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Discover Jurassic world battle strategy guide for android/ios to increase the mission points and easily unlock your fav and best fighting dinosaurs. Get Jurassic world free tips and hints infinite top 10 cheats.

The warm welcome in our best Jurassic world game tips and tricks unlimited free hints.

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These Jurassic world the game tips are mainly for people that haven’t played the game just yet but if you have and you know you come across these Jurassic world the game tips and tricks and you can learn something new.

Jurassic World The Game Tips

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1. You can actually manually request contracts:

The 1st Jurassic world the game tips is that you can actually manually request contracts. Now if you come into your contract section on your island, you can see down the bottom there. Read also: Find new sniper 3D tips and tricks

There you’re actually able to request a new contract. If you hit X on this the contract will pop up for the particular faction that you want to level up with you can see we’ve got entertainment all the way to the max.

So we’re gonna pick a security one. Now you can accept these contracts or you can decline them. You don’t actually have to do them if you don’t feel like you’re ready and you can then sometimes get more contracts.

2. Complete the story missions ASAP:

Tip number two Jurassic world the game tips is as well something to do with the contracts. So on each island, you get given three missions. One mission for each faction. Read also: Discover world chef tips and cheats

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Now you can see here we’ve got security mission fives entertainment mission and science mission.

Now you want to try and do these missions on the island. You want to try and get them done as fast as possible because they actually unlock extra rewards for you.

You can see the reward for completing this entertainment mission is the color scheme of vivid for completing this science mission. Read also: Latest marvel strike force tips

We actually got to the moment Asaurus which is the final diners that we need to complete our collection.

3. Use struthiomimus first:

This is number 3 Jurassic world the game strategy. When you start on a brand new island most of the islands aren’t too difficult. So, when you start off on however there are islands where you will train.

You know you’ll take a bit of damage because your funds aren’t all their islets(island) Econo. For that is a very good example because I live for kind of you start in the negatives with the amount of money same as the island where to Isla Maya isn’t as hard as Island Takano. Read also: WWE champions game tips and tricks

However, you do have some money to work within Island Takano. You do start in the negatives so when you first start on an island the first dinosaurs that you’re actually going to want to incubate the struthiomimus.

Now the struthiomimus is you can easily house together they don’t require much space.

They’re just easy moneymakers and able to attract guests into your park. As well as that once you’ve gotten a few struthiomimus in you can then throw in some Triceratops.

Some edmontosaurus Azure is the courier sources because they boost your park as well and herbivores like being in big groups.

Now obviously you do want to increase their rating as well so mainly just give them color schemes that will increase their rating very easily.

4. Keep an eye on comfort levels:

Tip number 4 Jurassic world the game cheat is to make sure that you keep an eye on your dinosaur stats. You can see here you’ve got the stats of the Stegosaurus, for example, his health, his food is somewhat in between halfway, his water is all the way at the max buddies comfort is at 0%. Read also: Get Bingo blitz tips and cheats unlimited everything

Now you need to make sure that your dinosaurs are comfortable.

You can see the population of Pentaceratops is currently three to nine. It’s an ideal population. So you can effectively store up to nine dinosaurs in your Jurassic world without the Ppentaceratops losing control and his comfort.

You need three to five of the Pentaceratops to feel comfortable and not lose their social comfort meter.

So that is a big thing to take into mind as well now each of these dinosaurs do have different social and population groups.

5. Make sure that you have food and water:

Make sure that you actually have food and water in each enclosure. Sometimes you can forget to put water into the park.

Now to do water you actually come into your landscaping section.  You can go across here and easily add water galore. That is depending on the number of dinosaurs that you have in the enclosure.

it’s all dependent on how much water you will need. You can obviously take away the water as well keep into mind that you will need water in all your enclosures.

All the dinosaurs you have obviously needs a drink to stay hydrated.

You must have foods sources in your enclosure whether it be other herbivores for your carnivores or the feeders for your carnivores.

