Real Racing 3 Tips, Tricks, Guide, Hints, Strategies & Cheats [Unlock Best Faster Cars]

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Find real racing 3 tips and secrets to get better cars easily:

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Real racing 3 tips and tricks:

Real Racing 3 Tips

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One of the best and most addictive mobile device games is without a doubt ‘Real Racing 3’. A social and free game where we can compete against friends and strangers. Read Also: Need For Speed No Limits Tips

Your payment system and our unwillingness to pay for a Bugatti Veyron can make the free progression in the game somewhat slow, but with intelligent driving and knowing some steps to follow in this great realistic driving game, things will They can make us much easier. Read Also: Asphalt 8 Tips And Tricks 

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How to play real racing 3 – The Guide:

At the start of the game we will be given the choice of several different cars, but with the money we have available, we can only buy the Nissan Silvia or the Ford Focus.

This election is not really decisive for the course of the game, the most important thing is to choose our favorite car and know that from now on we should invest our money in improving it to the maximum.

At first, this strategy may be a bit slow and surely we get bitten by the urge to buy other cars or even pay real money for a nice acquisition, but with patience, we can get a good collection of improved cars.

Do not worry if you cannot win all the races, although we will be last we will receive a small amount of money that we will use to improve our car when we have enough and so, little by little, get to advance positions and win more and more money. Read Also: Farmville 2 Tips And Tricks

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Once we have our car with its maximum power and we can start buying other cars, not necessarily the last (or the best) of their championship, as each vehicle opens the doors to other tournaments that surely complete later.

A good real racing 3 trick, if we resist any test is to play in disconnected mode (without a WiFi connection and mobile data enabled), so we will get our opponents are handled by bots and not with the times of our friends, which makes the task much easier to be first. Read Also: Jurassic World The Game Tips

Choose control system: Real racing 3 strategy

At the beginning of the game and if we start with the predetermined control values, it will be very easy to win races with all the aids activated in real racing tips, but as we advance in the game we will realize that it is increasingly more difficult to win races.

This is due to the control aids, especially the braking aids, which prevents us from maximizing the curves and getting more vehicles ahead. Read Also: [Update] CSR Racing 2 Tips

It is highly recommended to deactivate and get used to slow down by ourselves, in this way and if we manage to control this control, something more complicated, we will win more races and therefore, more money.

The gyro system is rather a matter of taste and although the gyroscope can be the most fun of all, in some tests we may need more turning precision and for this, we will use the virtual wheel that we can add by deactivating the gyroscope option, selecting the option of steering wheel A.

In this way and with the help of braking disabled or in low, we will have greater control of the car and greater precision to win our races. Read Also: Latest Sniper 3D Tips And Tricks Hack

As for the acceleration is always advisable to keep it automatic, since our mobile will only release the accelerator when we brake, this way we will avoid adding a new virtual button to our screen and we will always go full throttle.

The rest of the aids, such as traction control and steering assistance, will keep them activated, so driving will be somewhat easier. With practice and patience, we will master this configuration and get the most out of our cars.

Money & gold management:

Gold and money are our resources and our goals in real racing hints, we should not foolishly spend or slow down our gaming experience. For this, it is best to repeat many simple races, beat friends and not spend gold on options such as painting the car.

Something that costs us several coins of the most precious asset of the whole game, gold and does not affect at all in the performance of our cars. Read Also: [Update] Best Marvel Strike Force Tips, Tricks

Repeating races with few opponents and short is a good way to get money, this way we can avoid damage to the car and thus be able to store all the money received in these races, money that we will invest in new cars that will open the doors to new tournaments. To more cars in our power, more tests and therefore, less waiting times.

It is very important to improve all our vehicles to the maximum in real racing 3 tips, so we can complete tournaments before focusing on buying other cars, otherwise, it will take much longer to save and the game will end up bored.

It is also important to invest our money in repairing the damage of the car after each race, the slightest friction makes our car not serve to win a race.

