[Download] Stick War Legacy 2 Guides For PC [Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hacks]

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Find latest stick war legacy 2 guides for PC updated (unlimited gold):

Get the new guide for stick war legacy 2 (free) for PC. Welcome to the stick war 2 legacy Apk guide, which allows you to play one of the most popular stick figure games for web browsers.

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Stick War Legacy 2 Guides For PC [Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hacks]:

Stick War Legacy 2 Guides For PC

After completing a stage, you get 2 update points, deciding where to place these improvements will affect your strategy at the beginning of the game. You know about your game skills? Are you aggressive? If so, maybe you’ll want to upgrade your swordwrath or speartons to be ultra powerful.

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Stick War Legacy 2 Guides For PC: Economic power

Do you prefer economic power? If so, you should put your points in the mining income updates and the statue. Maybe you’re like me, the cheap guy? In that case, sit down and let your archidons do all the work. The point is that there are several allies you can choose from and none is right or wrong. However, focusing on a single strategy could make certain stages more difficult. If I had to make a recommendation in this I would say, do not spread your points too thin. Read Also: Golf Clash Tips, Tricks, Guide, Cheats

The premise of the game is that you are the commander of an army of stickmen. These may include miners, who do not fight, but who win gold.

In addition to their swordsmen, spear bearers, archers, wizards, and much more. Your goal in each mission is to destroy the enemy statue in order to get the victory or to defend your own castle or base against enemy counterattacks, all the time you capture more territories and unlock more units.

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And everything is part of how the world works in the game of Inamorta, where each nation has a different specialization, where weapons become “religion.” Read Also: Jetpack Joyride Tips

Stick War Legacy 2 Guides For PC: Pro Tip:

If you do not use your points in a round of them carry more! If you find the first levels simple, you may find some advantage in saving your points. Be warned though, if you save your points and then go to the next stage, you do not have the opportunity to use them until that level passes, and since no update of that level has been used it could be very difficult for you .. I see what I want to get?

That’s pretty much the game in a nutshell. Now, let’s go directly to our stick war legacy tips, tricks, and strategies. This is a guide aimed at beginning players since they cover different basic topics that will serve you well once you are starting in the game. Read Also: Real Racing 3 Tips

How to install Stick War Legacy 2 For PC:

Stick War Legacy 2 Guides PC

You can install stick war legacy Apk game with 2 options:

  1. BlueStacks
  2. Nox App Player

How to install it with BlueStacks: Stick War Legacy 2 Guides For PC

How to install it Guide for Stick War Legacy 2 (Unofficial) for PC with BlueStacks:

Thanks to BlueStacks you can run Android apps on your PC. BlueStacks works like the classic Android interface. Instead of using tactile gestures, this virtual mobile is controlled with the mouse and the keyboard.


  1. First, you must install the Bluestacks software on your computer or laptop: download BlueStacks
  2. After Bluestacks, you should now download the APK file for Guide War Stick Legacy 2 (Unofficial).
  3. Open the Bluestacks application already installed on your PC / Laptop. On the toolbar in the left corner, you will find an option to Add APK. Upload the APK file using the option in Bluestacks. Click on that.
  4. It will ask you about the location where you saved the downloaded APK. In my case, I’ve saved it to the desktop, so I’m selecting that. Read Also: World of Tanks Blitz Strategy
  5. Now you will automatically install the application in Bluestacks. You will find the Guide for Stick War Legacy 2 (Unofficial) in the applications tab on the main screen of the Bluestacks window.
  6. Now, everything is ready to use Guide for Stick War Legacy 2 (Unofficial) on the PC. Here is the Guide for Stick War Legacy 2 (Unofficial) that runs successfully on my PC after installation and clicks on the application.

How to install it with Nox App Player: Stick War Legacy 2 Guides For PC

How to install it Guide for Stick War Legacy 2 (Unofficial) for PC with Nox App Player

Nox App Player is a computer program that is responsible for emulating an Android environment so that the user can play any game in the Play Store without using a mobile device. It is very useful for those users who have an outdated device or who prefer to take advantage of the power of your computer in the best Android games.

  1. First, you must download the Nox application player – https://es.bignox.com/, click on the software to begin installation on your computer/laptop.
  2. Now, download the APK file. Read Also: Minecraft Xbox 360 tips
  3. After installation, open the NOX player. In the right corner of the toolbox, you will find an option to ‘Add APK’. Click on that option.
  4. Select Do not show again and click on Be.
  5. You must choose the APK of the downloaded location. As I put it on the desk, I choose from there. (If your downloaded file is in the Downloads area, select .APK from there)
  6. Nox will automatically install the application. Open it from the start screen of the Nox application player.
  7. Then you will be asked if you want to change your ‘World’ location to any particular location. Initially, choose the Later option.
  8. Now, you are ready to use the application with some links from pre-existing websites integrated into the application.
  9. Note: Use ESCAPE to return to the home screen or you can use the symbols to operate Guide for Stick War Legacy 2 (Unofficial) on PC NOX app player.

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