Cooking Diary Tips, Tricks, [Unlimited Coin Cheats] Hints, Strategies & Guide For All Levels

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Get cooking diary tips, help for unlocking levels [free lives]:

Welcome to our cooking diary guide and cheats, where we will show you all the keys to get your restaurant to progress quickly, and at the same time your income.

Cooking Diary Tips, Tricks, [Cheats] Hints, Strategies & Guide For All Levels:

Prestige and passive income:

First of all review these two concepts, as they will help you increase your passive income:

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Cooking Diary Tips


The level of prestige is directly related to the income you will receive every 4 hours. So the prestige goes up to raise the income. Read Also: Toy Blast Tips

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It is achieved by raising the level of kitchen instruments, buying decorations, furniture, etc.


The first assistant is free, for the following ones, join a guild or alliance and ask for more. The ones you get for the alliance increase your income. And in the same way, you can become an assistant for other members by clicking the help button in the chat tab. Read Also: Cooking Madness Tips and Tricks


Join an alliance, and as soon as possible. In the alliances, you can get assistance, gold coins and chests. In addition, there are points (coins) exclusive to the alliance:

  • Help points: Achieved by helping other members of the alliance, go to the chat tab and press the help button
  • Alliance points: Obtained by completing missions together with other members of the alliance
  • The experience points are obtained in alliance missions, and allow to buy chests. The wooden one is worth 1, the precious 2, and finally the legendary 3. Read Also: [Update] CSR Racing 2 Tips


The best way to complete orders or orders is with combos. After the coin bar, up, you will see the combo counter. Check it so that time does not pass and you will get more coins for your orders.

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Visit friends restaurants:

On the main screen, at the bottom left, click on the book icon, and then go to the friend’s tab. By clicking on the green button, you will visit your restaurant and in doing so you will receive a gift.

They can be coins or rubies, so add friends to receive more gifts. Read Also: Jurassic World The Game Tips

Connect to Facebook on cooking diary tips:

When you link your game account with the facebook account, in addition to seeing which friends play and being able to invite them, you will get 15 rubies as a reward. Read Also: Guild of Heroes Tips

Win Smiles in cooking diary hints + hacks Apk:

If you complete an order quickly, you get a smile. And smiles are the key to ranking. So winning smiles you will go up in the ranking. Also if you get to the first position you will get a chest, which may contain coins or rubies.

Wheel of Fortune:

Next, to the icon of the alliance, you will find the icon of the wheel, on the main screen. If you click on the button you can get the rewards of the wheel of fortune: Rubies, lives, coins, power-ups and much more. You can only turn once a day for free, if you turn more times, it will cost you coins. Read Also: Farmville 2 Tips And Tricks

Get gold coins:

After joining an alliance, check the chat tab. Every time you help someone, in addition, to help points, you will get gold coins.

Missions of the alliance:

Make sure your alliance is active because when completing the missions you will get rubies, gold, and power-ups.

Save the Rubies:

At the most difficult levels, you will need to spend rubies to improve, so save them. Do not spend them on sets, instant improvements or enhancers.  Read Also: Asphalt 8 Tips And Tricks 

Reserve them for when you have to improve your kitchen to be able to serve dishes faster.


You have 5 lives by default, and you can get new lives after spending them at the rate of life every 20 minutes. You could buy them with rubies, but it’s zero advisable. Instead, ask your friends. Again, you see having friends in the important one. Read Also: Need For Speed No Limits Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Cheat

Special Customers:

When you see one, pay close attention. They are impatient, so be quick. And be careful, because there are those who forget their orders and you will have to remember, and there are those who take a long time to ask.


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