Having many friends and encouraging others to play will help you get more dollars for our coffers. Every time we beat a friend in the race and the game rewards us with a small amount of money, but if we get a good collection of friends, both from Facebook and game center, these amounts will increase to each opponent we beat. A very interesting way to earn money. Read Also: Cooking Madness Tips and Tricks

Gold is much harder to get and it is important to save as much as we can. We will not spend any of our precious gold coins or buy paintings, as I have already mentioned, nor in accelerating the processes of our car, the wait is worth it since gold has a much more important utility.

Some vehicles can only be improved to the maximum with these coins and it is very convenient to use them at this time, in addition, by collecting good quantities of gold we can buy certain exclusive cars that we will need later.

Advance & win careers:

To advance in the circuits we should always take advantage of the curves, that’s why we will deactivate the help of braking and thus we will be able to improve much better each turn.

We must avoid the blows and choose well the situation of our car on the road (Depending on where the curve will go) in this way at the start of a “cup” race we will overtake many of our 21 opponents.

To finish winning a race, it is important to use a good car and has several of its improvements installed, as we advance in the tournament, our opponents will also improve their cars.

So we should not spend money on anything other than the car that we are using, both to repair it and to improve it. If we manage to go ahead of the rest in terms of the power of our cars and dominate control, we will have no problems winning races. Read Also: Toy Blast Tips

Real Racing 3 Tips Tricks

If a race is giving you problems and you can not win, do not worry, there are many tests, try others and you will get more money to continue improving your vehicle.

Real racing 3 tips: Bonus:

There is an easy way to win races and consists of combining the controls during the same competition. The braking aid activated will cause the car to brake constantly, even when we are going to hit other vehicles, but if we manage to be first, this help will not be so problematic and makes driving much easier.

To do this we will start our race with the help of disabled braking, in the first corners, with skill and some luck, we will overtake all the opponents, now is the time to pause the game and put the braking aid back on.

From this moment we will only have to worry about turning our mobile and avoid being advanced. In this video, you can see how to do it in a much more explanatory way. Read Also: Cooking diary tips

Different Types of Races of Real Racing 3: Guide

Real Racing 3 Tips

We have already seen some tips to be a good driver in Real Racing 3 tips, but now we are going to focus on how to overcome each of the types of races we can find throughout the game. And it is that some types will require different tactics to be able to complete them with maximum efficiency and without unnecessary headaches. We want to avoid becoming another Fernando Alonso.

Acceleration race:

This is quite easy if we have a car that accelerates very fast, but still have to take into account two things: the output and the gear change

To go out perfectly we must press the “Start” button as soon as we see the green lights if we sneak 3 times it’s over. After the change of gears must occur a little before reaching the red bar of the revolutions, with this we will achieve a “perfect change”, which will get us to reach the highest possible speed. 

It is possible that it will be difficult for us to get the first trick, but after a few attempts, we will be able to become machines. Read Also: Hill climb racing 2 tips

Maximum speed race:

We must achieve the maximum speed in a round, the key is to discover the biggest straight and make sure to leave at the maximum speed of the previous curve. If you have to do a straight when the line is finished to get a few more meters, do it since the important thing is the maximum speed, and not the time it takes to make the return.


Without a doubt the most difficult test that we will find. It’s about competing against 22 other cars and always leaving from the last position. The biggest problem will be to overtake all the cars and get out alive in the attempt. 

Artificial intelligence will have no regard when trying to get us off the track and the worst is that they are like tanks, the direct confrontation will only cause us to slow down while they continue at their pace.

Although contradictory, the best option is to overtake on the corners even if we have to leave the track, a small exit on the curve track will allow us to overtake the cars without colliding with them, while we leave at a sufficient speed.

Sometimes using them as a mattress when cornering can also result in some occasion, but it is best to try to avoid contact with our rivals. We hope you like our real racing 3 tips.

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