Bubble Witch Saga Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats & Strategies [High Score]

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Get latest bubble witch saga tips and secrets to get unlimited lives and boosters.

These are best bubble witch saga instructions to earn infinite lives easily [unlock level] for android platforms. So get your bonus and high your score fast.

We know that Bubble Witch 2 Saga is one of the most popular games of how many we can play on our smartphones or mobile devices. That is why we want to unveil your best tricks and that you will be very useful. Below bubble witch saga tips and tricks.

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bubble witch saga tips and tricks

Bubble Witch 2 Saga is the new game born from the success of Bubble Witch. As in the first part, the mechanics of the game is to be able to explode bubbles, although as you do it and it depends on how you do it, you can gain lives, advance levels, etc …

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In bubble witch saga for Android, you will have to help Stella and her cats to eliminate the dark spirits that hit their land. You can go traveling through his kingdom exploding as many bubbles as you can. Complete levels and free the Country of Witches level to level with the bubble witch saga tips and secrets + hints that we see below.

Bubble witch saga tips & strategies for complete levels:

Level 1:

We started playing the Bubble Witch 2 Saga for Android by busting as many balls as possible. This level one is overcome in a simple way and without needing any trick. Perhaps to tell you that to shoot better than notes at a distance that allows you to make turns and effects that encompass a larger space of bubbles of the same color.

Level 2:

In this second bubble witch saga level, the thing starts to get complicated. Our goal now is to burst the balls or bubbles from the ceiling. Make sure the balls fall on the spiders you see arriving. The greens give more points so try to get as many balls as possible.

Level 3:

We clear in this third level the balls that are on the roof and in a triangle upside down. Every time you go busting you will notice that more balls are coming down. Remember to pop a greater number of consecutive balls, this way you will see more spiders and you can add more points.

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Level 4:

Fourth level and the roof is practically complete. Try to explode the balls consecutively and aim well since it is easy to shoot the ball is embedded in a hole.

Level 5:

In this level, we have to release the ghost that hides between the balls but also depending on how you shoot you can get the screen to turn balls to burst.

In this way, you will be able to release it in less time. The trick is to start with one color and then turn it around to continue with another. In just over ten moves (you have a maximum of 20) you will have your ghost released.

Level 6:

Another level of freeing the ghost. The balls are now arranged so that it is somewhat more complicated to exploit them. They look less like balls though more complicated. Try starting with color and do not change until you have all burst them.

Level 7:

We begin by releasing the roof at this level. It is very easy to overcome and has no complications. We go to the next level.

Level 8:

Another level where we have to clear the roof. Remember that you must pop balls but not only that, you must also get spiders so that in this way they allow you to get more points.

Level 9:

Another level where we have to release the ghost. Again we can rotate the ball panel, so be careful with the movements you make. Maybe you have to lose spiders by adding balls up to then burst again and be able to overcome the level.

Level 10:

A level that has a panel that seems complicated even if you do not get nervous. Try to pop balls consecutively starting from left to right or vice versa. This way you can get more spiders and more points in your game.

Level 11:

Here we have to release animals trapped by bad witches among the bubbles. We have to release a total of 15. Better that you do it progressively, do not write down because you will lose time and number of moves.

Level 12:

Again we have to release a frog at this level. It is something more complicated. You may have to lose spiders although I do not think it will cost you too much to achieve your goal.

Level 13:

A level where our goal is to free the roof. Try to eliminate balls consecutively. If you succeed, you will achieve more spiders and overcome the level in less time.

Level 14:

Complicated level although it does not seem so. Turn the balls to the color that best fits to burst a greater number of balls and thus get rid of the ghost.

Level 15:

We have to clear the roof and try not to lose more spiders than necessary, something complicated. Look carefully at the colors that appear and think about each play well.

Level 16:

We find a new level of releasing animals. Start by eliminating the balls that bother you the most. It is not a harder level if you have practice aiming for sure you get over it in just a few seconds.

Level 17:

Release the roof and get the six objectives that you set. You should start losing balls and spiders but if you aim well you can recover them and multiple points in a short time.

Level 18:

We have to clear the roof. As in the previous one, we found balls without color that we have to activate. We start a color, and so on until we eliminate them all.

Level 19:

The goal is to free the ghost. If you hit the balls without color, they take color, so you can try your luck to match them with the ones that appear on the ceiling and thus eliminate them more quickly.

