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Guild of heroes tips & tricks + strategies:

Welcome to our guild of heroes tips and tricks, the Android and iOS mobile game with fun.

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Guild of Heroes Tips

Before starting with a specific guild of heroes tips or tricks, you should know that the game’s biggest secret is investing a time. It is not at all complicated, and anyone can play it and enjoy it without spending money.

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But just as it is difficult to compete against someone who spent € 50 or dollars in the game, it is difficult to compete against someone who connects every day if for example you only play on weekends.

Of course, understanding the mechanics of the game, learning to manage resources and focusing your efforts or your time on what really matters, will help you progress faster and be up to the task.

We hope that this collection of tips and hints will help you so that you do not have to spend money, or stop sleeping:

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Guild of heroes guide + tips:


When we talked about how difficult it is to compete against a player who spends much more time than you, it’s because of farming. Read also: Find new sniper 3D tips and tricks

There are several resources that are required to progress, such as gold, skill gems, experience, keys, pieces of equipment, etc.

And these resources are obtained as a reward for completing missions. So it will not surprise you that the more missions, more rewards and faster the progression of the characters. Read also: Latest marvel strike force tips


There will come a point where you will realize that the game has a lot of repetition. Eventually, you will no longer find new worlds after completing the history of the game. Read also: WWE champions game tips and tricks

However, this does not mean that there is nothing more to be done. There are players who continue to train their characters, increasing their skills and gaining access to more destructive powers, and more imposing teams.

Guild of Heroes Tips Auto mode

Bearing in mind that the farm is the key to progression, the next question is how to farm faster and optimally.

We are sure that you already use the automatic mode, if not,  then start doing it now, it will change the game completely.

But you can still optimize it a little more. You can use an emulator, and leave the application (the game) in the background while your character performs missions. It will not make them faster or better, but it will not occupy your time or your attention. Read also: Respawnables Tips And Tricks

Of course, playing on automatic do not count on miracles. You will have to have a certain level to farm a specific mission.


In the objectives menu you have three types of missions that you must master:

1. Daily missions:

Every day, you can access the objectives menu by clicking on the scroll button located in the upper left corner of the screen.

Here you can view a list of tasks that you can perform, and that is updated daily. These tasks provide all kinds of rewards, such as gold, manna, and diamonds. Read also: Get Bingo blitz tips and cheats unlimited everything

In addition, upon completing your daily quests, you will receive a chest containing many useful objects, including gold and mana stones.

In the same menu of objectives, you can navigate to the achievements tab, which shows a large number of tasks that you can perform, and that give many diamonds to anyone who takes the trouble to complete them.

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to acquire diamonds, which does not require you to buy them from the store.

Guild of Heroes Tips Tricks

2. Guild Missions:

Do not give up this source of rewards, enter a Guild, and be active.

3. Achievements:

Another way to get many diamonds. Check them out and keep them in mind, because most of them are achieved by playing without more, but if you know them, it will take less.


As you can tell, Guild of Heroes does not sting your premium currency as other games do.

Almost any task you do in this game rewards you with diamonds, which you must invest wisely to perceive the maximum impact on your character’s abilities.

You will see that they are not excessively complicated to obtain, but that does not mean that you can waste them.

Although they are easier to obtain than in other games, they are equally easy for other players, and getting more or managing them better is one of the issues that makes the difference.

It is always tempting to spend diamonds on opening chests, obtaining temporary bonuses or accelerating waiting times.

A good way to invest your diamonds in the advanced stages of the game is to open the chests of equipment and legendary skills multiple times to get everything they offer.

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