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Best brutal age tips and cheats to get quick success.

These are 100% working brutal age tips and tricks which help you to build the best and strongest base. These tricks are working on Android and iOS platforms.

Brutal age horde invasion guide and tricks:

In this Brutal Age Horde Invasion guide and tricks, you will have all the secrets for this iOS and Android game.

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Brutal Age: Horde Invasion is a basic management strategy game that takes place in antiquity. Become the ultimate war chief with the help of our tips and advice from Brutal Age: Horde Invasion as we guide you through how to raise your tribe from scratch.

Like other games in this genre, Brutal Age is about updating your base and eliminating the competition. Let’s start with our Brutal Age Horde Invasion tips and tricks on modapktips.

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How to complete the missions in a brutal age game?

brutal age tips

To ensure that your tribe becomes nice and strong, it is highly recommended that you follow the main missions. You can see what your current main search is by the banner in the lower left corner of the screen. Following these missions will ensure that your base stays up to date with the latest updates. In case your base is attacked by another player, you will be ready to fight with full force. You will also be generously rewarded for completing these missions, so you should never have low basic resources.

Research in the Temple of Wisdom:

The Temple of Wisdom allows you to undertake research projects. These research projects, once completed, will give a permanent boost to some aspect of their base, be it infrastructure or unity. It sounds good, does not it? The only drawback is that these research projects take a long time to complete, and some of them require up to several hours of research to complete. Even if you are not actively playing, you must log in from time to time to start a new research project after completing it.

How keep your base occupied?

You can literally spend the first few hours of the game simply updating everything on your base, as it will constantly feed on new resources as you complete the main missions. This is good training for any type of strategy game because the key to victory is to always keep your base occupied.

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Are your builders free? Why not update an existing building or see what new things you can build? Are your soldiers free? Why not go and look for some additional resources? Speaking of hunting, always train more troops in your training camps. The strength is in the numbers as they always say, and that is very true in this brutal era.

Specify your hero:

Not of your hero talents! In addition to the research projects, your hero also earns talent points as they rise in level. You can spend these points on one of the two trees: Combat or Growth. The combat talents will make you more deadly in, well, combat, while the growth talents will help your tribe to grow faster.

Eventually, you can get all the talents, but at the beginning try to stay in a tree for the time being. Choose the tree that best suits your style of play; if you like to build to grow and fight if you like to fight. These are brutal age tips and tricks are helpful for you?

Brutal Age Horde Invasion Cheat Guide and Tips:

brutal age tips cheats and guide

With the following brutal age hints, I will show you the best brutal age tips, guide and cheats to survive in this great game. So, let’s start with these brutal age tips and tricks that are part of a good guide for the game.

Choose horde in brutal age Apk:

To begin with a good start in this game, we must have chosen wisely our horde. So nothing better than knowing your strengths and weaknesses to choose it that interests us. Remember that once you have chosen the horde you will have to wait 14 days to change to another one if you do not like it.

Horde Amity (violet)

  • Increase aid to the clan by 30% (needed to be in a clan).
  • Commercial tax reduced by 30%.

Harmony (green)

  • Improves the collection of resources.
  • The construction time is 5% less.

Erudite (Blues)

  • The research time is reduced by 5%.
  • The cost per cure is reduced by 20%.

Authority (red)

  • The training cost is reduced by 8%.
  • Your enemy’s defense is reduced by 5%.

Now choose the horde that you like the most.

Buildings in brutal age:

In this brutal age tips and guide, I will explain the different types of buildings we have in the game and the benefits we get once we build them.

    • War Camp: Place where we created men and women for war. If we improve this construction we will improve the speed of creation. In level 1 it increases 1%, level 6 7% and in level 7 9%.
    • War hut: The more buildings you build, the more troops you can manage. We start with +10 in level 1 and go up from 5 in 5 for each level of improvement.
    • Healing Spring: This building will improve the healing level of our troops. At level 1 we increase 1% and as we go up the level we will increase 1% for each level.
    • Healing Well: This building is an improvement to the Healing Spring that increases the number of cured troops.
    • Warehouse: Building where we store our resources. The improvements to this building are intended to protect more resources. Level 1 protects us to 100,000 and for each new update protection increases by 500,000.
    • Outposts: It is a “replica” of our base with which we can expand our domains and start building new buildings in other sites. You need to be level 4 to be able to expand.

To be able to expand with this construction you have to have enough wood and food. When you have this you have to touch the “world map” icon (bottom left corner), look for the land to occupy and click on “build”. As a reward, we will get 500+ of experience, 200+ of power and 9 of territorial bonus.

  • Watchtower: This building is a tower that warns us in advance of an enemy attack. In level 1 the clan that attacks us will show us and at its level 6, it will show us complete information of attacking troops.

Brutal age horde invasion – Join a clan:

At this point, I want to focus on the benefits we get when we join a clan. If you do not know how to join, do not worry I will also explain how you can do it.

Join a clan:

To be able to join a clan you have to touch on your flag at the bottom right of the screen. You will see a list of clans select one and click on “Green Join”. Although you can only join in clans that have their registration open.

Advantages of being in a clan:

  • We have a new store where you can buy new items.
  • We can ask for help to build buildings faster (handshake icon).
  • If you increase your Stronghold you can help more partners, level 1 only one partner, level 2 two companions, etc.

How to get coins brutal age horde invasion?

Within a clan, we can get coins with which I can buy different items (change the name, teleports, etc).

To get clan coins you need to help your companions. If you want to help them and earn coins, you have to go to the clan help button in the bottom right corner and click to help. The more partners you help, the more coins you will receive. The number of coins you have received for this action can be seen in the ” Clan Store “.

Another way to earn coins with the clan is to complete clan missions (clan quest).

Quick attacks:

Surely you already know that depending on the distance that this enemy your attack can pass from a few minutes to take hours to get the troops to the enemy. In this case, I am going to give you a series of tips with which to make these times go down.

  • Improve the ” March Speed “: In the ” Groth ” tab you will find this option that reduces attack times (cost talent points).
  • Investigating the ” Attacking March Speed ” technology of the Temple of Wisdom will also reduce these times. Go to that temple press on ” Research “.

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