Toy Blast Tips, Tricks, Hints, Strategies, Guide, Hack, [Unlimited Coins] Cheats [Free Lives]

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Compilation with the best toy blast tricks, strategies, and hints that will help you get better scores and not be short of lives and coins.

Toy Blast Tips, Tricks, Hints, Strategies, Cheats [Free Lives & Coins]:

In this toy blast tricks collection of, we will give you the best tricks and hints to help you to score better and overcome the most complicated blocks and levels. Read Also: Guild of Heroes Tips & Tricks, Strategies

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We are not very supporters of cheats or hacks. In addition to that, we believe that they do not make any lack in Toy Blast.

Toy Blast Tips

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Block tracks:

You may have noticed or not, but the fact is that the game itself gives you enough clues. It shows you possible combinations or the results that you would get with a block line. Read Also: Respawnables Tips

The fact is that by paying a little attention you can get skills more easily by connecting 5 or more blocks.

Special combos:

The specials are key, so your goal has to be to try to connect at least 5 blocks. But what will really make your task easier and help you to overcome levels, is to make special combos.

Since some will be able to undo entire lines and others clean a few blocks around. But with a combination of specials, you will add its effects. Read Also: Jurassic World The Game Tips & Tricks

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In the same way pay attention to the screen, since it will give you many tracks of the combos you can get with the specials you have, especially when there is a Rubik Cube in play.

The best combination or the best special combo you can get is to join two Rubik cubes, with them you will clean all the blocks of the hit level.

And by the way, you can cancel the action of a special by clicking on it again.

Overcome levels:

There are perfect best toy blast tips.

Unless you see it very clearly, the key to overcome levels is to get all the specials you can and combine them.

In fact, as soon as you see that you have mastered the mechanics of the game, your goal should be to have as many moves as possible. Read Also: [Update] CSR Racing 2 Tips and Tricks [Unlimited Keys]

Since in this way, your scores will be much higher and it is the way to get three stars in each level.

Toy blast tricks – coins:

The coins in toy blast tips are not easy to come by. So before going into how to get toy blast coins. Let’s talk about how to spend them:

Try to use your coins only at levels that you can not overcome but you think that with the specials you can buy you could overcome them.

So try not to spend coins until you have mastered the game since then you will miss them and it is very likely that you miss them. Read Also: Brave Frontier Tips

Do not use them for lives (later we explain how to get them), or for specials unless they are the ones you need for a specific level.

There is a package that can be interesting, it costs 300 coins and gives you 2 hours of unlimited lives. But the truth is that we do not recommend it either, it is easy to get lives in other ways.

There are only two ways to get coins:

  • Facebook: It can only be done once. By linking your game account with facebook. But you will receive 25 coins, which are not bad at all.
  • Turning the wheel: It can be done once a day, and they do not always touch coins. When they touch you, you will get 10 coins, but if they do not touch you, you will get specials. So it’s worth turning the wheel every day.

Toy Blast Tips – Lives:

You have already seen that lives regenerate every 30 minutes. It is not a long time, but it can be exasperating if you are about to pass a level. Read Also: Cooking Madness Tips and Tricks

If you want to have a good number of lives it is best to take advantage of Facebook. You can ask for daily lives to all the friends you have on Facebook that play Toy Blast.

So nothing that you have 5 or 6 active people should not have any problems with lives. And you cannot only invite real friends. Read Also: Latest Sniper 3D Tips And Tricks Hacks and Cheats Unlimited Diamonds

You can also invite people to play the game if it is not very popular among your contacts.

A trick if you want to ensure a good supply of lives is to enter facebook groups of the game and invite several people who are seen to comment or are active. That way you’ll make sure they do not take long to send you the lives you need.

We hope you like tips for toy blast Apk game.

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