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Here we have devised some of the best and most commonly used armored god tips and tricks. These tips and tricks for armored god MMORPG game contain tips, hints, tricks, strategies and hacks [how to be a pro at armored god] for android/iOS devices.


Armored God Apk requires Android 4.2 and above to run smoothly so make sure you have a phone with a compatible operating system.

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There are lots of levels in this MMORPG android game and you can unlock them easily if you follow our tips and tricks for armored god.

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Remember that if you want to be the strongest in your server, you need to level up fast.

To be successful at armored god you need to put in your time and lots of focus.

Practice this game until you really are good at it.

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If you are looking to download armored god lite, and you are unable to find a link or source from where you can get it then the reason behind that is, that there is no such lite version of armored god developed by the EFUN Company Limited.

armored god tips and tricks

If there ever is a lite version for armored god, then it would be a lot simpler as compared to the 558mb game. It would also take a lot less storage and running more smoothly on less advanced devices as well.


Almost everything you do at this game is tactical and you need to follow a proper guide for it. If you are looking for a way to increase your power in armored god and trying to level up yourself fast and easily to become the strongest player, then you need to follow our tips to outrank the rest of the server players.

Armored God tips and tricks are as follows:


There are two classes in the game that must choose to continue forward into the game. This is quite an easy task since there are not many options to choose from. You can’t skip this step since you can’t move forward without choice and can’t even bypass this.

The two classes are named as Warrior and Assassin. It’s up to which one you want to choose. Both classes have different statistics which decide how you will fair in the game later on.

armored god tips and tricks, cheats

Here is a brief explanation about either of the classes so you can get a better idea about them and choose as per your choice. Being a warrior in this game is like being a tank in real life.

As a warrior, you get amazing defensive stats and you receive great counterattacking abilities. You can rush enemies and expect to win due to these stats. The warrior class is based on the male gender.

If you opt to choose assassin, you are not as good in defense as compared to warrior but the offensive stats of the assassins are very high.

As an assassin, you can deal a lot more damage to your enemies and assassins have a high attack rate. Assassin Class is based on the female gender.

armored god tips and tricks

Both classes are pretty good but it is up to you which one do you want to be. You can either be on the offensive or the defensive. You can eliminate lots of enemies with either class but the final decision rests on you.

Both the classes are very powerful generally, it’s just that warrior tips more towards defensive while assassins deal a lot of damage.

Personally, we would suggest you go with warrior because you can build your power with your gear anyway, so the defensive stats will come in handy more later on.


How To Get Better At Armored God?

Just read our armored god tips and tricks and you will for sure get better this game because it will broaden your idea about the game. These tricks are very helpful and have been compiled by professionals.

How To Be A Pro At Armored God?

You need to put in the time and dedication in this game to become a pro at armored god. You need to consistently play this game and play regularly to get hang of its key features.

How To Get All Gear Slots in Armored God??

It is a very often asked question, how to unlock gear slots in armored god. The answer is very simple and clear. Just keep playing the game until you hit level 250 and then all gear slots will be open for you and you can put on your gear then.

How To Download Armored God??

You can download armored god full final version for free on the link right here. Download now

How To Play Armored God?

Once you have completed read and understood the complete armored god tips and guide you can finally be able to play this game to its full effect.

Download the latest and updated version of armored god to make sure it runs on your device. You might need to, uninstall the old version and install the newer version in some cases or you can just update the game on your android/iOS.

How To Hack Armored God?

If you are looking for, how to hack armored god, trust me there is no such hack available on the web regarding these games.

Hackers are just trying to trick the people, who don’t have knowledge about this stuff, into downloading malwares which is very harmful to your devices and can cause identity theft.

Games like armored god run on real-time servers so they cannot be hacked.

What Is The Hardest Level In Armored God?

If you have not read our armored god tips and tricks, then all levels will be hard for you to complete. However, if you have read our tutorial for armored god then you can easily overtake this game by your sheer skill. Just make sure to put in the time into it.


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