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Find the best Minecraft Xbox 360 tips and secrets to playing well:

Here is a series of Minecraft Xbox 360 tips and tricks that will certainly make the game much easier.

We recommend that you try to play without using cheats to get the most out of the playable experience, although it is possible that you will be very helpful to obtain certain achievements. Be it’s your choice!

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Tips

Minecraft Xbox 360 Tips:

Just follow latest legit Minecraft Xbox 360 tips.

Unlockable elements for your Avatar:

Minecraft Clock:

Play during 100 cycles day and night. Read Also: Latest Sniper 3D Tips

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Creeper Cap:

Kill a Creeper with arrows.

Roasted pork t-shirt:

Pork cooking. Read Also: Caesars Slots Tips

Get infinite water: Minecraft Xbox 360 tips

You must have two buckets full of water that comes from a natural resource in the area (a lake, for example). Dig a 2×2 plot (that is, four blocks) and empty the water cubes in opposite corners, creating an infinite amount of water. Read Also: Golf Clash Tips, Tricks, Guide, Cheats

Unlock profile photos:


Play Minecraft for 30 minutes.

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Kill many “creepers” in a row (there is no definite number).

Unlock the dashboard theme:

Minecraft has a hidden theme for the Xbox 360 dashboard. If you want to unlock it you must do the following: Play normally and when you see a scenario that you like, pause and press Y to take a screenshot.

Upload it to Facebook from the game and at that moment the theme will be unlocked so you can change it in your dashboard.

Mineral guide: Minecraft Xbox 360 tips

Minecraft mineral guide in which we show you where it is located, the location and the uses of each material. The materials are coal, iron, lapis lazuli, gold, red stone, and diamond. Read Also: Jetpack Joyride Tips


It is the most common mineral in all Minecraft. We will use it to create torches and as fuel in the furnace, as well as create other basic tools. We can get it with any type of peak and we will find it from layer 128, that is, almost at any time of the game. Read Also: Real Racing 3 Tips


A very useful type of mineral, which will help us to create good tools and pieces of armor.

In order to extract it, we need a stone peak or higher. We will find it from layer 64 (occasionally in layers 65, 66 and 67) or, which is the same, starting from the sea level downwards. It is necessary to melt it in the oven.


Despite being the most appreciated mineral in real life, in Minecraft, it is still a rarity. It serves to build tools and armors, as well as different types of technologies (such as watches), but it does not last much longer than iron. To extract it we need an iron peak or higher.

Gold is found from layer 32 (sometimes in layers 33, 34 and 35), so we must have patience and dig deep. It is necessary to melt it in an oven to be able to use it. Read Also: World of Tanks Blitz Strategy, Guide, Hints

Lapis Lazuli:

It is a kind of precious mineral that was added, at least in the PC version, after the 1.2 updates. It can be used in its natural state, without the need to melt it.

To extract it we need a stone peak or higher and we find it between layers 23 and 25. There is usually water near the lapis lazuli.

Red Stone:

Another type of mineral that does not need to be melted to use it. We will need an iron peak or higher to achieve it.

We can find it from layer 15 and with it, we can create very specific mechanisms that will help us in transport, for example. It usually has incandescent lava nearby. Read Also: Game of Thrones Conquest Tips


It is the most appreciated mineral and that allows us to create the most resistant tools, as well as the best armor. To extract it we need an iron peak or higher.

Xbox 360 Edition XBLA X360 Minecraft Cheats

We will find it from layer 12, although it is very rare. It usually grows in diagonal, so it is convenient to excavate well around the first block that we find.  Read Also: CSR Racing 2 Tips and Tricks

Be careful with the lava, that being so close to the lowest level can fall on your head at any time. It is not necessary to melt it in the oven to use it.

Treasure hidden in the Tutorial:

While playing in Tutorial mode in Minecraft, you acquire enough blocks to build a ladder that allows you to reach the Minecraft sign in the sky. Investigate the area between the clouds until you find a chest. Inside this, there is some diamond armor.

Water in Nether: Minecraft Xbox 360 tips

If you carry and put water in the Nether, it is obviously going to evaporate. You can then enter the Creative Mode to release that limitation (but you can not unlock achievements).

Once you access the Creative Mode, enter the Nether and place a bucket of water on the bar. Now you can wait for the block to melt into water.

This action will take a few minutes that you can accelerate by placing torches or incandescent stones. Read Also: Jurassic World Tips

The secret of the Nether portal:

Start playing under Tutorial mode with the game set to peaceful. Collect enough land to build a ladder that will reach the Minecraft world that is floating in the sky. You will find a lever that when you move it opens a portal to Nether.

Liquid blocks:

If water or other liquid is flooding the base of an elevator shaft that you have built, an exit sign can be placed outside the bottom of the elevator.

While the elevator is properly closed, the sign will prevent liquid (water or lava) from filling the base area of the elevator. We hope you like these Minecraft Xbox 360 tips and tricks.

Xbox 360 Edition XBLA X360 Minecraft Cheats:

Minecraft Clock:

We will have to play 100 cycles day and night.

Creeper Cap:

We’ll have to kill a Creeper with arrows.

Roast pork T-shirt:

We will have to cook pork. Read Also: Super Mario Party Tips

Get infinite water:

We must get two buckets of water from a lake, or river. We will dig a ditch of four blocks (2×2) and fill it with water from the cubes from the opposite corners, thus creating an infinite amount of water.

Be invisible:

In version 1.4.2 of Minecraft, we can drink a potion to be invisible, only the armor and the spiral left by the potions will be seen.

The caves:

In the caves, we will find 3 minerals in an easy way: gold, coal, and iron. We must try to carry 2 spades, 2 shovels, and many torches.

End of the game:

In the game, we can find the Portal at the End. Once there we will find a flying world full of Endermans and a dragon.

We must kill the dragon and enter the kind of source that appears later. The credits of the game will come out and then we will return to our house.

Special zombies:

In version 1.4.2 we can find zombies with armor, with tools or a sword. Depending on what you wear, your attack or defense power will increase.

Get experience:

We must go to the main menu and choose to create the world. We put more options in the world and choose to allow tricks. Then we create the new world, press the T key and put / XP # the number we want.

How to make the mule:

To mate horses or donkeys we must use golden apples or carrots. We can use it as a donkey but it will run like a horse.

Domesticate wolves:

To turn a wolf into a domestic one, we must approach a wolf and give it a bone. After this, it will be domesticated. If we want him to breed, we will have to tame two and give them meat.

Enchant objects: 

We must create an anvil and a book of enchantment. First, we will put the object that we want to enchant, on the right side we put the enchantment book and the object will be enchanted.


Minecraft Xbox 360 tips and tricks will help you to play easily and understand the game points like diamonds, red stone, iron, gold, iron, coal etc.

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