paid version offers 18 levels ranging from easy difficulty to demonic.

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In this full geometry dash tips and hack, you will see the whole title in Normal mode, no death.

A great way to learn the courses in advance to try to succeed then in play practice mode and then in normal mode, good luck.

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Levels in order and difficulties with winning stars by success:

Stereo Madness:

  • Easy & 1 star

Back on track:

  • Easy and 2 stars


Latest Version Download
  • Normal and 3 stars

Dry Out:

  • Normal and 4 stars

Base after base:

  • Hard and 5 stars

Can not let go:

  • Hard and 6 stars


  • Harder and 7 stars

Time Machine:

  • Harder and 8 stars


  • Harder and 9 stars


  • Insane and 10 stars


  • Insane and 11 stars

Theory of Everything:

  • Insane and 12 stars

Electroman Adventures:

  • Insane and 10 stars.

Clubstep (20 pieces required):

  • Daemon and 14 stars


  • Insane and 12 stars

Hexagon Force:

Insane and 12 stars

Blast Processing:

Harder and 10 stars.

Theory of everything 2 (30 pieces required):

Daemon and 14 stars

Geometry dash lite:

  • The free version of the popular platformer
  • Hop in time with the music
  • Perseverance required – The game is bumpy

This is also like a simple version. It is a graphically simple game, you steer your sliding square across all sorts of obstacles to the finish.

If you hit a sharp edge or do not jump at the right moment, the attempt failed and you can try again.

Everything you need to complete the level successfully is a bit of tact.

There is only one function: Touching the display makes your character jump. Moving forward makes the square of its own.

Short impressions keep you up to date, how many attempts are underway and how far you have come last time. On request, you can also test yourself in practice mode.

In it, you set at will Checkpoint brands, where you start on the next start.

Geometry Dash Lite is a challenging platformer and optically retro-styled mobile game. As fast as it gets, it’s also rhythmic, because as soon as you get the hang of it, you’re literally dancing to the music of the game of skill.

Each level has its own soundtrack. Our geometry dash tips are also helpful for this lite version.

About geometry dash game:

Geometry Dash Tips
Latest Geometry Dash Tips Apk Upgraded

Geometry Dash is built like Flappy Bird, Retry or other platformers that will challenge you for a seemingly impossible challenge. With each new attempt and every additional try, you get a little further and closer to the big goal at the end of a level.

Gradually you will not only encounter new obstacles and aids such as jump fields and flying machines, but you can also design your figure according to your own ideas.

Always new colors, patterns, and elements you unlock during the rapid slide.

The free-to-play version of this skill game is called Geometry Dash Lite and can be downloaded like Geometry Dash on Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

In the full version, you’ll find a level editor next level, soundtracks and achievements.

Tips and tricks for geometry dash:

There are different game modes, levels can be created & shared.

Sometimes it is desperate if you get stuck. But here are some helpful geometry dash tips, tricks & cheats.

Music out: The music is intentionally nerve-racking. Turn it off. Optionally, you can connect slightly more relaxed music externally. This calms dispels the rush and increases concentration.

Geometry Dash Tips and Tricks
Geometry Dash Tips and Tricks For Android Platforms

Focus: It is best not to look at the display at the top of the screen, how much you still have to create. This just distracts unnecessarily – focus on the game.

Once again come to a peak? Do not despair. Change your seat or standing position and maybe even your fingers. Put the device on the table and try the control with your forefinger. In the next attempt, you can then switch to the thumb again. That brings in a breath of fresh air.

Geometry Dash FAQ:

How To Get Better At Geometry Dash?

 The answer to this question is very simple, if you want to become the best player and get better in the game then you should read our geometry dash tips. These tips are 100% helpful for you.

How To Be A Pro At Geometry Dash?

 Its very simple just plays the game with passion and consistency. If you play this game regularly, then you have a 99% chance to become the pro as compare to others.

How To Get Diamonds, Keys & Orbs In Geometry Dash?

 You can get unlimited diamonds, keys, and orbs easily by following our geometry dash tips and tricks. You can get diamonds, keys, and orbs from quests. You also can get by complete the daily tasks in the game.

How To Download Geometry Dash?

 Here you can download geometry dash full version for free without spending a single penny. Download now

 How To Play Geometry Dash?

You can play this game after following the step by step geometry dash tips and guide. Before the play, you must install the geometry dash updated version. Before download new version, you must uninstall the old version and install the full version.

How To Hack Geometry Dash iOS?

There is no any hack available on the internet for geometry dash iOS platforms. There are many spammers on the internet and they show a geometry dash hack for iOS. Believe me, there is no hack for this game.

What Is The Hardest Level In Geometry Dash?

If you don’t know the basic of the game and you are new in this game then after 10th level, every level will be hard for you. If you want to convert it into an easy level then follow our geometry dash tips.

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