You need to make sure that there is food in each of the enclosures.

If you’re unsure of what the actual dinosaur eats you can come into the hatching Bay. It’ll actually tell you what the dinosaur requires out of which feeder.

Your sauropods are gonna require the tall herbivore feeders and you know your other ground-based herbivores that have closer to the ground require the ground herbivore feeders.

You can give your carnivores the carnivore FINA or the live bait feeder or you can just feed them other herbivores.

If you do it you can easily manage or run your park.

6. Group power station together:

For power stations, you have to find a nice flat area where there’s plenty of space where you know you’ve already got a power station many times.

When you go to a new Island you’ll actually have power stations already set up. However, if you don’t well you want to find a nice flat area where you can actually stick quite a few power stations.

Now you can see where we’ve just dropped another large power station essentially what you can do is you can group these power stations together.

You can see that there is well a little yellow connector thing set up there you then need to build the pylons. So if you come into your power section you see your power stations.

You then want to go up to your pylons and it’ll automatically snap on to your power station.

You can see there is a pylon there from here you want to actually snap that pylon to a pre-built pylon that you already have for all your other power stations.

This effectively means that all your power stations we’ll be grouped up and that they will be powering everything.

You can then stick your pylons around the map and then just substitute out two substations which will effectively power things in its radius.

Then you’ll easily have plenty of power for everything in that vicinity that you could possibly need.

If you connect your power stations up effectively means you will not run out of power.

We hope you like our Jurassic world the game tips. Please give feedback in comments.

7. Make sure to have medical treatments:

You first unlock the ability to go to a new island where you get new dinosaurs from excavating them.

Searching for new areas make sure that you’ve actually got the proper medical treatments unlocked so when you get to a new island you will unlock new medical treatment.

Now you have to learn this medical treatment first because if one of your dinosaurs comes down with the disease and that you don’t actually have researched it can take a solid three to four minutes of researching for the disease.

8. Builds your operation centers first:

You have to do something with the multiple operation buildings that you can build on the islands.

When you first unlock a new island you gain the ability to obviously restart build new enclosures, build your new centers in your operations and get everything going.

When you first go to these islands the first things that you should build are the fossil centers, the research centers, and the expedition centers.

This essentially allows you to travel to the new locations get more fossils and particularly excavate those fossils so you actually unlock the dinosaurs.

Which means you get new dinosaurs as well as that the research means you can research new research stuff.

This is because the more centers you build the more things that you unlock. For example, more expedition centers you build along as you go through the islands the more spots you’ll unlock.

The more fossil centers unlock the more ways you can actually excavate the fossils because if you do not have the correct fossil center but you have an expedition Center you can’t actually excavate the new fossils that you find.

Now the same goes for the Research Center, more research centers means more research is available for you to learn.

When you get new islands with the new operation centers you can actually put upgrades into the particular buildings.

These upgrades carry across all your island playthroughs so make sure you actually input the upgrades as you go through each of the islands.

After that, you can increase the proficiency of each of the buildings.  For example, we’ve got extraction speed here and to inventory space slots which means that the extraction speed of our fossils will go ten percent faster.

9. You can  house carnivores together: 

You can actually house carnivores together in this way that they cannot harm each other.

Now you can effectively house them together and they will not fight.

These smaller kinds same goes for the Raptors and the dinos. However, you start putting in like the Majungasaurus Azure the Ceratosaurus.

10. Alter staff for more guests:

When you build a park, you build enclosures and viewing platforms. You obviously need to four places for the guests to enjoy themselves such as fast-food outlets, shopping etc.

The cool thing about this is that you can actually hit your r1 button or change tabs and you can actually change the amount of staff that are in each Center.

Now what this effectively does you can’t see it because we don’t have any power so we’re going to jump to another island or what this effectively does is it increases the number of guests that you can have in each facility.

Now the maximum amount of guests that you can have in each facility is 900.

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