Level 20:

A big roof is what we have to clear, so let’s go to it. You see clearing by colors, remember that balls without color can become the color we want if we shoot at them with some color in particular. The goal is to go up fast to finish ahead of time.

Level 21:

We have to save animals at this level. Be careful with the rebounds since we have more screen higher and that may be why our play does not turn out as we expected.

Level 22:

We have to save a ghost on this level. Notice that here balls appear without color and that these become colored balls just by touching them. Choose the color you shoot them well.

Level 23:

We have to eliminate the ceiling and we are still full of balls without color so you already know the trick that we have told you repeatedly.

Level 24:

We have to free the ghost in 25 movements . Transparent balls everywhere and the challenge of knowing how to choose the color to turn them into the correct color.

Level 25:

We have to release six holes in the ceiling and in 42 movements . It’s not really complicated so go for it !.

Level 26:

A level in which we are warned to touch the “Tracer” to eliminate all the lines . We should not use it from the beginning this trick, you better eliminate it and when you do not have more possible moves use it.

Level 27:

We have to free the animals. Again we have the option “Tracer” to be able to go faster. It does not have too much difficulty.

Level 28:

We have 20 movements to free the ghost that is also in a line of transparent balls. Go for them. Remember that you can give it the color you prefer.

Level 29:

We have to clear the roof and release six squares. I recommend that you directly blow balls without thinking about the transparent balls. If you get them to join, you can eliminate them at once with any color.

Level 30:

We reached level 30 with the goal of saving ten animals . Do not get nervous, little by little you can finish all the balls without problem.

Level 31:

Pretty simple level where we have to free the ghost. We have to eliminate as always and help us with the transparent balls to help us destroy all the balls we can in the shortest possible time.

Level 32:

At this level we have to release four animals . The ceiling is full of balls as never. The luck is that the animals will appear one by one.

Level 33:

Another level where we have to release six holes in the ceiling . We can take advantage of the mowers that we have to go faster even if you do not abuse them since it could happen that you do not make a point.

Level 34:

A surprising level. Full of transparent balls and we have to release the roof. You know, you should go choosing the color that you like the best to be able to finish them. You have a lawn mower that you can use if you have no choice.

Level 35:

We have to free the ghost and it is a complicated level that presents us with the transparent balls placed as in a game of bowling. Do not trust and see little by little. Start with one color and then another, until you finish with all of them.

Level 36:

Another quite complicated level. What we have to do is try to free the ghost, so concentrate on getting rid of the central part.

Level 37:

We have to release six squares. We have the mower that we do not have to waste. Better not to use them so you can reserve them for future levels.

Level 38:

A level that will take you a long time and you lose the odd movement. You must free 16 animals so you will have no choice but to use the mower.

Level 39:

At this level we have to save the ghost so we must approach the center area. Issue? The transparent balls that although easy to exploit make us lose time.

Level 40:

With the magic spheres we can make zip line effects with which to free the 10 animals of this level. Climb through the middle and you will reserve the aforementioned magic balls.

Level 41:

A level where we have to free the roof . We see a black hole, which can not be eliminated directly and that we will have to avoid at all costs.

Level 42:

We only have 45 movements to release 9 animals . It’s complicated since you may run out of moves ahead of time. Try to blow consecutive balls at all costs.

Level 43:

Help the witch save the ghost . Eliminate all the balls that surround the ghost and you will not lose too many moves.

Level 44:

A level where we have to clear the roof . Beware that again appear the aforementioned black holes that swallow the balls that you throw them and that do not give points.

Level 45:

We have only 20 moves to save the ghost . It is a bit complicated but not impossible. Avoid black holes.

Level 46:

You just have to save two animals , an owl and a frog. Chain as many colors as you can and avoid black holes.

Level 47:

We have to free six animals . You can take advantage of the tyraline balls to eliminate complete lines, but be careful because you have to avoid black holes.

Level 48:

We have a lawn mower that will help us to free the roof . Again you will have to face black holes that you can avoid completely if you are eliminating lines and not just fixing on colors.

Level 49:

We have to free the ghost . Surrounded by transparent balls that we had not seen for a while.

Level 50:

We reach level 50 and we have to release 12 animals. Look carefully at the black holes that can mislead us and think that they are balls of color.

