World Of Tanks Blitz Tips And Cheats, Secrets, Tricks and Winning Strategies [Updated]

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World of tanks blitz map secrets:

World of tanks blitz is one of the most popular multiplayer PC games, with millions of users enjoying battles with the most famous tanks in history all over the world. A game that requires strategy and skill in equal parts to succeed. After wiping out this free to play a game, now it has a fairly faithful version for iOS and, later, Android.

The game is quite reliable to your PC version, but with its own differences, how in the statistics of the tanks. And seeing that many people will try this title for the first time, what better than a few tips.

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How to become a deadly tank in world of tanks blitz: 


The first thing is to get control, since managing the tank can be complicated. We have to bear in mind that its maneuverability is limited and that we will have to rotate on our axis to make, for example, very sharp turns.


Having an eye on the map is something necessary above all at the beginning, where we are still getting used to the techniques and movements that other players use. Observe their movements and act accordingly.

Look for the red arrows:

You indicate the enemy’s direction and we must observe them to see what movements our enemies are trying to do. Especially at the time to avoid flanking us.

Use the land in your favor:

Certain parts of our tank are more resistant than others, for example, the front, using a cover to cover our weak points, is a technique that we must learn quickly. In addition, crossing areas such as buildings or trees will serve to cover our presence.

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Improve your tank and weapons:

Of course, if we do not improve our armament and tanks, we will not get very far. At the end of each game, we will get silver or gold coins that have that purpose.

Play as a team:

A well-matched group can outperform other players even though they may be less skilled. That is why it is key to always try to help our colleagues and avoid going as a lone wolf.

As always, the important thing is practice, but with these tips in mind, you will reach the top much faster.

World Of Tanks Blitz Tips And Cheats, Secrets and Winning Strategies:

Discover the best world of tanks blitz tips and cheats free of cost.

Welcome to our tips and tricks for World of Tanks: Blitz. Here, we will help you with the types of tanks, countries, strategies, secrets, and tips to make you better in your battles.


Tips and tricks for world of tanks blitz:

  • 1.1 World of Tanks Cheats – Mobile vs. PC
  • 1.2 World of Tanks tricks – Hangar
  • 1.3 World of Tanks tricks – Tank types
  • 1.4 World of Tanks Cheats – Countries
  • 1.5 Tricks World of Tanks – Friends and influence
  • 1.6 World of Tanks Tricks – Rampage
  • 1.7 World of Tanks Tricks – Ground
  • 1.8 World of Tanks Tricks – Communication
  • 1.9 Cheats World of Tanks – Team

World Of Tanks Blitz Tips And Cheats, Secrets, Tricks and Winning Strategies [Updated]

Tips and tricks world of tanks: Blitz

In this compilation of world of tanks tips and tricks, we will review that which tank can be more useful in the battlefield.

World of Tanks tips and cheats – Movil vs PC

The world of tanks blitz is cross-platform in which players from iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac play at the same time. If you are one of those who play from mobile and you are at a disadvantage, you can filter games in which only touchscreen users play. You can do it from the configuration> Others> Same control mode.

World of tanks tricks – Hangar

It is the place from which you can buy, improve and learn about new tanks. Although before you can unlock everything you see there, you will need income, and to win them you must win battles.

World of tanks tricks – Tank types

Depending on the type of tank, your role in combat will be one or the other.

  • Heavy tanks: They are the best armed and their mobility is not particularly bad, but they usually occupy a place in the rear, or at least never in the front line.
  • Lightweight: They are the ones that have better mobility, and those in charge of doing advanced to detect enemies
  • Destroyers or TDs: Their specialized armament makes them the best counter of heavy tanks
  • Medium: They are the most versatile since they are balanced and have good cannon power along with a fairly decent mobility.

And on the other hand, you have the tiers. A higher tier, better tank, and only from tier VII can you participate in ranked.

World of tanks blitz tips and cheats, tricks – Countries

Each country has variants that directly affect the tanks:

  • France: In high tiers, all classes have high capacity drums and they do a lot of damage very fast. In low tiers, they have an armament above the rest.
  • United Kingdom: The destroyers or TDs are especially well armored and have very strong guns, but they are slower and less maneuverable than normal. They are tanks designed to support the infantry.
  • USA: They are the most versatile of the game, almost all tanks have less accentuated both their strengths and their weaknesses.
  • Germany: Above all, they excel in precision, so perhaps the destroyers or TDs are the most outstanding of all.
  • China: They are copies of other tanks, so they will look very similar to others you have tried. But in high tiers, they gain a lot of agility and durability.
  • USSR: On the one hand they are the easiest to handle for beginners, and on the other hand their heavy tanks have a combination of power and armor difficult to match.
  • Japan: The medium tanks are very fast but fragile, while the heavy ones are slow but very resistant.
  • Czechoslovakia: If you get the light and medium tanks you have some of the best in the game here
  • Sweden: The heavy tanks are very similar to the French, and the destroyers have uniquely interesting siege mechanics.

World Of Tanks Blitz Tips And Cheats, Secrets and Winning Strategies

World of tanks hints – Friends and influence

Note: These world of tanks blitz tips and Tricks will help you to improve your game performance.

To get influence you basically have to do well in battles. Although doing well does not just mean hurting and killing, there are more ways to help your team. Locating enemies, keeping them in the field of vision, or leading a heavy tank in a wild chase also help. And of course staying alive as long as possible is key.

World of tanks tips – Rampage

You not only do damage by fire but also by ramming. Of course to know who will be better off the shock, look at the weight of each tank. That is, do not crash with a light tank against a heavy one because you will leave your tank made of porridge.

And in addition to the damage is the displacement effect in the crash. If there is a fall and you hit another tank you can make it fall through it.

World of tanks strategies – Ground

Use it in your favor, you can hide behind bushes to be less visible. You can take advantage of non-destructible buildings to recharge after them. Or also use any type of ground level change to spy on your enemies with a light tank.

World of tanks winning tips – Communication

Coordination with your squadron is key. So if you do not have time to write in the chat, at least use the quick keys. You can say anything, from asking for help to asking for stealth. And combined with the minimap, where you can mark the position of an enemy, you can get a very high level of team play. I hope these world of tanks blitz tips and cheats are very helpful for you.

World of tanks tips tricks – Team

You’ve already seen that there are different types of tanks and they all have their uses. In the same way, communication with your team is basic. And the next level is to form a team with synergies. Of course in your team, you need all types of tanks, but if you are also playing with friends and you can coordinate the choice of the team, the advantages are enormous.

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