Level 51:

We have to free the ghost surrounded on this occasion by black holes. Beware of them, you must go turning to eliminate with the simplest colors like red.

Level 52:

Our goal here is to free the roof . The problem is that we have black holes and at the same time cortazadosped.Elimina the colored balls close to the mower so that you can use them when you need.

Level 53:

The level that you can pass fast. You must save ten animals that also have a good handful of transparent balls around.

Level 54:

A complicated level since the balls is very close to the wall which will make us have to turn the panel over normal in order to free the ghost.

Level 55:

Last level at which we arrived. One in which you will have to free the roof but that will be full of black holes that you have to avoid.

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Bubble witch saga tips and cheats:

bubble witch saga tips

Get infinite lives:

These bubble witch saga tips surely help you to unlock levels and earn unlimited lives. If you want to have infinite lives in the game, all you have to do is exit the game, advance the time of your mobile phone and re-enter. The game will give you back all the lives and you will be able to set the time of the phone again.

The bubble witch saga tips and cheats of overtaking the clock also serve to obtain certain skills more easily. For example, if we advance the clock of our device 24 hours, we will have free of charge the “desire for precision”, an ability that gives us great advantages at the time of aiming.

* Note: It is possible to say that there is the possibility of doing more tricks to get gold and infinite points in Bubble Witch Saga 2, but for this, you have to download a software to make “cheats”, the cheat engine, and therefore, we are not going to consider. In this case, these are tricks that do not use software of any kind, but ingenuity.

Tips and hints for the perfect game in bubble witch 2 saga:

Aim well:

Do you remember the mythical Puzzle Bubble of the arcades (Bust a Move on PSX)? Well, your goal in Bubble Witch 2 Saga is basically the same: clean the balls screen. For this, it is essential to have the maximum precision when placing the balls. Look closely at the course the ball will take and leave it where you want. Remember that straying a little to the left or to the right can ruin your game.

Coins & power-ups, in desperate cases:

We do not need to tell you what coins are scarce. Both these and the power-ups, use them only at crucial moments of the game when there is no other way out.

High goal:

Try, if you can, aim as close to the base as possible (in this case, the roof of the screen), you will be able to make throws where you eliminate more balls and get more combos and more points.

Where to place the ball in bubble witch saga?

Choose carefully the play you are going to make and where you will place the ball. Look closely at the possible moves and which will be most effective.

Manage your balls well:

Precisely to calculate your moves you will have to take into account the balls that you have and how you can use them to be as effective as possible. You should always play a roll or two ahead.

Eliminate balls on each play:

If you are effective in each roll and you eliminate balls, you will get to baste combos and the spiders that clean the balls screen will appear, so you must try to throw balls in each throw.

Rebound Effect:

Try, if you can, bounce on the walls or spiders. The rebound effect will add spectacular to the shot and give you more points. Already, we know, from a certain level we have enough to try to throw the balls as above to achieve rebound effects in each roll.

For risk situations:

The feeling in this game when the balls are closer and closer to you is similar to when you have water around your neck. In this case, the important thing is not to risk shots to try to break balls in cascade.

In the cases in which the balls are already very close to you (and the game at your point of maximum risk), the important thing is to get rid of those balls closer, to overcome the risk of the moment, open more space and have better amplitude and range of shooting.


Remember, spiders are very important because thanks to it you will get more points. The objective is to have as many spiders as possible hanging, as this way, when the bubbles bounce in them, you will get double the points.

Beware of game advice:

Sometimes the game illuminates a series of balls as indicating that it is the best move to follow. Is it really the best move to follow? Think about it before you pay attention.

Change the color of the ball:

Some people still think that you can only know the color of the bubble that we are about to throw away. However, you can also see the color of the next bubble to be thrown, and the best, you can change it by simply pressing in the cauldron. This offers great advantages since you can choose a color that is much more suitable for the situation of the game in which you are.

The “desire for prospective styles” ability allows you to see two of the bubbles in the cauldron.  As you can see, all our tricks and recommendations are the result of our own research and playing Bubble Witch 2.

Other websites are dedicated to promoting external download programs such as “Cheat Engine”.“, With which you can obtain lives, gold or infinite points. If you are someone who likes to cheat with external programs, there you, we do not recommend it, but if you want to download it you can easily find it by searching on Google.

We hope these bubble witch saga tips and tricks will help you very much even in game play.

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